Electrifying The Racing Arena- Team RoadRunner Orientations

Electrifying The Racing Arena- Team RoadRunner Orientations

Aditya Tripathi | Aug 12, 2019

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We fly low!! These three words are enough to ignite the spirits of every member of Team RoadRunner, the official formula racing team of NITR. Established in 2009, the club has come a long way in the last ten years in the field of formula racing. With ambitions of switching completely to electric vehicles by March 2020, Team RoadRunner conducted its orientations on 5th August. Around 120 automobile geeks comprising of both freshers’ and sophomores assembled in LA 104 in presence of the Faculty Advisor of the club.


With the clock doing its round over 5:55 in the evening, the orientation started with a short audiovisual which showcased the car made by the team running through the roads of NITR and beyond, a huge applause erupted at the end of the audiovisual  as the zealous emotions of motor enthusiasts seeing the opportunity to be a part of the making of such a car was evident. This was followed by the members of the team explaining everything that goes into the making of a car, starting from the technical and mechanical aspects to the importance of sponsorship and management. With a vacancy of 11 members in the Mechanical team, 9 in the Electrical team and 4 in the Management Team, the audience was informed about the classes which are going to be organized before the inductions where the basics of all these aspects will be discussed.


Prof.  S.K. Behera had the following to say regarding his experience as the faculty advisor of the club:

Team RoadRunner is one of the most active clubs of NITR and working with such an excellent team trains students to accustom themselves to the industry. Apart from being hard-working, members of this team are cordial and motivated. I urge all the freshers to keep themselves involved in such activities because if you strive for these 4 years you can enjoy for the next 40 years.

In collaboration with the institute, the team is developing groundbreaking innovations in fields like thermal management by use of PCM (Phase Changing Material) and Battery Chemistry. Their constant hard work and dedication for the last 4 months has bore fruitful results, one of the most prestigious being the Formula Electric Vehicle Concept Design Challenge 2019 hosted by Ather Energy, Bengaluru (Leading EV Industry in two-wheeler segment) where the team bagged the first position in the category “Best detailed procurement report” and 5th in the overall competition.

Talking about the team’s plans for this year, Team Captain Abhisek Pramanik had the following to say:

This year we are planning to catch up with the electric trend that the industry is getting into. We have been successful in modeling the electric teams and the procurement reports are also ready. As soon as we get the sponsors we will start procuring electric components. In 2020 SUPRA, we will be participating with the combustion vehicle (pic shown below) with a few modifications and then in 2021, we will be participating in Formula Bharat Electric.


After the speech by the team captain, the students got a unique opportunity to see the vehicle made by the team near the LA gate. Apart from clicking pictures, students were also seen asking different questions to the members of the team regarding various aspects of the car.

Team MM congratulates Team RoadRunner for a successful orientation program and wishes them all the best for the year ahead.

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