Intern Diary: SURGE Internship Program

Intern Diary: SURGE Internship Program

Kunal Singh | Oct 21, 2019

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 In 2006, IIT Kanpur launched an undergraduate research initiative called SURGE to develop and promote a culture of research amongst its undergraduate students and students of other institutes in the country. It was designed in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA. The Students-Undergraduate Research and Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program offer an opportunity to undertake short-duration focused research projects under a senior mentor from academia or industry and push their intellectual abilities beyond those driven by the classroom.


The eligibility criteria for the program are mentioned below:

• B.Tech/BE/B-Arch/BS (3rd year completed),

• Five-year degree program (3rd year completed, 4th year completed)

• B.S/ B.A. (2nd year completed)

Research Areas

• Computer Science and Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Electronics Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Civil Engineering

• Chemical Engineering

• Aerospace Engineering

• Metallurgical and Materials Science Engineering

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Math


A fixed stipend will be given only to students working under the “Institute funding that is Funding from SURGE”, not for Project, self or Industry tie-up internship categories. An award plus a commendation certificate will be given to those SURGE students who produce exceptional quality research during the period.

There are four (4) types of funding:

1. Funding from SURGE (Institute funded): Students working under "Funding from SURGE” receive a stipend from IIT Kanpur of Rs.12,500/- for 08 weeks duration.

2. Funding from IITK Project (Project Funded): This will provide an opportunity for the students, to work on IIT Kanpur projects. The student stipend is to be paid by the Project Investigator.

3. Self-Funding: The students will fund their internship expenses.

4. Industry-IIT Kanpur tie-up: This will provide an opportunity to the students, as individuals or in teams, to work on real-world projects proposed by the industry with mentors from both IIT Kanpur and the industry. The student stipend is to be paid by the industry. In SURGE 2019 only IIT-K students can participate under Industry-IITK tie-up.

NOTE: From the 300 selected students, 60 students are selected under “Funding from SURGE” while the rest 240 students are selected under “Funding from Institute Project + Self-Funding + Industry-IIT Kanpur tie-up”.


The window for filling the online application form opens from 2nd week of January every year along with payment gateway. The candidates can visit the website for more details.


Interested students need to complete the online application form available at

The window for filling the online application form opens from 2nd week of January every year. The candidates can visit the website for more details.

The students should have the following items ready before filling the online application form.

1. Recent Passport size photograph in jpg format not more than 1MB.

2. A single file in PDF format not more than 3 MB containing

• Research Proposal, not more than 500 words.

• Current Transcript.

The candidates will have to pay an application fee of Rs. 100 for this SURGE IIT Kanpur internship. Besides, the shortlisted SURGE IIT Kanpur participants (those selected for this internship) coming under self-funding, IIT Kanpur project funding and IIT Kanpur industry tie-up categories for SURGE 2019 will have to pay the SURGE administrative charges (after they are selected) of Rs. 3000 for non-IIT Kanpur Indian students and Rs. 2000 for IIT Kanpur students.


Duration- 8 weeks starting from Mid-May

The number of selected students is a maximum of 300 under the SURGE extended program.

For information about SURGE program please visit the website:


Contact: +91-512-259 6491


Name- Niharika Dalbehera

Branch- Metallurgy and Materials Science, 4th year


Read along as Niharika Dalbehera shares her experience during SURGE Internship at IIT Kanpur

“While looking for internship opportunities, I personally mailed a few professors of various IITs. The professor (my guide) from IIT Kanpur, Dr Amarendra Kumar Singh asked me to apply through the portal of the SURGE program in the Industrial project section. Applications opened on 1st week of January and the deadline was around the second week of February. The results came around March 3rd week.

 I uploaded the necessary details and documents as was asked in the portal, which included, the Letter of Recommendation, Passport photo and scanned copy of the signature, Statement of Purpose, official transcript like grade card, Bonafide Certificate and CV. There was an application fee of around 3000 which included all the facilities we can avail on campus like the library, internet, etc. As my internship was already funded from the project of MHRD, the application fee was reimbursed. For my entire duration of the internship, I received 20,000 rupees.

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a reflection of why do you want to pursue your research internship in the specific institute and especially, in that particular domain. My SOP was mostly about my interest in the computational aspect of Process metallurgy, the past projects which I completed in that research domain and the additional courses which I pursued to achieve more knowledge in the realm of Computational Process metallurgy.

As I have already completed 2 of my projects in NIT Rourkela, I had a clear idea of what I want to do in my internship. I went through a lot of research papers, my curriculum and the profiles of eminent researchers in the Metallurgy field. This introduced me to the immense potential available in the research field of Metallurgy and Materials Science.

 My project was based on ‘Thermo-chemical modelling of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)’ in which I had to optimize the associated chemical reactions of EAF to enhance the energy efficiency, productivity, and yield of the EAF. My evaluation was usually done every week, where I had to present my work in front of the entire panel. In the SURGE program, the lecture series was a great initiative to enhance student-professor interaction. It also exposed us to the various current research fields which promoted inter-disciplinary culmination. Every week, a professor from each department gave a lecture on their research field and the goal was to interact with as many professors as possible. This internship lasted for two months. It was a great learning experience for me as I was exposed to new technology and application-based research. At the end of two months, we were supposed to write a project report based on our work and present a research poster on 9th -10th July. The certificate was given at the end of the program.

Overall, IIT Kanpur renders a good exposure for students who are inclined towards research as it encompasses a wide variety of research facilities and promoted inter-disciplinary research.”


Name- Anwesha Barik

Branch- Biomedical and Biotechnology, 4th year

“I was looking for internship opportunities when I had heard about the SURGE (Students Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence) program from my classmate and had gone through the website to apply it. I had applied the necessary details as was asked in the portal and then had to upload documents. Getting LORs(Letter of Recommendation) took more time as it depends on the faculty for them to submit and it is required to get that scanned with their stamp and signature. Initially, I did not have an idea of what all they meant about funding and when I got selected I got into self-funded. Later, at the end of the internship, this program had allowed receiving a stipend and I got switched to project funded from the professor’s project of around 8,800 per month.

 I was asked to upload a document on the research proposal, that is, what I wanted to work on. I described my research practice project that I was working on in my sixth semester for about 500 words. I was not aware of the research until I got allotted to a professor. You get to choose the field of interest but not the professor.  They allotted me to work under Dr Dibyendu Kumar Das. I looked upon his website and found that all his work was based on Viruses, imaging, and molecular biology. I eventually mailed him to get prior knowledge of what I was getting into.

I started my internship in May. The registration and orientation program was on 13 May. My work was on “Role of Hemagglutinin in Bat Influenza Virus Entry” under Dr Dibyendu Kumar Das from the Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering. I was informed about my task before the internship started, that I had to make constructs of pseudo-virus. He sent me research papers from which I had to study. Later from the papers I had to make a presentation and I presented the same in the meeting. We were taught the basics of microbiology and genetic engineering like bacterial culturing and transformation procedures and also learned new software to construct molecular structures etc. At the end of two months, we are supposed to write a project report based on our work and present a research poster on 9th -10th July.

Overall, IIT Kanpur was a good exposure for students who are inclined to do research and one should gain experience what it feels like to live in IIT, from the big campus to the infrastructure and various opportunities for sports. The department where I worked was helpful and co-operative and I am thankful for the faculty who have guided me throughout the program.”

Team Monday Morning congratulates the interns for their future aspirations.

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