Training and Placement Workshop

Training and Placement Workshop

Sibasis Sahu | Sep 02, 2019

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An informal light-hearted talk session was planned out for the third year students pertaining to their placement and internship scenarios with Swaha Swayamsiddha, Rohit Dash and Deepak Kumar taking the center stage. The session began with the introduction of the above-enumerated members of the training committee. This session aimed at exterminating the major issue of lack of culture among the students of NIT Rourkela.

Rohit Dash went on explaining what lack of culture means. He emphasized the fact that the students lack the clarity of what they want to build upon in the future. The absence of soft skills and self-expression has been a major problem is what he stressed upon. Then came along Deepak Kumar who talked about SSD(Soft skill development )Team which was in action last year and how the 20 handpicked members of this team executed an exercise in the even semesters with all the internship and job providing companies gone away. However, the exercises were kind of monotonous as said by him and hence to improve upon this he and another alumnus Shashank Sai started the training committee. Carrying out things in an organized manner they planned on segregating the students into groups and have sessions on a regular basis. Secondly, he spoke about how they plan to help the students pursue GRE by giving them a sumptuous idea of the previously successful alumni and this would be pseudo mandatory for the students to have an interest in. The later phase would span out the time for profile development in accordance with the student's skills. Next in line was Swaha Swayamsiddha who gave a detailed overview of what the committee plans on doing for the betterment of students. Staring with JAM (Just A Minute) sessions, group discussions, taking mock interviews, having one on one conversations to make the students get into their comfort zone and also being multi-linguistic if need be, she enumerated all the exercises. She brought forth how from the input collected from these periodic exercises they will divide the students into different groups and work on them accordingly for their development. She continued as she spoke about how the aptitude tests, coding classes and core development session classes would be held to further the interest of the student. Rohit Dash summed up the session elucidating the work of training committee as follows:

  1. Conducting PATs(Placement Aptitude Test)
  2. Soft Skill development sessions
  3. Having generic coding classes
  4. Professional development sessions
  5. Familiarizing the students with a variety of internship opportunities


Following the talks was a question-answer session where the students had their queries answered by the training committee members. With this, the proceedings came to an end.

Here is what Swaha Swayamsiddha had to say regarding the session

Apart from developing the aptitude skills which are very much important in every sphere of life, we want the students to develop better communication skills. We want to make sure that the students choose a career that they want and not to go with the flow following somebody else and later in life be disappointed with what they had chosen. With several career options available we want the students to choose one of their own according to their interests and skills. We will keep motivating the students and want them to put in efforts from their side and not just attend sessions owing to the strict point system or any other factor. It is high time for them already and when they sit for placements we want to make sure that they have a firm choice of their own. This will be mutually beneficial to both the students and the companies that come offering jobs and internships.


Rohit Dash too had a say of his own as jotted below

When I was in my third year, I myself did not prefer to turn up for these sessions. I personally felt that it wouldn't do me any good but this here is an effort for the people who come in here get some sort of additional value to be it soft skills or some sort of professional clarity. I hope that the students coming here take this in a disciplined manner that they are only gaining something through this. They should take this seriously because this is being done for them and not for us.

Team MM wishes all the students best of luck for their placements and hopes for the succesful venture of theTraining commitee in their endeavors ahead.

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