Igniting the fire within: ICS Orientation

Igniting the fire within: ICS Orientation

Kunal Singh | Sep 09, 2019

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“When others melt, we just warm up.” With this saying, ICS (Indian Ceramic Society) started its orientations on 26th August at 6:30 pm in LA 201. Aiming at making ceramic students aware of possibilities of the ceramic branch in everyday life and how this branch is neglected by many students due to lack of knowledge about various areas of exploration in the material science industry.

The session started at 6:30 pm with Achint and Anisha from the second year hosting the event. Students were asked about their previous knowledge of ceramics as many stay unaware of this important branch. ICS provides a platform for ceramic branch students to explore their branch by providing exposure to events like MRITTIKA. MRITTIKA is one such fest for the ceramic society that opens many doors for research and exploration in the ceramic field. The students were briefed about their faculty advisor Prof. Santanu Kumar Behera followed by an introduction to the executive committee.

After a general introduction to the club, next in line was the most awaited interaction session with the seniors who have worked in ICS and had great experiences to share. Shivam Sharma, founder, and president of ICS shared his valuable experience with his recent on-campus TRL Krosaki internship and placement offer from Axxela.

Next to interact was Tanay Kumar of 4th year who interned in Singapore in his 2nd year and recently in Canada in 3rd year through MITACS program. Tanay, who was also a co-founder of ICS, motivated the students to live life to its fullest. He asked the students to explore every area of interest and give time to find their interest and learn new skills while they still have the time in hand. Next in line was Rishabh Kundu of 3rd year who informed the student about practical implementations of ceramics in daily life and that ceramics as many people know, are not limited to tile-making but are also used in space crafts, glass industry, and many other important industries as well. The main aim of the orientation was not to introduce students to the club but to give an exposure to the facilities and opportunities that the club provides to the students to explore the ceramic branch.

The president of the club, Shivam Sharma had the following to say:

There is a clear stereotype among students that there is very little or limited scope in ceramic branch and that they cannot excel in such a limited environment for better. But this was never true. In ICS we aim at providing students all the opportunities and exposure to material science so they can find their area of interest and devote their precious time learning about new things. We have our own fest ‘MRITTIKA’, where students also learn much-required leadership skills and time management. Various members of our club also got internship offers solely due to their interaction with various delegates at MRITTIKA. This is how our club helps students by providing opportunities. We would definitely like to expand our reach by conducting and attending various events. In the end, I would say that we have a lot for students and now it’s up to them, how they use these opportunities and bring out their best wherever possible.

Team MM wishes all the best to all the club members and that they succeed in every upcoming endeavour.





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