Come-On NIT ROURKELA, Let's Football: Institute vs Freshers

Come-On NIT ROURKELA, Let's Football: Institute vs Freshers

K Aditya | Aug 19, 2019

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The football mania at NIT Rourkela kickstarted with the official match between the Institute team and the Freshers team on the 16th of August. Every year the institute organizes matches between the freshers and official institute team to break the ice and to kick-start the sports session for the year. Before the match, the players from both the teams engrossed themselves in a warm-up session.

The match started at 7:15 PM. The game duration was fixed to 50 minutes (two halves of 25min each). The match was officiated by Referee Saswata Bisi ( Ex-Captain, NIT Rourkela football team). The Dilip Tirkey Stadium(DTS) didn't have an appreciable audience to witness the match but this didn’t restrict the players from putting a great show. Both the team's started the match with aggressive intent, attacking from the very first minute.

7:18 - A close chance missed by the institute team. A valiant effort by the fresher team goalkeeper Biswajeet Biswaprakash.

In the first ten minutes of the match, both the teams showed an urge to lead from the front by ticking off the scoreboard.

7:26- Ponnanna Boppaiah of the institute team had a shot at the goal post, a mere miss, inches above the goal post.

7:30- A well placed header by the institute team striker, but tough luck saved by the goalkeeper.

7:33- Goal!, the scoreboard gets kicking. The first goal of the match. Shravan Narayana scored for the fresher's team. The match stands at 1-0.

Sampad Patra, of the institute team reckoned by the referee for foul play. The first free-kick of the match for the fresher's team. But the freshers not being able to capitalize on the bonus.

7:40- The first half of the match gets summed up. A good first half for both the teams. The institute team not being able to convert their half-chances into goals. The fresher's team, on the other hand, grabbing the few opportunities they got and scoring the lone goal of the match. At the end of the first half, the match stands at 1-0 with the fresher's team leading the way.

Time for a 5 minutes refreshment break for the players. Both the team's recapitulating themselves for an eventful second half of the match. Strategies being re-analyzed by the teams for the final kill.

7:45- Referee blows the whistle! to embark on the commencement of the second half of the match. All set, let's play.

Cold start to the play, no real intent being shown by the fresher's team to step up the lead. Institute team trying their best to fight back into the match.

7:50- Chance for the institute team to score a goal, but an off directed cross misses the players. Way off target.

7:55- The Institute team seems to step on the gas and they are giving a tough time to the fresher's team. An intense moment in the match, the Institute team showing some real urgency to make a comeback. Back to back attacks by the institute team, but not able to finish it well and get over the line.

8:01- Woah! Finally a sigh of relief, for the institute team, as they score their first goal, thanks to Sarthak Das. The match is evenly poised now with 1-1. An important phase in the game, interesting to see how the two teams strategize to play from this stage.

8:04- There seems to be no stopping for the institute team at this stage, as they register their second goal of the match. And this time its the captain Prashant Sharma, who takes the charge. 2-1 it is, institute team leading for the first time in this match.

The institute team seems to give their all at this stage and does not seem to cut loose. Freshers team trying hard for a comeback, but not being able to get into a rhythm. Last 10 minutes in the match.

The fresher's team playing on a defensive front, to combat the attacks by the institute team. A chance for the fresher's team, but just not being able to finish it well. Probably, their last chance in the game. 

8:15- Referee signals the end of the second half (2-1). Three minutes of extra time being given.

8:18- Final call by the referee signalling the end of the match. 

The Institute team emerge victorious in a close and eventful encounter with the newly established Fresher’s team, who put a fairly good fight. The match ending on 2-1.

After the match, Team Monday Morning got a chance to catch up with the Institute team captain, Prashant Sharma and below is an excerpt of his views on the inductions and the match:

First of all, let me start off with the football inductions, there were about 60-70 students who came for the inductions this time. I had requested the officials to allow us to conduct the inductions for 3 days, but that didn't happen. The point I want to mention is that for this match none of the officials showed up, precisely only one of them came. We didn't get enough support from the officials, we had to arrange everything in a haste. Leaving aside, all this I feel this time we have got a really good bunch of new players, who have a lot to contribute to the team and have immense potential. Talking about the match, in the beginning, our team struggled because the ground conditions are really not good. In the first half, they put us under a lot of pressure but in the second half, we recollected our composure and played well to win the match. Yes, we could have played better, but it was a good effort by the team.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the Institute football for their victory and wishes them best of luck for all their future endeavours.

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