An Intern From France: Armand Leger At Electronics And Communication Department

An Intern From France: Armand Leger At Electronics And Communication Department

Aditya Tripathi | Oct 14, 2019

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Staying true to the ideals of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, NIT Rourkela is proud to host a special guest from France, Armand Leger. Under the able guidance of Prof. S.K. Behera, Electronics and Communication Department, Armand is here for a research internship in the field of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). A final year MS student in the field of RFID, Armand also works for BIOLOG-ID, a leader in sensitive health product security technology via RFID. This internship is not only an opportunity for him to explore his area of interest but it is also an encouraging step for the research scenario as a whole in this institute as this opens up the path for more such collaborations with different institutes globally.

Armand Leger

The application procedure

Prof. Sahbi Baccar of the CESI Engineering school, France contacted Prof. S.K. Behera through an email for this internship. An online meeting through Skype was arranged and a formal procedure for the collaboration was initiated. Prof. S.K. Behera discussed with the Director, Registrar and the Dean Academics, and it was decided that an MoU must be signed between the two institutions for further such collaborations (the MoU is currently pending with the Board of Governors).

As the earlier agreement was pending, another agreement was sent so that on and above the MoU the internship for Armand could be approved. An agreement was signed between the company (BIOLOG-ID) and the institute and the invitation letter was sent. Armand joined the institute on 14th August and is availing category B facility Guesthouse.

The plan of action

Currently, Armand is working on RFID readers and tags. He has already designed an RFID reader and it has been sent for fabrication. Meanwhile, he has also completed the design of an RFID tag and shortly it will be sent for fabrication. Once that is done, he will compare all the findings and formulate the final results which will be sent for publication in a reputed SCI journal. Armand will be leaving the institute in the first week of November.

Speaking about the benefits of this internship, Prof. S.K. Behera said:

It will be an international collaborative program so within 3 months we are expecting to publish at least two papers and he can do more once he goes back to his country after getting the background knowledge and research facilities from our institute. Again in his group people will become more informed in this field, as a result, more people will work progressively in this area and the research scenario as a whole will grow.

Armand in front of his desk

In front of his desk in the Microwave and Antenna Design Laboratory, Team MM caught up with Armand Leger. Here is an excerpt from the interview-

MM: Give our readers a brief introduction to this internship.

Armand: I was looking for an internship abroad to validate my diploma, my professor from my engineering school knew Prof. S.K. Behera and after an exchange of emails I have come here for this research internship. This laboratory has a greater scope for me to design antennas and learn more about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). In the beginning, it was difficult because I had no idea about the lifestyle and culture of this place but having spent more than a month here, I'm much more comfortable now mainly because of the supportive people that I’ve been meeting all along my journey at this institute.

MM: How difficult was it to get this internship? Did you have any other options in mind?

Armand: Getting a foreign internship in India from France is very difficult if you don’t have contacts. I had an opportunity at another place but it was a very small one and it wasn’t in my area of interest (RFID). Here it perfectly matches my work area. My supervisor introduced me to Prof. S.K. Behera and after an interview via Skype, my application was accepted and I’ve come here.

MM: How is the infrastructure and environment for research back in France?

Armand: In France, the scenario is very different. For example- my school of engineering didn’t have an anechoic chamber but we work in collaboration with a laboratory hence it is organized very differently. Also, a Ph.D. degree in France is completed in 3 years, but here it can be more than 3 years. Equipment-wise, the scenario here is almost the same as that of the laboratories that we have in France.

MM: How different is the Professor Student relationship here as compared to France?

Armand: The Professor Student relation here is very interesting. The kind of personal link with the Professor that we have here is something that I saw for the first time, as a result of this personal bonding, it is very easy to discuss with the professor and take his advice on different aspects.

MM: How supportive are the fellow research mates who work with you in this lab?

Armand: I appreciate the positive gestures that I receive from my friends in this lab, especially the grand welcome which they organized for me when I came here. I was not familiar with some software that is used here but everyone was very supportive and they helped me a lot with my work and have been very caring.

MM: What is your opinion on the NITR campus?

Armand: The campus is great. There are restaurants, shops, and so many facilities that I feel that one can stay on the campus for a long time without any need of going outside. Moreover, the campus is very natural and it’s really enjoyable.

MM: What is your take on Indian food?

Armand: I'm very fond of bamboo mutton and Bali prawn. In the guest house, I normally take roti, dal and a mixed vegetable. I also go to night canteens sometimes with some of my friends.

MM: How satisfied are you with the opportunities that you have been getting here?

Armand: I'm 100% satisfied with the opportunities that I'm getting here and this is a very unique experience for me. The professor has given me the task of designing an antenna and an RFID tag. I aim at publishing one or two research papers before my stay comes to an end in November. My company is working in this area, so surely I will continue to work in this field after going back.

MM: What message would you like to give to our readers?

Armand: I am very happy for the warm welcome that I’ve got here. Everyone that I’ve met in this institute has been very caring and they enquire whether I like the food or not and whether I'm able to adjust or not, I would like to thank every student of NIT Rourkela for being so warm and welcoming.

Team MM wishes Armand all the best for all his future endeavors.

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