Introduction to Coding Club Culture of NIT Rourkela: SPAWN Orientation

Introduction to Coding Club Culture of NIT Rourkela: SPAWN Orientation

Kunal Singh | Aug 12, 2019

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Starting the day at 8 AM, a typical NIT Rourkela fresher will do some brainstorming throughout the day and as the sun sets, will take out time to explore their area of interest and attend various club orientations. SPAWN (security programming Android Web designing Networking club), the official coding club of NIT Rourkela conducted is orientations for freshers on 9th August at LA-301. The orientation turned out to be an interactive one where curious students were eager to learn about the coding culture of NITR.

The orientation began with the Chief Coordinator, Milind Choudhary and Chinmay Kabi presenting the PowerPoint presentation informing students of the activities that take place at SPAWN and learning process at SPAWN. Milind Choudhary introduced students to their hardware museum situated in the CS department. Moving on, all the exciting events of the club were introduced to the students which included Diseno-Y-Venta, CODEX, cloud computing, Code rage and various workshops held by SPAWN on different events. The workshops were related to Python, C and C++ languages.

This was followed by talks from SPAWNers placed in companies like Amazon and Microsoft Corporation.  Ritesh Dash placed at Myntra, Luckey Behera at Microsoft, Pratyush Gaurav at Amazon and Kamal Sahoo at Microsoft were the ones to share their experience at SPAWN. They guided the students on how to be efficient while doing any work, be it something personal or club-related. Many students were confused regarding the necessity of knowing various languages, but these SPAWNers emphasized starting with a particular language and mastering it. Once the basics regarding a language are clear, learning different languages won’t be difficult.

Soon this interactive session came to end and a quiz session was prepared for students with the right answer getting chocolate in reward. It was a technical quiz and comprised of general knowledge questions regarding companies and coding. There will be a demo class on Introduction to competitive coding on 13th August at LA 101 and inductions will be held on the 14th of August.

Overall it turned out to be a productive orientation with the freshers clearing all their doubts about the coding club culture and prerequisite knowledge before joining any club. They were assured to be taught from scratch and as time passes, they will be as good as anyone else out there with competitive coding and regular practice.

The president of SPAWN, Chinmaya Behera said:

Our orientation was a huge success as we expected around 90 students but more than 120 enthusiasts showed up. It became a bit messy to accommodate so many students in a small room (LA301). However, all these matters were sorted soon. The major part of our orientation were talk sessions by our seniors placed in companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Myntra. The interaction between our seniors and the students was what we were looking forward to. We conduct 2-3 classes weekly on introduction to competitive coding, android, web, etc. We are also planning to organize 3-4 workshops in collaboration with some leading institutes of India. We also hope that our hardware museum in the CS department will be completed as soon as possible.

Team MM wishes all the best to SPAWN and its SPAWNers for their future endeavours.

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