Crafting Intelligence: Cyborg Orientations

Crafting Intelligence: Cyborg Orientations

Animesh Mohanty | Aug 19, 2019

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13th August 2019,

It was 5:30 in the evening when the young minds began flooding LA 114. Soon it was a sea of innovative people, ready for Cyborg orientations. The club is presently headed by Gondu Naveen(President), Subham Siddharth Mohanty(Vice president) and Amartyaa Avizeeta(Treasurer). Around 5:45 PM, the orientations began with loud cheers from Pritish Pradhan and Abhishek Vedante, the hosts for the evening. The event witnessed a whopping turnout of around 180 freshers. Boosting the morale of the crowd, Pritish Pradhan cheered,

We will show you the most exciting part of engineering that is Robotics 

A brief introduction about the different teams in Cyborg, viz. Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, and Management, was given. The purposes and USP’s of these teams were explained to the buzzing crowd. To pique the interest of the freshers in robotics a small video about robots designed by Boston Dynamics was also shown.

Then the different projects completed by Cyborg, like Quadcopter, Armed robot and Badminton playing robot, Balloon Satellite, Self Balancing bot, Amphibious vehicle, and Eco-kart,  were shown and a live demonstration of the Robotic Arm was given to the students.

Other on-going projects such as Autonomous drone, Intelligent-ground vehicle, and Room-Automation were also mentioned and a virtual demonstration of the technology behind Room-Automation was also given. Prabin Rath then beautifully elaborated on the Automated chess bot and explained to the freshers how being a member of Cyborg helped him gather a fantastic team and achieve this feat. Commenting on the difficult projects like this, Prabin said,

If you think designing and making things like this is difficult and if you want to learn then you should definitely join Cyborg.Create classes are something were you will get introduced to the most exciting aspects of engineering and learn to grow.

Quiz Times were strategically interspersed between the different subsections of the presentation and the students who gave the right answer were rewarded with a chocolate bar. This helped to keep the attention of the freshers on the presentation and make the session more interactive.

The different events organized by Cyborg such as the pre-Innovision event Epreuve and Innovision events like Tread-O-Quest, Death-Race and Digitizer were also mentioned and then elaborated upon sequentially, one at a time.

The famous Create Classes were also announced. Details regarding what freshers will learn and how they will benefit from it were shared with them. The future plans of Cyborg like participation in IARC(International Aerial Robotic Competition) and IGVC (Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition)were made open to the freshers so they could get motivated enough to participate in these international competitions.

In the End the treasurer of the club, Amartyaa Avizeeta summarised the presentation for the freshers and also answered a few of their questions. An interesting video by MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) wrapped up the event successfully.

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