Retaining the Crown: The Inter Hall Football Finals

Retaining the Crown: The Inter Hall Football Finals

Ajita Shri | Sep 16, 2019

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The evening of 11th September 2019 witnessed yet another enthralling final match of the Inter Hall Football. With surging enthusiasm, the players of Satish Dhawan Hall football team and Vikram Sarabhai Hall football team landed on the field to win the appellation of victors of the Inter Hall football 2019-20.

The Teams:

Team SD was led by Prashant Sharma as the captain and Dhanush D Pai as the goalkeeper whereas Team VS was headed by Rohan Dhotre as the captain and Bibek as the goalkeeper.




1. Prashant Sharma

1. Rohan Dhotre

2. Dhanush D Pai

2. Ponnanna Palindria Bopaiah

3. Farza Mohammed

3. Sudeep Kumar

4. Sarthak Das

4. Saswat Samantha

5. Sambit

5. Anshuman Abishek

6. Amit Kumar Naik

6. Sampad Patra

7. Vinay Thakur

7. Prithvi Raj Naik

8. Zeeshan Khan

8. Khirod Kumar Naik

9. Sanjeet Patil

9. Falguni Majhi

10. Sanjay Hansdak

10. Fayzan Ahmed

11. Omar Marena

11. Masood Ahmed

12. Chisola Nyala

12. Rithik Devendra

13. Khalid Baig Mirza

13. Jyotirmoy Barman

14. Suvam Mishra

14. Stanzin Tuneup

15. Hafizullah Poyah

15. Bibek

16. Sujith

16. Eshan

Match Time-Line

7:37: The game started with SD clad in a red jersey and VS sporting in yellow.

7:38: Searching for a goal, Sudeep Kumar stormed towards the goalpost however was
stopped harshly by the opponents leading him into getting injured. Immediate
first-aid was provided to the player.

7:43: The game resumes picking up its pace, with VS team constituting of only 10 players.

7:48: There were equivalent possession and offence from both the teams, attacks from SD led by Prashant Sharma and from VS led by Ponnanna Palindria Bopaiah.

7:59: In the 19th minute of the game, Omar Marena scores for the SD team thus, SD leads with 1-0.

8:08: The first half ends, with a score of 1-0(SD-VS).

8:13: Game begins again with a  kick-off from VS. The first push up by VS and Prithvi Raj Naik misses by a small margin. Counterstrike by SD, as Prashant Sharma shoots but fails to convert it into a goal.

8:18: Dhanush saves a good attempt made by VS. VS gets a foul because of shirt tugging. SD gets a free-kick. Chisola Nyala gets changed by Khalid Baig Mirza.

8:23: Dhanush saves an attempt by Ponnanna. In a counterattack, Omar crosses inside the D-box but is intercepted by VS defenders. Fayzan Ahmed is substituted by Jyotirmoy Barman.

8:25: Great attack by VS, Prithvi Raj Naik shoots but misses by inches.

8:26: Unclear pressure. SD’s goal kick gets intercepted by VS but was saved by Dhanush. SD gets a free kick due to the foul by VS.

8:30: In the 47th minute, Ponnanna charges in, gets a foul and penalty, shoots the ball towards the goalpost and Goal!

8:37: With a score of 1-1, the game ends. Extra time of 7 minutes given. However, both the teams fail to score in the given extra time.

8:44: Another half of 7 minutes granted. Sampad Patra was given a yellow card for rough play and charging into the opponents.

8:53: VS scored an own goal by Rohan Dhotre which resulted in SD leading by 2-1.

8:56: Sampad Patra dribbles in and shoots, which is deflected by Dhanush and kicked in by Khirod Kumar Naik. Thus, bringing the score to 2-2.

8:57: Khalid Baig Mirza taken off the field due to injury. The extra play ends with a score of 2-2. The match goes into penalties.

Toss begins. SD wins the toss and chooses to shoot first. Penalties begin-

Omar Marena from SD shoots towards the centre of the goalpost and scores.

Saswat Samantha comes in from VS and deflects the ball towards the left corner, the goalie fails to save it.

Sarthak Das from SD shoots the ball over the post and thus, misses it.

Sampad Patra from VS shoots the ball in the right corner and scores.

Sanjeet Patil from SD scores.

Khirod Kumar Naik from VS shoots, however, misses as the goalie Dhanush rushes towards the ball.

Vinay Thakur from SD is successful in converting his penalty into a goal.

Rohan Dhotre from VS comes in next but shoots over the crossbar.

Prashant Sharma comes in and ends the match with a goal.

With a score of 4-2 in the penalties, SD wins against VS.

 A spectator, Sriniketh Shankar on being questioned about the game, commented-

There was intense gameplay from both the sides and it was a nail-biting match till the end.



The captain of, Prashant Sharma expressed his opinion on the match and said-

The game went really good. Since we had played semi-finals on Monday in rain and the day after it had all dried up, the ground was very hard and uneven because of the foot impressions of the previous match. The ball was not sticking to the ground. Both the teams were finding it difficult to do ground passing. SD started off with a good pace and intent, pressing the other team very high. VS was equally good and had 8players in defence to hold our attacks. The intent of all 22players on the field was very clear, that was to win. I’d say we could have played better, as we had been, in the group stage and knockout matches. But again, we won at the end, so yeah, all good! We were only able to pull off this match because of the sheer will and dedication of the players, who managed everything very well.

Regarding the ground conditions and facilities, he commented-

 No one came to witness the selection match, which was being promised to us in the first place. Ground conditions are very poor. There is a Toilet in DTS, but always remains closed, which really makes it inconvenient for the players to use one. Flood lights goes off randomly, which are yet to be repaired.

The captain of VS, Rohan Dhotre commented on the match and said-

The finals which we played against SD in the inter hall tournament was one of the most memorable matches I've ever participated in. Unfortunately, we lost one of our main midfielders Sudeep Kumar in the first few minutes of the match itself, but that did not dampen our spirit and thirst to win. Even after conceding and trailing on goals twice during the match we fought hard and found a way to equalise both the times and showed great composure and put up a really good fight. Especially the 2nd equaliser, when we scored in the 2nd half of extra time, that feeling was something to cherish and remember. The match was decided by penalties, and we lost by 4-2, but our entire team was proud of the way they played as they knew they had given everything they got to win.


Team MM congratulates both teams for putting up a beguiling match and wishes to be an eyewitness to numerous such matches in future.

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