Coding the opportunities: Microsoft CC Orientation

Coding the opportunities: Microsoft CC Orientation

Chandan Kumar Ghosh | Aug 03, 2019

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Founded on the 1st of August, 2005, Microsoft Campus Club, registered under the Technical Society of NIT Rourkela boasted of a successful Orientation Program for the freshers and sophomores on the 1st of August at LA 104. An overwhelming 200 students showed up in the Orientation program, consisting of an equal number of freshmen and sophomores.
The event started at 5.45 PM with a welcome session by the club seniors. This was followed by a show cast of beautifully prepared PowerPoint Presentation by the team members providing a brief description of the club's history and year-long activities, events, and workshops along with the past achievements. Following the presentation, there was also an interactive session conducted by the seniors of the club.

On asking a fresher for his views, he said:

The orientation program was very nice and they executed it very well. Their speech was also very motivating. It was quite inspiring for me to know that a lot of students are getting placed at higher reputed companies with the help of this club and it was very interesting. Overall it was a wonderful experience for me.

To make the orientation more fascinating, a quiz event was also organized amongst the freshers and sophomores and prizes were distributed among the winners. A talk session was also conducted where two of the seniors shared their placement experiences with the freshmen and motivated them to develop some technical skills.

We are very much happy with the crowd we got today. The turnout is more than our expectation and the number is greater than that of the previous years. The response we got from the freshmen is quite overwhelming and we are also planning to conduct more number of workshops for C and C++ for the freshmen this year so that they find programming more interesting. We have also planned to organize a social teaching program named 'Sakshyam' along with NSS this year.

            – Swati Kumari, Co-ordinator, Microsoft CC

Team MM congratulates the club for conducting the Orientation Program successfully and wishes the best of luck to all the members for the journey ahead.

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