The Palette of Emotions: Chitraang Orientation 2019

The Palette of Emotions: Chitraang Orientation 2019

Aradhana Gupta | Aug 12, 2019

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“The purpose of the art is washing the dust of daily life of our souls.”


But when you are passionate about this art it makes your heart and soul feel perky. If you have your palette of colours of the spectrum, the same available with Picasso, why not take a voyage to the scared harbour of the art. Artistic expression can commute a message to masses and owing to this, graffiti art is one of the largest art trends to last. 

There is a certain beauty to the graffiti, with all the colours and a variety of different style of letters used. Because it occurs in public, graffiti is a way for a wide range of people that might not interact with one another, to freely and indirectly communicate with one another, an artistic expression for letting the voices be heard. Graffiti, an incredibly diverse and varied art movement, one that is growing in popularity, as work being exhibited in the streets continues to develop in terms of size, style and sheer skills.

Expressing a thousand words through a picture, Chitraang -The Official Graffiti Club of NITR, inspires the NITR populace to see the campus as their canvas and create a piece of magic. Their artworks, graffiti and paintings are a symbol of hopes and aspirations of young people in various context. The themes they make graffiti on is largely influenced by the present campus issues and scenarios, so the sentiments that sprung on the wall is relatable to most. It holds an annual art exhibition at the time of Nitrutsav, Palette, at the RM Hall, owing to be a flagship event of Nitrutsav, gaining thousands of visitors every year.

The club splashed its art on 6th of august, and created a live graffiti at the central stage of LA lawns, right after the classes got over in the evening. The members sketched a masterpiece of our very favourite Tony Stark on the plyboard held at the centre of LA lawns. The students in LA gathered near the site and the team started with its work. They used acrylic paints as a medium for the majority parts but the droplets of spray paint gave the required lustrous background to the painting being made. The zeal of the students could be seen, they were all curious to see the finished image. The members painting the picture attracted the attention of everyone standing there, with a lively song playing in the background. The team was working with zeal, and gloriously, in no time they created a work of outstanding artistry, their skills and work were admirable. A magnificent image of Tony Stark was sculpted on the board, with an astonishing use of basic shades of red, blue, black and yellow. Everyone was astounded to see that such a perfect artwork was created so soon, it impressed people.

spray paintings

The team members interacted with the crowd right after they were done painting, the induction dates were announced and the eagerly standing crowd came to know about the works of the club.

With an appealing live graffiti made by the club, with a fusion of dedication and sheer skills, they welcomed the freshers and the annual orientations of Chitraang were conducted.

We wish that the club continues to create masterpieces and spread the colours of happiness through its vibrant and marvellous graffiti art.

tony stark

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