Manifesting the ethos of Opensource: OpenCode Orientation

Manifesting the ethos of Opensource: OpenCode Orientation

Smruti Sucharita Nath | Sep 09, 2019

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Every year, we witness the clubs of NIT Rourkela gearing up to introduce themselves to the freshmen, who crave to discover what college life has in stock for them. In this long run, OpenCode, the official opensource community of NIT Rourkela, conducted the Orientation cum induction program on 26th of August, 2019 at LA 104 and proved that they are the unmatched masters by introducing the budding developers to a new working environment.

Founded in 2017 under the presidentship of Shaswat Lenka, OpenCode prides itself as a club that develops, upstreams and contributes to opensource projects providing a collaborative platform. Developer Student Clubs (DSC) has been a worthy part of OpenCode since last year. The club has proved its pluck by working on some striking projects and events. The club organized RunIOthe first-ever hackathon of NIT Rourkela during Innovision 2018, a 24 hrs hackathon during the 9th edition of NIT Conclave in collaboration with Developer Student Clubs(DSC) held at NIT Rourkela. Apart from these, the club has also conducted various workshops familiarizing the students with the opensource culture.

The orientation witnessed an extraordinary turnout of 140 students, breaking their records. The event kick-started at 5:30 pm with a brief interactive session between Vedant Raghuwanshi, a member of the club, and the ingenious yet intelligent freshmen who were attending the event. Next up, a presentation was shown to them, which cleared any doubts that the freshmen had about what the club does. The club predominantly focuses on three areas: robotics, web development, and app development. They were then told about the functioning of the club, the events, and workshops conducted by them and their remarkable work and achievements. At this point, the audience had gained a fair idea of how they can contribute to opensource projects.  

Abel Mathew, the Student Lead of Developers Students Club, NIT Rourkela chapter addressed the bedazzled audience about the development of the SCS app by DSC. He said :

The app was developed primarily by Ankesh Anku, Smarak Das and Chinmay Kabi and the design layouts were done by Reuben Abraham. Coding is not the only factor; to add to our code blocks, we have to think about the prototype and the designs. The entire code will be open-sourced within a week and anyone can contribute to it. Being a part of OpenCode and DSC, we can learn together, build projects and can work on some real-life problems.

The students were asked simple questions throughout the orientation and the ones giving answers were gifted stickers. The event was wrapped up at 7 PM after an hour of providing the questionnaire for the inductions that would showcase their interest in the field of Open source coding.

Team MM wishes OpenCode and the members very good luck in their future endeavours.

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