Embracing the Connoisseurs of Designs: DesignTab Orientations 2019

Embracing the Connoisseurs of Designs: DesignTab Orientations 2019

Saurav Sahoo | Aug 12, 2019

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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

-Maya Angelou, Poet, Civil rights activist

Have you ever wondered what lies within an artist’s perspective in changing the expectations into reality? Have you tried to analyse what’s there beyond a simple artwork on a sheet? Be it a writer, a designer, an engineer, where do you get the inspiration from? Inspiration can often seem elusive and out-of-reach when you need it the most.

Unfortunately, you often can’t call it a day when you are feeling uninspired or frustrated by your designs or lack thereof. Oftentimes, you’re working on a strict deadline, keeping you up late into the night, thinking, “How can I make this design great?”. When this is the case, it’s likely helpful to fetch some wisdom from some true masters of designs.

NIT Rourkela encompasses innumerable design enthusiasts who have showcased their skills in various illustrious fields of work. Owing to the fact, DesignTab, the official design club of NIT Rourkela, was founded in the year 2013 by some eminent alumni who are presently touching new heights in their respective domains. These include Abhishek Mishra, presently working as a product designer in Swiggy, Sidhartha Tirthankar and Swarup Kumar Subudhi.

DesignTab, one of the coveted clubs under the technical society of SAC conducted its annual orientation for the present academic session on 6th August 2019. The programme commenced at around 5:45 in the evening at LA 217. It was attended by a decent number of students consisting of both freshers and sophomores. Here is what the President of DesignTab, Dharmesh Nayak has to say about the turnout of the programme:

The turnout of the event was bit low as most of the freshers had their respective branch meet. They went to their hostels immediately after their classes got over and didn’t turn up later.

The programme was hosted by Reuben Abraham, VP (DesignTab) and Luv Krishna (Social Media Manager, DesignTab) from pre-final year who at the beginning made the audience clear about the vision and mission of the club. Later the audience’s mind was boggled with some intriguing questions about the core of design that left them completely amazed. The motive of design and the techniques involved in designs were made well aware to the fellow design enthusiasts. DesignTab indulges in making gratifying and fascinating work-pieces by the help of conventional pen/pencil as well as by using software and tools such as Photoshop, Blender, Maya, After Effects, etc. There was a clear mark of inquisitiveness found among the students when they got to know about the various aspects where they could hone up their skills if got inducted. The facts behind UI/UX designing fascinated an appreciable bunch of enthusiasts.


Later the hosts introduced the audience to Iridescence, the annual design exhibition conducted exclusively by DT during Innovision, the annual techno-management fest of NIT Rourkela. The presenters showcased some of the best work of DT members during the past Iridescence. The artworks left every one of the audience with awe as they got a deep insight into a wide array of concepts about professional designing. These included minimalist designs that could portray a bulk of information with optimum artwork, vector illustrations and fine arts. DesignTab also fosters a team of diligent web developers that work at the front end in providing a classy and hassle-free user experience to the design enthusiasts.

At the end of the session, a very informative QnA session was organised where the students put their queries related to clubs, the pre-requisites that they should have before getting into the club and a lot more. A sense of elation was found among the audience as a DT quiz session followed up immediately. A set of popular and mindboggling questions were thrown to the students and anyone who answered it correctly was awarded a special token of appreciation.

DT quiz

Ultimately, the programme came to an end when Somesh Sahoo, final year undergraduate from Industrial Design and the current secretary of DT, inspired and motivated the fellow design enthusiasts by giving few instances from his life and various invaluable advice.

DesignTab also had a quite a number of plans under its bucket list for this upcoming year. The induction for this session is scheduled on 20th August 2019. The club is presently headed by Dharmesh Nayak (President) and Reuben Abraham (Vice President). With new ideas and vigour, the club aspires to touch new heights in the field of designing and set new records in the upcoming years.

Sl No.




Basics of Photoshop

8th August 2019


Basics of Illustrator

13th August 2019


Basics of AR/VR

19th August 2019








Team MM wishes all the very best to the club for its future endeavours.

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