Knowledge is Power: Inquizzitive Orientations

Knowledge is Power: Inquizzitive Orientations

Debabrata Malik | Aug 12, 2019

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A rainy evening couldn't dampen the spirit of the 40 odd quizzing enthusiasts who attended the orientations cum prelims of Inquizzitive, the official quiz club of NIT Rourkela. The Prelims finally began at around 6.30 PM at LA 114, due to technical difficulties. Apart from the regular club members, one of the club's greatest achievers, Mr. Sampad Mishra graced the occasion with his presence. The quiz had about 20 teams of 2 members each. The teams consisted primarily of freshers but also witnessed participation by a few sophomores. The club's orientation was by SP Santanu, an active member of the club who has brought many laurels in the past year. It began with an overview of the club and its achievements.

Coming to their past achievements which are aplenty, earlier this year, they had been to BIT Mesra for a biz quiz, where the club's alumni Abhishek Patra and Swayambodha Mohapatra grabbed the 1st position. Then they went to IIT Kharagpur where Abhishek Patra and the current Vice President won 2 awards. After that they also participated in quizzes at NIT Jamshedpur, VSSUT Burla and won multiple awards. Another major victory was achieved when the team of Abhishek Patra, Swayambodha Mohapatra and Prathamesh Dash won Rs 2,16,000 as the winners of the SBI YONO quiz event at Patna. Then, in the month of March, the club had one of the best achievements when the NIT Rourkela contingent had a clean sweep at the Tata Crucible Ranchi Regionals. The team of Abhishek Patra and Swayambodha Mohapatra stood 1st and won Rs. 75,000. Also, Chinmay Mohanty and Dibya Prakash Mohanty came 2nd and won Rs. 35,000. Then came the Mettle Meet win of Rs. 50000.

In between, there were many other victories and cash prizes for the club, which if listed would turn this into a never-ending article. The events conducted by the club and the most prominent alumni of the club were then highlighted before the high-voltage prelims of the quiz began. The prelims consisted of 20 questions from pop culture, sports, literature and other topics with no negative marking. There were 4 tie-breaking questions. The finals were held at LA 114 on the next day.

Chinmay Mohanty, the club president, seemed quite content with the orientations and had the following lines to say:

There was a footfall of 50 odd students including freshers and sophomores, which was a great thing to have. As a club, we have managed to win laurels for ourselves and for the Institute, which I am glad the juniors have identified and are showing interest in quizzing. Seeing so many good performances in the prelims, we had to take 10 teams into the finals other than the usual 6 team final format. In the finals the winner team won by a comfortable margin, but there was a close fight for the remaining podiums. We, as a club, believe in sharing of knowledge as our foremost role, therefore we always induct all those people who make it into the finals, we also include those who do not but are interested to attend sessions and learn. This batch of inductees seem quite enthusiastic and I hope they will drive themselves, us and the club to reach greater heights and glory!

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