A Condominium With its own Flaws and Benedictions: Dhirubhai Ambani Hall Review

A Condominium With its own Flaws and Benedictions: Dhirubhai Ambani Hall Review

K Aditya Kunal Singh | Sep 16, 2019

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Dhirubhai Ambani Hall of Residence (DBA) is an abode to 354 residents from all years except the freshmen. It has always been a popular choice among the students owing to its spacious rooms and its proximity to the Academic area as well as other places of importance. It highly resembles GDB Hall in terms of its structural planning. Despite all these, there have been certain major issues faced by the boarders like dissatisfactory mess food and menu, cleaning of washrooms, poor facilities for sports and many more. Team Monday Morning presents a wholesome review of the Dhirubhai Ambani Hall of Residence.


According to the words of the warden Prof. Anil Kumar Singh

This year, the chief warden has increased the budget for DBA hall from Rs. 8.5 lac. to Rs. 10 lacs. The increase has been mainly due to insufficient equipment and maintenance. From the budget, roughly around RS. 10,000 goes in TV recharge, around Rs. 8000 for the newspaper. 50,000 is utilized for the garden fest and 1.2 lac is allotted to conduct hall day. Around 50,000 is devoted to sports equipment and maintenance. This year around 3 lakhs from the budget will be given for procuring new types of equipment and maintenance for the gymnasium. The remaining budget is consumed in salaries of workers and miscellaneous maintenance activities.


  DBA is an adobe to 354 residents distributed in 3 blocks A, B, and C.  The hall has a reading room on the ground floor with the fitness room adjacent to it. The reading room lacks substantial facilities. The water supply system is satisfactory with at least one water cooler installed in each block. The common room is spacious enough but is one of the most bizarre places in the hall. The badminton courts are in awful condition and are unfit for use.


The K.R Patel Cafeteria serves as the common mess for both M.S Swaminathan hall and Dhirubhai Ambani hall of residence. In recent times, there has been a lot of dissatisfaction among the boarders about the quality of mess food, its newly revised menu and the impertinent behaviour of mess staff. The washroom present in the mess doesn't have adequate water supply and more often the taps run out of the water causing a lot of vexation among the students.

Assistant Warden, Prof. Gokarneswar  Sahoo along with the Warden, are regularly reviewing the mess menu and student's response to the quality of food owing to the large number of complaints they received. The revised mess menu has already come into effect from 9th Sept 2019.


The hall of residence has a substandard gymnasium with nonfunctional and out of order equipment. As a result, the warden has asked the boarders to use the gymnasiums in MSS or VS hall of residence.

Words of the Warden in this regard,

Due to insufficient budget in the previous year, the condition of the gym was below par and boarders were unable to get the best out of the gym due to lack of equipment. We recently kept the HEC meeting and made plans to provide better facilities to the students. The chief warden has granted us an additional amount of Rs. 3 lacs to maintain our gym and bring in new gym equipment.

Cycle Stand

The cycles in the cycle stand are properly arranged and the area is always guarded by one security officer. Besides, it also has a pump used for cycle tire inflation.

An exasperated resident citing his issues,

In addition to several problems we face here in DBA, to make things even worse, the roof of the cycle stand leaks profusely, flooding the entrance from the DBA side till the main area. It has become a reason for discomfort every day and to date, no action has been taken against it even after several complaints.

Stationery Shop

The stationery shop is located on the first floor of the A block. The shop has all the necessary stationery supplies and provides services like printing, photocopying, etc. much to the relief of the residents.

Day and Night Canteen

The ill-reputation of the mess makes the day and night canteens the most loved places in the hall. The canteens provide all popular snacks and fast food to satisfy the student's cravings. The students speak highly of the two canteens and believe they act as saviors. The mammoth crowd of students present at the canteens is indicative of this fact.

Reading room

The reading room needs some modifications at present. There are not many facilities available as of now. The tables need a serious upgrade. As per the warden, three air-conditioners will be installed in the reading rooms for students for their comfort. This will take some time but will be ready to use before next summer.

Special Provisions for Physically Handicapped Students

Physically handicapped students have been allotted ground floor of the hostel for their convenience. They are even provided with the facility to receive food at their rooms if necessary. For any inconvenience caused, they can directly contact the warden regarding any issue.

Hygiene and Sanitary Appraisal

Cleanliness in DBA is looked after quite seriously at present. The workers clean the hostel corridor and hall areas every day. Boarders’ room is cleaned twice in a month and in case of any urgent need, one can directly contact the caretaker or assistant warden. Poorly maintained bathrooms and washrooms have been one of the major complaints lodged by the boarders. Most of the bathrooms do not have showerheads and even the functionality of geysers is at stake at times. Sometimes there is a problem of water supply much to the dismay of the residents. Some of the toilets don’t have adequate mugs and buckets and are not that well cleaned, which bestows an unhygienic situation. Another major problem faced by boarders is irregular water supply to various blocks especially the C block. This has been a long-prevailing problem and needed an immediate solution. The hall has 9 water coolers distributed in the three blocks and many of them are in good working condition except for a few. 

After being cited with all these issues, the Warden has planned to make the following amendments in the ongoing session.

There were complaints regarding irregular water supply and we are also aware of it. It was mainly due to the inability of the pumping system to pump water to the topmost floors resulting in inadequate water for boarders. As a solution to this problem, we get water from the VS hall with a connection directly to the C block of DBA hall. Around 3 water coolers require regular maintenance which adds to the expenses of repair, so we requested Chief Warden to replace them with new ones. Chief Warden agreed to this and we will get new water coolers soon. Another main problem faced by boarders is regarding the geysers but we are working to repair those geysers sooner. We plan to fix two of them during the Durga pooja vacation and will try to repair the remaining geyser before winter. Regarding the water leakage problem in the cycle stand, we have informed the state office long ago but no significant response was given from them. we will still try our best to fix such problems as soon as possible. These changes will take some time but I will try my best to bring these changes as soon as possible and make sure that boarders stay comfortably.

Overall there have been a few improvements compared to previous years, there are still many sections that need an upgrade in DBA hall of residence. Warden has been very cooperative in terms of taking actions and needs student’s active participation to give him feedback on any issue that they face in their daily life.

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