Forever In Our Hearts: Rest In Peace Prof. R Jayabalan

Forever In Our Hearts: Rest In Peace Prof. R Jayabalan

Tanaya Sahoo | Aug 19, 2019

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The morning of 17th August was the bearer of grief for the fraternity of NIT Rourkela. The mysterious demise of Prof. R Jayabalan (38), Assistant Professor of Life Science Department and his wife engulfed students and faculty of the institute with gloom.

Police had to break open the door of the house Prof. Jayabalan live in with his wife when sources reported about it being shut for the last two days. A four-page suicide note written both in English and Tamil was recovered at the site. However, preliminary investigations found the circumstances of death shady as the body of the professor was recovered from the bathroom while his wife’s body was found on the bed. According to Sarthak Sarangi, the superintendent of Police, Rourkela, both of them had regurgitated before dying.

Hailed as one of the most amicable and affectionate professors of the department, Prof. Jayabalan was a storehouse of ‘a billion-dollar ideas’. He would be a forerunner in the activities of the department and the institute alike, assisting students with his innovative tactics. He was also highly acclaimed to be a promising researcher. The late couple’s beaming and heart-filled affection would win over the professor’s colleagues and the neighbourhood alike.

Smruti Biswal, a pre-final year student of the Department of Life Science, in her tribute to the late professor says,

It was a great shock to hear about his untimely demise. Our batch had been waiting in excitement for him to take up a paper in the next semester as we had been told by our seniors that he was a remarkably interesting teacher. Hale and hearty, brimming with enthusiasm he would never decline any request and had been a guiding light to all who sought his assistance. His loss is not only a loss to the NIT Rourkela family but also to the scientific community as we lost a dedicated researcher of the field.

Team MM and the NIT Rourkela fraternity pours hearty tribute in the memory of the benevolent Prof. Jayabalan and his wife.

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