Dhwani: Playing The Chords Of Tradition

Dhwani: Playing The Chords Of Tradition

Tanaya Sahoo | Oct 28, 2019

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Indian classical music has been and will always be the expression of soulful melody, delicately intertwining with the intricacies of soor and taal. An amalgamation of the north’s Hindustani and south’s Carnatic, Indian classical music has been evolving to keep with times of modernisation. Now imagine that journey from the 16th century to the 21st century. What would have kept that pyre of passion burning? Seeking answers Monday Morning found itself at the threshold of Dhwani- An Indian classical musical night organised and executed by Heartbeats on a damp evening of 24th October.

The occasion was graced by Dean Student Welfare, Prof. S.K Patel, Prof. Seemita Mohanty (President, SAC) and the VPS of the societies. The soulful night aroused to a lighting of the lamp (Deepam Jyoti) followed by a thematic outpouring of melodies for the inception namely Shuklam and Saraswati Namastubhyam. The latter in particularly sought benedictions from the goddess Saraswati who, legend has, is the patron of classical music and arts in Hinduism.

An orchestra of performances by members of Heartbeats followed. Sushreema began with an Odissi Raaga (old found genre from eastern Odisha) followed by Swagat’s Raag Bhupali. Manasa’s Marugelara and Aishwarya’s Raag Miya ki malhaar were in particular fixed tribute to nature’s beauty. While NIT Rourkela witnessed a downpour, Bhubaneswar Behera Auditorium woke up to the praises of torrential rain by Aishwarya thereafter which kuhu kuhu by Akasmika and Swastik reminded everyone about those sublimes of nature’s feathered creatures.

Ayush and Anshuman took over for Raag baageshree; a rendezvous with the violin. The latter half of the show saw, Manasa with her Brochevaru, Swapnil’s Raag Yaman and Sushreema’s Aare babu. Dipti’s Albela Sajan and a Qawalli finally drew the curtains over the show.

As the musical night came to a beguiling end, Abhijeet Kumar, coordinator of Heartbeats said,

Dhwani has a special place in our hearts cause this is one of the first of its kind. Since its inception last year, we've always wanted to make sure it will be the best that this Institute has seen. And this year has been no different. We've enjoyed ourselves to the maximum and we hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as well. Hard work and dedication. This has always been the HeartBeats way. The team had spent hours practising late into the night and had always been on a time constraint but they never complained about anything cause it's something they absolutely love doing. We always love having a variety in our performances and select songs accordingly and I believe that we've outdone ourselves yet again in that matter. The selection of raags, tails and everything else has been carefully done to ensure that there's something for everyone.

Team MM wishes the team of Heartbeats a glorious musical journey ahead!


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