They Went, They Debated, They Conquered: Clarion at CNLU

They Went, They Debated, They Conquered: Clarion at CNLU

Tanaya Sahoo | Sep 16, 2019

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In what has been a thrilling sojourn for Clarion, the official debating club of NIT Rourkela, a team comprising of Siddhesh Borkar, Swayampurna Mishra and Aditya Tripathi was pronounced champions at the 11th edition of National CNLU (Chanakya National Law University) Parliamentary Debate, 2019 in Patna. A total of 35 teams from prominent institutions across India participated in the prestigious annual tournament.

A 10 membered strong contingent of Clarionites from NIT Rourkela left for the tournament held from13th-15th September. The contingent comprised of 2 senior teams, a novice team and an adjudicator:

Team Municipality- Siddhesh Borkar, Swayampurna Mishra and Aditya Tripathi

Team Lit Chokras- Animesh Pradhan, Chodaganga Pradhan, Roshan Kumar Shaw

Team Phenomenal (Freshmen Novices)- Sanjog Panda, Muskan, Saketh Avula

Adjudicator- Avinash Gaur

The tournament structure revolved around 5 preliminary rounds spanning the first 2 days of the tournament, following which the top 8 teams ‘broke into’ the quarter-finals. Team Municipality (3rd in tabs) and Team Lit Chokras (4th in the tabs) from NIT Rourkela’s contingent marched into the quarters, making it a record of consecutive ‘break-ins’ for Clarion in Parliamentary Debates in the span of a year. The other contingents in the top 8 breaks were that of St.Xaviers’ Kolkata (ranked 1st in the tabs), 3 teams from RML NLU (Lucknow) and Miranda House Delhi.

Both the teams further knocked out their respective opponents to qualify into the semis on the third day of the tournament. Team Municipality (4 wins out of 5) went against team Bandita from RMLNLU and team Lit Chokras went against St. Xavier’s in a thrilling semi-final clash. Unfortunately, Team Lit Chokras lost the semi-finals.

It was an amazing experience to get into the semis of the coveted CNLU PD. Debating against the big-shot law colleges and ending up among top 4 teams was amazing. We missed out on winning the semis but our journey so far has nullified our dissapointment.

- Team Lit Chokras

While team Lit Chokras were knocked out, ending their phenomenal winning spree in the tournament, team Municipality steered the contingent’s hope towards the much-awaited Finale of the tournament. The Finale was an exhilarating clash between Team Municipality and the unbeaten formidable team from St. Xavier’s, Kolkata.

As everyone held their breath through the valedictory session of the tournament, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Union Minister of law and Justice of India graced the occasion as the chief guest for the same. In his address to the edition, he said,

Debating is something that makes you confident. This makes you eloquent and empowered in both personal and professional aspects of your life. It feels nostalgic to be around young debaters in a national level Parliamentary debate Tournament. I myself was a winner at national debates.

As members in the audience and the finalists held their breaths through the chief guests’ address, the moment of glory finally dawned when Team Municipality was proclaimed the winners of the tournament and felicitated by honourable Ravi Shankar Prasad and Team Lit Chokras emerged as the semi-finalist ending the tournament among the top four teams. An ecstatic President of Clarion and team member of Municipality, Swayampurna Mishra stated,

It is kind of unbelievable because the tournament this year was so closely placed to exams. We are so glad that we could participate. The novice team also performed phenomenally well for which we are extremely proud. The other teams were semi-finalists and winners. This has been a very good run for Clarion and we hope to maintain it in the future.

Adding on to the sentiments of the champions, ex-president of Clarion, Siddhesh Borkar stated,

Ever since my second year, I have been visiting this tournament and witnessed our improvement first hand. It was always my dream to see Clarion and NITR come out victors in one such tournaments. It was an overwhelming experience especicially looking at the enthusiasm among freshers. As a mentor, nothing is more satisfying than seeing the club reach heights every year.

This is so unreal that I still can't believe that we made it. Being one of the toughest tournaments that Clarion goes to, we never anticipated this win but having an amazing contingent with us ensured that we were motivated throughout. And yes, hopefully, this is just the beginning!

-Aditya Tripathi, member of Team Municipality stated.

A noteworthy feature of the tournament remained that Clarion, NIT Rourkela was the only contingent from an engineering institute while the rest were from law and humanities or commerce colleges of India.  

Team Monday Morning congratulates the winners and wishes good luck to Clarion for more such winning debacles!

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