Hacking Our Way To Innovation: Hacktoberfest®

Hacking Our Way To Innovation: Hacktoberfest®

Akshat Sitani | Oct 14, 2019

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Concept Behind Hacktoberfest® Fest

Open-source software development is the process by which open-source software, or software whose source code is publicly available, is developed by an open-source software project. These are software products available with its source code under an open-source license to study, change, and improve its design. So, anybody with a licence can contribute to open-source software by adding a new feature or solving an issue in that software.

A Month For Open Source Developers- Hacktoberfest®

Hacktoberfest® is a month-long digital event organized by Git-Hub, DigitalOcean and Dev.to, who also incentivize software developers from all over the world by gifting t-shirts and other swag. At NITR, the Hacktoberfest® is facilitated by DSC- Developer Students Club and OpenCode- the open-source coding club of NIT Rourkela.

How to participate in Hacktoberfest®?

To win t-shirts and other goodies, you have to make at least four PRs (Pull Requests) from your registered Git-Hub account. If you are new to open-source development, adhere to the following steps:-

  1. Register on the Hacktoberfest® site with your Git-Hub account. (Create a new Git-Hub account if you don’t have one).
  2. Open your Git-Hub account and find the projects that are suitable for you and you think you can contribute to them. There are some featured projects with theHacktoberfest® tag but you can select any public project.
  3. Fork the project in your local repository and find the issue or add the feature that you want to be in the project.
  4. After you have made changes in your local repository, create a pull request from your Git-Hub account to the project that you made changes in.
  5. If they find your changes to be valid and useful, they will approve your pull request and the changes that you made will be applied in that project and that pull request will be counted.

Note: - Only your first four pull request will be counted as entries for the Hacktoberfest®.

What is the role of DSC-NITR and OpenCode in Hacktoberfest®?

Developer Students Club-NITR and OpenCode are facilitating Hacktoberfest® for enthusiasts in NITR. The members of DSC and OpenCode have informed the students about the event, how to participate in it and have curated same projects in the official Git-Hub account of DSC-NITR which need development and are approving valid pull requests from the students of NITR. They are also planning a meet-up regarding this event on the 20th of October to interact with students who are participating in the event. Some of the projects are mentioned in the pictures below.

Talking to Abel Mathew, lead of DSC-NITR and mentor of OpenCode about Open-Source and Hacktoberfest®: 

Monday MorningWhy is open-source important for the current coding culture of NITR?

Abel Mathew: We all are part of a community and thrive because of it. Open-source development is for sustainable growth of community and to give a platform for all enthusiasts to contribute.

MM: How doesHacktoberfest® encourage students and developers to enter the open-source community?

Abel Mathew: Hacktoberfest® is an international community event powered by Digital Ocean and DEV. This is a month-long event where the open-source contribution is incentivised by providing participants with goodies and recognition. 
This is a two-fold advantageous process. The project owners get contributions for projects and the participants get recognised. Both are happy.

Hacktoberfest® also promotes Community events where students within a locality come together. Primarily these events allow first-time contributors to learn and project owners to explain the project. It's a meet-up to promote open-source development within the community. Hacktoberfest® NIT Rourkela is the first event meet-up ever in the history of NIT Rourkela organised by us. 
As an organiser, we would be giving special goodies to those participants who contribute to our projects.

He also motivates new developers to contribute to open-source:

Be driven by your passion. Don't be driven by the goodies and the rewards. Your passion will reward you.

Other events of DSC and OpenCode:-

  • Explore Machine Learning Beginner Track: - This program is also a Google initiative for those who wish to learn Machine Learning from a practical, applied perspective that will enable them to use Machine Learning in their projects and get started with the basics of TensorFlow. This is a beginner track so those who are new to programming and Machine Learning can also attend this. This is facilitated by DSC-NITR and the instructor for this program is Shaswat Lenka.Hacktoberfest® is a great initiative by the open-source community to bring in more developers and programmers to the open-source development projects and garner innovation from different parts of the world. This also gives an exposure to budding developers to the projects that are being developed for the current technology and also gives them an idea of what is ‘the trend’ nowadays in the programming world. It is also a great initiative on the part of DSC-NITR and OpenCode to propagate such events among the students giving rise to the much needed open-source culture in the NITR campus.

Team Monday Morning wishes their best for all the upcoming events and programs of DSC-NITR and OpenCode.

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