An Artist’s Abode: Akriti’s Orientation and Induction

An Artist’s Abode: Akriti’s Orientation and Induction

Magna Mishra | Aug 12, 2019

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I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.

                                                                                                                   -Frida Kahlo

It is often said that art goes beyond boundaries, imagination and perception. To be artsy is to be free. Akriti, the official art and craft club of NIT Rourkela have a similar vibe to itself. A part of the Art and Cultural Society of the SAC, Akriti boasts of several creative souls who have added colours to the monotonous life of the NITians. It is currently headed by President Rajat Panda and Vice President Ashish Patel. The club is responsible for organizing multiple events such as:

  • Radiance: Their flagship event which is held during the tech-fest.
  • Workshops: These are held at regular intervals and are often presided over by eminent artists such as National Award recipient Mr Brundaban Maharana.
  • Co-Decode: An event which was held during Innovision 2018.

Akriti recently conducted its orientation on 7th August 2019. The event was organised at LA 201 and was scheduled to begin at 5:30 PM. However, because of the rains, it began at 5:45 PM. The orientations were held for artists, designers, craft persons and writers.

The initial leg entirely focussed on familiarizing the students with NIT Rourkela’s club culture and how Akriti is a part of it. It was hosted by Srilipta Swain, a member who is a sophomore from the CSE department. While describing the significance of art in her life, she said

For me, art is something that helps you express your creativity. It gives your imagination a channel to communicate with this world.

In the next phase, the club’s plans were discussed. Some of which include

  • Organising inter-college exhibitions
  • Conducting classes and workshops to develop the art community in NIT Rourkela by inviting renowned artists from across the country.
  • Increasing and encouraging the participation of students in inter-college and national competitions.

The attendees were told about how and why they should be a part of Akriti. They were encouraged to join the club just as long as they enjoyed art, irrespective of whether they could draw or not.

One of the members, Satyajeet Behera, a sophomore from the Mechanical Depart said 

For me, Akriti is synonymous with family. It is the forum through which I showcase my talent. The best thing about our club is we are taught how to develop as an artist and as a person.  Akriti has become a quintessential part of my NITR life.

The audience was told

Choose to join and you have signed for an experience you won’t find elsewhere.

After the familiarization session, students who were interested in being apart of the content and design team were asked to undertake a written test.


We caught up with the President of the club, Rajat Panda after the orientation was over. Here is what he had to say about his team and their event

Akriti has become a part of me now. For today’s event, we had expected better turnout but the rains and NSS classes dampened our excitement a little. As far as our work is concerned, we want to expand our horizons so that our members and every art lover in the college can learn more. I also feel like we need to work more. The 2nd and 3rd-year students are getting busier and we need the help of fresh inductees to increase our productivity.

He further added

We were a part of the Literary Society for the past few years, which seemed a bit odd. Thankfully, now we are a part of the Art and Culture society. Funding from SAC has always been an issue but we hope it gets sorted out this year. We want a graffiti wall to showcase our work and space where we can store our installations. Our primary concern now is successfully organizing Radiance in Innovision 2019.

Art brings freshness into our dull technical lives. Akriti has always strived harder to keep their good work going. Team MM hopes Akriti will remain just as vibrant, funky and artsy for all the years to come.

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