Inquizzitive NITR excels at Mettle Meet 2019

Inquizzitive NITR excels at Mettle Meet 2019

Debabrata Malik Naman Agrawal | Aug 12, 2019

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In Odisha's biggest quiz show, Mettle Meet, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela bagged the 1st Runners-up award in the senior's category of the 2019 edition. Inquizzitive, the official quizzing club of NITR has yet again proved its solidity but with a little lack of fortune, missed the top position by 2 points.

With the motto of "Reviving Quizzing" the fourth edition of the Mettle Meet was held in Bhubaneswar, organized by Orissa Post. Mettle Meet is a quiz initiative, launched by Odisha’s own homegrown English daily Orissa Post in 2016 to revive the art of quizzing in the state. The Quiz saw an overwhelming response from the participants this year, with more than 40 teams from management, medical and technical institutes like AIIMS Bhubaneswar, IIT Bhubaneswar and SCB Medical College among others, participating in the largest quiz in Odisha. Out of these, 8 teams each of which consisted of four members from the same college, reached the final round. The 8 teams were: 

•NIT, Rourkela
•NISER, Khurda
•SCB Medical College
•IGIT, Sarang

The team from NIT, Rourkela comprised of S.P. Santanu, Dibya Prakash Mohanty, Aaditya Kumar and Chinmay Mohanty. The quiz began with the preliminary round after which the top eight teams qualified for the final round. The Finals saw a very tough fight amongst the finalists, where there were 5 different rounds before the winner was decided.

The Finals started with the quiz master Ajay Poonia throwing some puzzling questions in the no negative and no buzzer Round. In the first round, team NITR managed to get 24 points and were at 3rd place. In the 2nd round, the team gained more points and were at 2nd place with 39 points. Then came the 3rd round, based on Odisha, where Team NITR did really well and grabbed the 1st place. The team fell short of just two points in the end and finished at 2nd place in 4th round.

The last round came out to be the game-changer, the team was constantly vouching for 1st position throughout the quiz but the last question was where they fell short by just a couple of points. Before the last question, they were in the top spot but due to the complexity of the rules, the team fell slightly short of getting across the line and missed the top spot by a mere 2 points and finished second.

When asked about their best crack, they told that it had to be the Bamian Buddha answer. The question was about an architectural site in India being destroyed after the Commonwealth Games in 2010. One famous article compared the incident with another famous 21st-century unfortunate incident. Initially, they were guessing about the 9/11 incident. But the adjacent team gave it as the answer, and the Quiz Master adjudged it as a wrong one. The NITR team had only a few seconds to think upon an answer and somehow managed to get the location right but the term "Bamian" just didn't strike them. Just as the Quizmaster was passing to the next team, Aaditya uttered the word and luckily NITR grabbed a crucial 10 points.

The team stressed upon the fact that general quizzing requires a lot of preparation. This is because there is no fixed set of the syllabus in this genre. They added it covered everything under the sun, right from history, geography, politics, sports, business and the list is endless. So the team had a classic strategy and divided the topics among themselves and focused on their assigned sections. They also met together and discussed how to approach the questions and other important stuff. And the result was reflected in their stellar results in reputed quizzes throughout the year.

Coming to their past achievements which are aplenty, earlier this year, they had been to BIT Mesra for a biz quiz, where the club's alumni Abhishek Patra and Swayambodha Mohapatra grabbed the 1st position. Then they went to IIT Kharagpur where Abhishek Patra and Satyaranjan Mallick won 2 awards. After that, they also participated in quizzes at NIT Jamshedpur, VSSUT Burla and won multiple awards. Another major victory was the team of Abhishek Patra, Swayambodha Mohapatra and Prathamesh Dash where they won Rs 2,16,000 as the winners of the SBI YONO quiz event at Patna. Then, in the month of March club had one of the best achievements when the NITR contingent had a clean sweep at the Tata Crucible Ranchi Regionals. The team of Abhishek Patra and Swayambodha Mohapatra stood 1st and won Rs. 75,000. Also, President of Inquizzitive Chinmay Mohanty and his teammate Dibya Prakash Mohanty came 2nd and won Rs. 35,000. Then came the Mettle Meet win of Rs. 50000. In between, there were many other victories and cash prizes for the club, which if listed would run into pages.

The club also expressed their concerns regarding the lack of support for the quizzing circuit at NITR. Voicing their concerns, the team said that: 

Quizzes are generally announced few days before the event, and we do not get the travel reimbursement. The 7 pm rule has severely damaged our work process, as we have to have extended quiz sessions every week.

They were also disheartened at the fact that most faculty and students do not have any idea about their club and achievements and added that they do not get the credit they deserve. Being a competitive quizzing club, they still do not have a buzzer system of their own, due to which they have not been able to bag the first position in many quizzes. They also told that they don't even get enough support for the events they organize and hoped that things would change for good in the near future.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the team of Dibya Prakash Mohanty, Chinmay Mohanty, Aaditya Kumar and SP Santanu of the Inquizzitive Club, NITR for emerging as the Runners-up of Mettle Meet 2019 and wishes the best to them and the Inquizzitive club for all upcoming quizzes. 

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