Team Tiburon Orientations: A Quest for Underwater Fanatics

Team Tiburon Orientations: A Quest for Underwater Fanatics

Saumya Sinha | Sep 09, 2019

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Debuting just a few years back, Team Tiburon, the official autonomous underwater vehicle fabricating team has undergone many leaps and bounds to reach where they are today. With the ambition of spreading information about their projects and achievements till date, the team conducted its orientations on 6th of September in LA 214. The orientations kicked off at around 6:30 with an interaction between the students and the team members. It saw a turnout of around 40 students.

The interaction was followed by a powerpoint presentation by Vaibhav Kohade, a third-year CSE student in the software subsystem. Initially, the presentation depicted how the team came about by the virtue of some mechanical engineering students in the year 2014. In other words, the host familiarized the students about the history of Team Tiburon and their progress so far. The next few slides display the emergence of the vehicle from version 1.0 to 4.0. The team has absolutely made huge progress over the last 5 years. Moving ahead Tarun Verma explains the students about the mechanical subsystem of the team. Malkhan Singh describes the Coding subsystem and Angad Pattnaik demonstrated the electronics subsystem.

Wrapping up the presentation, the host highlighted the targets and told the students about various achievements of the team. In 2019, Team tiburon was the semifinalists in RoboSub and National winners in SAVe. In 2018, they were runner’s up in SAUVC. The team has seen some ups and downs in recent times but that only compelled them to try harder which eventually resulted in their magnificent performance in the competitions they took part.

The team will be inducting members for four subsystems namely the electronics subsystem, the mechanical subsystem, the software subsystem and the public relations subsystem.

The present team captain Malkan Singh had this to say,

Being an autonomous Underwater Vehicle fragmentation team, we take part in SAUVC every year which is held in Singapore. Autonomous underwater robotics is an exciting challenge in engineering, which participants get to experience at SAUVC. We are even planning to participate in Robosub, USA but it highly depends on the funds we get from the mechanical dept. The funds are usually not enough to meet the expenses we have to bear. Funds for participating in competitions outside India are generally generated through SAVE which occurs every alternate year. We look forward to performing well in all the competitions we take part and hence generate funds to participate in competitions like RoboSub.

Team MM congratulates Tiburon for a successful orientation and wishes them very good luck for the year ahead.

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