Vibing To The Rain And Music- Heartbeats and D N'B Orientations '19

Vibing To The Rain And Music- Heartbeats and D N'B Orientations '19

Saumya Sinha Shrestha Mohapatra | Aug 12, 2019

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Heartbeats Orientations

Heartbeats, the fusion band of Nit Rourkela took the campus by storm on Thursday at 7 p.m. after the performance of Drill n Bass outside BBA. Their performance was supposed to start right after DnB but due to some technical issues, it got delayed. Despite all the delays and mild drizzling, the moods of the attendees could in no scenario be dampened as they were offered to be a part of the mellifluous evening organized by the musical artists.

Manasa, one of the coordinators of Heartbeats interacted with the crowd and told them about the inspiration and motivation behind their work: Coke Studio and MixTape.

The Heartbeats folks performed four Bollywood tracks and one English track comprising songs as soothing as "TU ITNA JARURI KAISE HUA", "O RANGREZ", "AAJ JANE KI ZIDD NA KARO" to as rich as "VERSACE ON THE FLOOR"

Upping the ante Sushreema Behera, the youngest but one of the most melodious singers of the band filled the atmosphere outside BBA with music when she along with Swapnil Sahoo sang "PAL PAL" from 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai' in their own rendition.  

Manasa Pisipati, coordinator of Heartbeats for this academic year spoke with team MM about their flagship events and orientations. Here is what she said,

Every year we conduct four flagship events, two in each semester. For the odd semester, we perform at the Institute's Fresher and then we have DHWANI, Indian Classical Music Night. In the next semester, we organise MAKTUB during NU and later on perform in JASHN.The whole idea behind organising an orientation like this is to familiarize freshers to our culture as most of them come thinking that we are just a music club which is in no way right. The response we got was absolutely phenomenal and we are expecting a huge turn-out in the inductions as well.

As Heartbeats wrapped up a beautiful and virtuoso performance, they announced the date for their inductions to be 13th August.

DnB Orientations
Beating the drizzle with gloves on; Drill and Bass, The official EDM and Hip-Hop club of NITR, made everyone vibe to their performances in BBA on 8th August. Organised with the assistance of Nalini Nihar Nayak (SAC officer), It turned out to be a really good ambience for the first years since everything was new and stressful for them.

Safwan, a Sophomore Undergraduate who witnessed the event said:

 The atmosphere was very enjoyable. Although I came a little late because of the rain, I really liked many of the performances and they put up a great show.

The performances started around 6:15 with an impromptu rap battle between the members, which made the audience roar with applause. It was followed by very soulful performances by Anurag, Rasika and Hilal. Much like last year’s orientation, the rains failed to dampen the spirits of the audience and the performers, alike.

The President of the club, Mohammed Hilal, had the following views about organising and performing for the event:

 Organising this was tough as taking permissions from different authorities is done in a particular model. Performing will always be the same for me, be it as a fresher or a sophomore. The only difference is that now people know me so I get cheered more. The vibe of performing outside is always great which is the reason we booked this venue. However, there are some glitches like we have to maintain our sound levels to not disturb the academic area. The people were amazing and supportive but the turn-out  was better last year.

Anurag Panda, the manager of the club, had the following to say:

I don’t know about the turnout but I had a lot of fun. There were a couple of mistakes here and there but that’s what music is about. You perform and you learn.

Giving a great head-start to the long weekend, the orientations were everything the NITR Junta needed to relax and unwind.


Team MM wishes Heartbeats and DnB good luck for the coming year. 


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