Battle of the Wits: Jnanagni 2019

Battle of the Wits: Jnanagni 2019

Debabrata Malik | Sep 17, 2019

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An otherwise lazy and uneventful Sunday afternoon was a happening one on 15th September, with LA-104 being the venue of the annual business quiz, Jnanagni 2019 organised by NITRAA in association with the Inquizzitive Club. About 30 teams, each consisting of 2 members each took part in the battle of wits. The Quiz Master of Jnanagni 2019 was Mr. Sampad Mishra, a national-level quizzing champion and an NITR alumnus. The quiz saw enthusiastic participation by outstation teams with as many as 9 teams from IGIT Sarang, KIIT, BIT Mesra, VSSUT Burla and CET Bhubaneswar participating in this year’s edition. The quiz had two stages with the first one being a written preliminary round where 20 questions from the world of business were asked. There was no negative marking and the round had some in-built tie-breaking questions with asterisks beside those questions. Most questions were tricky ones and more often than not, had a popular brand or company as the answer. The top 8 teams from the prelims made it to the final stage and these were:

  1. Manish Mishra and Siddharth Sankar Rout (IGIT Sarang)
  2. Ankit Mishra and Prateek Mishra (CET Bhubaneswar)
  3. Chinmay Mohanty and Dibya Prakash Mohanty (NIT Rourkela)
  4. Satyaranjan Mallick and S.P. Santanu (NIT Rourkela)
  5. Adnan Azmat and Abhisek Kumar Patra (BIT Mesra)
  6. Debabrata Malik and Vivek Prasad (NIT Rourkela)
  7. Aaditya Kumar and L. Mohan Manikanta (NIT Rourkela)
  8. Dibyam Debashish Sahu and Diptanshu Swain (NIT Rourkela)

This year, the club had introduced buzzers, which is very essential in competitive quizzing at all levels. As a result, the finals tested not only the knowledge of the finalists but also their reflexes. The first round was played in the clockwise direction with a chance also for the first team that presses the buzzer, if the team according to the order wasn’t able to answer their question correctly. This went on for 8 questions after which with the same set of rules were followed but in the counter-clockwise direction. After 16 questions, every question was on the buzzer with the first 3 teams given a chance to answer the question. Each direct question had 10 points for a correct answer and no negative points while those on the buzzer had 20 points for a correct answer and negative 20 points for a wrong one. The quiz saw rapid changes in scores of certain teams so much so that the team that was leading at the start ended up at the last position due to too many risks and the high penalty for wrong answers. A few questions went unanswered by all the teams and went on to the audience, some of who gave correct answers and won audience prizes. The intense quizzing battle ended in an intense tie between the two outstation teams representing CET, Bhubaneswar and IGIT Sarang. IGIT Sarang was quick to buzz the tie-break question but unfortunately answered it wrongly, making CET, Bhubaneswar the winners of Jnanagni 2019. The home team from NITR comprising of Chinmay Mohanty and Dibya Prakash Mohanty finished as the second-runners up, falling short of a mere 10 points in the end.

Podium finishers

Winners: Ankit Mishra and Prateek Mishra (CET Bhubaneswar)

1st Runners-Up: Manish Mishra and Siddharth Sankar Rout (IGIT Sarang)

2nd Runners-Up: Chinmay Mohanty and Dibya Prakash Mohanty (NIT Rourkela)

The winners CET Bhubaneswar, First Runners-Up IGIT Sarang and Second-Runners-Up from NITR were awarded with mementoes and cash prizes of Rs 5000, Rs. 3000 and Rs. 2000 respectively. The prizes were given away by the Director of NIT Rourkela, Dr. Animesh Biswas and NITRAA officials at the Engineers’ Day celebration held at the Indo-German Club, Sector-2.

Chinmay Mohanty, President (Inquizzitive Club) was pleased with this year’s Jnanagni and had the following to say:

Inquizzitive has been conducting Jnanagni with the support and guidance of NITRAA and the SAC since 2013. Every year the event had grown bigger, with teams from outside increasing.And Sampad Mishra Sir, with his impeccable QuizMaster skills has always made it even more exciting every time. We are thankful to all the outstation teams as well as teams of our college for showing interest in the event. None of this would have been possible without the invaluable contribution of NITRAA and the time-to-time support of SAC. We hope to continue organizing such events year after year, making it bigger and better every time.

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