Beginning with a Bang: Institute Freshers' 2019

Beginning with a Bang: Institute Freshers' 2019

A busy week ended on a high note with the Institute Freshers’ lighting up Friday night i.e, 30th August 2019. On the eve of Freshers’ Chitraang, the official graffiti club of NITR continued its legacy by painting the Student Activity Centre(S.A.C.) wall with a beautiful scene from the movie ‘The Lion King’ with the caption being the famous ‘Hakuna Matata’. The painting, dedicated to the freshers, was appreciated by everyone who passed by the wall or saw its pictures on social media.

The Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium was house-full as not only freshers but also others dropped in to relish nostalgia. The Literary and Cultural Society of SAC and the student representatives apportioned their work with a pillar of support from SAS officer Mr. Nalini N. Nayak, VPs Prof. Sambit Bakshi, and Prof. Upendar Gundala. With the help of SAS Officer,  Mr. Nalini N. Nayak, the LED screens for the performance was introduced for the Freshers’ at BBA.

The event began at 6 PM sharp with the first event being the official launch of the Mini Issue of D361, NITR’s very own magazine. This was followed by Literary and Cultural Society’s video which welcomed freshers to the event.

Soon after, hundreds of students in the auditorium were enjoying themselves owing to the brilliant performances by Euphony, the official rock band of NITR. Amongst the songs by the club, ‘See You Again’ was dedicated to Late Dr. Rasu Jayabalan who was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Life Sciences, NIT Rourkela. Apart from this, the whole auditorium reverberated with the beats of the song ‘Champions’, dedicated to the freshers who had cleared the JEE with flying colors, Vande Mataram, Pichle Saat Dino Mein, and Superheroes were lined up after that.

After this, Heartbeats, the official Fusion music club of NITR, had 5 songs lined up for the evening with the crowd swaying to the beats of each one of them. It included popular songs like Bekhayali, Get Lucky, Mayya Mayya, Haye Rama and Tashan Mein which were beautifully sung by vocalists. The musicians did well to give the song its soul and to make the Heartbeats’ performance a memorable one. One of the coordinators, Manasa Pisipati said:

We put in a lot of efforts for the event. Individually each element was pretty good, but integrating everything was a little bit of an issue for us initially because we didn't have enough time for soundcheck which lead to a few technical glitches. The response from the audience was satisfying and it is always a pleasure to perform for the freshers. 

Then the stage was conquered by Drill N’ Bass, who also had 5 songs lined up for the evening. The official Hip-Hop and EDM club of NITR started with a bang with a unique beatboxing performance. Then came some scintillating performances which included rap and hip-hop music including the classic Uptown Funk, Lighters, Raabta Title Track, Old Town Road and Har Kisi Ko.

This was followed by the official launch of Monday Morning’s Freshers’ video. The approximately 6-minute video had new additions this year with a lot of cinematic elements of the campus. All in all, it invoked a good response from the crowd, especially from the freshers.

Click here to watch the Freshers’ Video by Monday Morning.

After all the musical performances, Pantomime’s one-act play enthralled the whole auditorium. The witty dialogues in the Swag Wali Ramayana’s modern parody ensured that the whole crowd burst into laughter every now and then. The play’s script was very well planned with memes and punch dialogues making it a real treat for the audience. The unique play with a well-defined storyline was appreciated and well-received by everyone. The club's President, Shubhendra Singh Chouhan said:

Our play depicted the Ramayan of 21st century. Sita was a tik-tok lover in our play. Our script was prerecorded keeping in mind the problems we faced with the audio system in BBA. The new inductees, as well as the existing club members, performed excellently and gave their best to Pantomime. We are the first club of the Cultural society to launch a website on 31st August.

The play was followed by Synergy club’s energetic performance which rocked the stage. The coordination of dancers and their energy ensured that the audience doesn’t take their eyes off the stage. The 15-minute performance ensured the freshers a visual treat and gave them a glimpse of the dancing culture at NITR.

After this, the official Innovision 2019 trailer was released. The promising theme of the largest techno-management fest of the region this year is ‘A Space Opera’. No wonder, the trailer had a lot of space-related video clips in it which boosted the excitement levels.

After this, RITVIC rocked the stage with its play titled ‘The Accidental Office’. The play, which was the first of its kind was horror-themed. The play which was comical in the beginning soon turned into a horror-themed one when the lights went out to reveal the ‘ghost’ holding the lantern. It left the audience in a daze when it ended on a suspenseful note.

This was followed by an amazing performance by the Mavericks. The 15-minute long dance entertained everyone in the auditorium and evoked a good response. The dance, which was meticulously planned and well-executed by the performers was well-choreographed as well with the dancers matching the beats well and exhibiting perfect synchronization.

The Club's president, Shreya Somani said:

The huge crowd encouraged us throughout our performance. We chose Odia, Telugu and Haryanvi songs to connect to the audience. The LED concept was good this time and new for us.

This was followed by two 4-minute videos, one each by The Third Eye, the official photography club of NITR and the other by Cinematics Club, the official filmmaking club of NITR. Third Eye’s video exhibited the perfect blend of creativity and uniqueness, both of which visible in the video which showcased its awesome photography. Cinematics then presented its ‘Mini-India’ video which was admired by the audience for its cinematic shots which very well exhibited the diversity of the country. The video was made of clips from various parts of the country and was a reflection of India’s diversity.

The freshers were then told to leave the auditorium owing to their restricted in-timings. It was an irony as the freshers for whom this event was organized couldn’t witness the complete event until the end.

What followed next was an act of standup-comedy by Sidharth Rout a.k.a. Raeesbhai. He made the whole crowd roll in laughter with witty jokes about the institute. He also comically claimed how to identify an Indian mother and also jokingly commented on the enthusiasm of freshers and hopelessness of the final years. The 15-minute comedy act ensured that everyone had a good laugh that day. On being asked about his performance, ‘Raeesbhai’ said:

It was magical to perform on a risky set in front of the Dean (Student Welfare) and my project guide. In spite of the first years leaving and a dog accompanying me on the stage, I performed. The crowd was pretty cheerful. In short, in spite of all the odds, I performed and it gave me a wondrous experience.

The last performance of the day by Synergy again proved the might of the dance club. It ended the night with a high-energy performance with the dancers showing no signs of fatigue from the first performance of theirs. With the end of Synergy’s second dance, the Institute Freshers’ was officially over.

One of the freshers, Shalini Sheetal, said:

The freshers' program was enjoyable. Each club had a unique thing to showcase. Unavailability of seats added woe to the program. We were shocked to hear the announcement regarding returning back of freshers to the hostel after 10 pm. The program was meant for us but ironically we couldn't be a part of it till the end. We were quite disappointed.

The Dean (Student Welfare), Prof S K Patel was enthusiastic enough seeing the talents of the students and said:

We need to nurture and encourage the talents of our students. We could start the program punctually but failed in the crowd management. In spite of my repeated requests, students almost blocked the view of backbenchers and indirectly forced them to stand on the chairs, which is not expected.

The V.P. (Literary  and Cultural Society), Prof Upendar Gundala had the following words to say:

The Institute Freshers is an event of fantastic get-together and fabulous day for the freshers. The unforgettable experience in the event for me was the song dedicated to Prof. R Jayabalan by Team Euphony. I'm feeling great for being the Vice President of Literary and Cultural Society.  

Prof. Sambit Bakshi, V.P. of the Literary and Cultural Society, said:

I hope the new batch of freshmen thoroughly liked and enjoyed all the events of the evening. the function was well managed by the student representatives. Though induction programs of many clubs are already over, I'm sure that the evening has motivated many freshers to find their passion and rethink to be associated with SAC activities and clubs of their interests.

The Institute Freshers’ was a very memorable one, as it was nostalgic for most, who still have crystal clear memories of their first Freshers’. The freshers had a good time at the first major event of the semester where the clubs had practised for weeks and performed their hearts out.

Team MM wishes all the newcomers a fruitful year ahead and luck for their upcoming years at NIT Rourkela.

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