AIChE orientations: A chapter of brilliance

AIChE orientations: A chapter of brilliance

Tanaya Sahoo | Aug 12, 2019

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The AIChE (American Institute of Chemical engineers) chapter of NIT Rourkela conducted its orientations for a batch of freshmen on 6th august, 2019. Despite curtailing the schedule of the orientation to accommodate extra-academic activities of the freshmen, the event saw a decent footfall as a beguiling presentation and briefing about the club followed.

The inception of the presentation was shouldered by Kaustav Ray and Abhishek Agarwal who went on to enumerate the primary objectives of the club and its vision. The segment focused on online publications of AICHE and its ever-growing student community with an emphasis on accomplishing primary goals like promoting excellence in the field of chemical engineering and developing a strong foothold for advancing technology in its aspect. An empowering video, documenting the global AICHE student community followed that spelt how striving for excellence has made a difference in making chemical engineering exciting to pursue. The next segment of the presentation showed the dreamy freshmen how robust networking and mentoring opportunities helps prospective engineers and scientists to make a difference in the profession. An introduction to the flagships of the club followed, informing the gathering about Chem-e-car competition, Global UG student video competition and other competitions namely designing and poster making that the club participates through the academic year.

The latter segment of the presentation by Vedant, who overviewed the activities of the club at NIT Rourkela, outlined the significance of AICHE for people from engineering branches other than Chemical engineering. For instance, a combined effort of mechanical and chemical engineers to assemble and run the chem-e-car and notable research publications of the club were detailed. Emphasis was laid on working with professional ethics and mastering a framework of engineering that is internationally acclaimed. Owing to time constraints, a fun segment, Chem-e-jeopardy was scrapped off for the freshmen. However, enthusiasm propagated while enlisting notable accomplishments of the club in prestigious events like the Global Undergraduate student video competition, Azeotropy, IIT Bombay etc where AICHE made the cut.

Talking to Monday Morning, the AICHE president, Karan Saxena says,

The footfall has been better than we expected in spite of clashing with other club activities and branch meets. The club has to cater to a lot of aspirations. I think a new batch always has a lot of optimism and ideas for improvement in store and we look forward to honing their skills.

Swagat Subhakanta Das, a chemical engineering freshman attending the orientations said,

I feel excited about this club that revolves around my branch. The orientations were pretty good and I think the platform AICHE can provide us will help us developing technical skills. The competitions, quizzes they talked about looked promising and it feels good to know that we can work on a lot of technical aspects that we have been wanting to try our hands-on.

Team MM wishes AICHE and the excited freshmen good luck for their new sojourn.

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