Delivering Delight: Kartik Gupta from Swiggy

Delivering Delight: Kartik Gupta from Swiggy

Swiggy, the rapidly growing food delivery app which is a hit in all the metropolitan cities has debuted in Rourkela and especially NIT Rourkela. This is an acknowledgement to the Launchpad program initiated by the start-up to encourage college-going students to experience how to handle business first hand and get their hands dirty in the process. This is where Kartik Gupta, a third-year student from the Mining department saw the opportunity to use his business skills productively.

Kartik Gupta, who is primarily from Chhattisgarh, but had studied in Bargarh comes from a background rich in business experience. Not completely satisfied with the lifestyle his department threw at him, he was scouting other avenues to use his skillset of business tactics and management. This was his motivation behind working actively as a coordinator in his freshman year and as a manager in his sophomore year for Innovision and also being the go-to guy to place mass orders for merchandise from Fastech fashions, a start-up under TIIR, NIT Rourkela.

During his internship at a mine in Bilaspur, he had come across this Swiggy Launchpad initiative on Instagram.

“\ I was overwhelmed to receive a call for an interview from Swiggy as only 17 of us were selected out of 9000 applications from various institutes like NIT Raipur, IIT Bombay,NIT Trichy etc. This is a tenure of 3 months and  I am in charge of any decision to be taken in NIT Rourkela for swiggy, starting from offers to expenses.

After the selection, in the interview round at the Bangalore headquarters of Swiggy there were 3 prime questions:

  1. What motivated you to get into this Campus CEO program?
  2. How will you launch Swiggy in your Campus?
  3. What would be the various marketing strategies you would implement?


On an interview over a call, strategies to improve revenue in Rourkela were asked which was the place I had suggested. So, I had given the idea of introducing the restaurant of the "Day concept", where every restaurant would be assigned one day of the week which would receive an extra discount and can attract more costumers.

The issue of delivering inside the campus is being looked into as there is a lot of paperwork that has to be done to achieve that. There are certain points outlined in this aspect:

  1. Swiggy delivery partners will deliver food to the hostels or any dedicated point inside the campus owing to the convenience of the students.
  2. Swiggy delivery partners will not deliver or carry any products which are against the institute policy.
  3. Swiggy delivery partners will always wear the Swiggy T-shirt making the evident distinction.
  4. Swiggy delivery partners will follow the traffic rules of the institute.

The title "Campus CEO" is simply because the interns are permitted to execute their ideas of their proficient marketing skills. Being a Swiggy Campus CEO will fetch you a 3-6 month campus internship with a stipend of INR 3000. In addition to this, you will get an opportunity to appear for a pre-placement interview and land a full-time role at Swiggy. There are few added perks like free food on Swiggy, Swiggy merchandise and much more.


Talking about the publicity of Swiggy inside the campus, he said:

They didn't allow to put any posters. So I focused on online publicity, mostly through WhatsApp statuses. With minimum publicity, we received 200 orders on the Zero-day (launching day) from Rourkela city and that was quite remarkable. We too are planning to activate an Instagram page to get in touch with the public.

Monday Morning wishes Kartik Gupta success in his quest to make the NIT Rourkela junta happy by delivering food to their doorsteps and also in his future endeavours.


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