From The Accounts Of Animesh Samantray This Innovision: Google Crowdsourcing On Rise

From The Accounts Of Animesh Samantray This Innovision: Google Crowdsourcing On Rise

Tanaya Sahoo Ajita Shri | Nov 03, 2019

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Animesh Samantaray, a computer science student of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar has climbed the ladder of success and perseverance to become the point of contact of Google Crowdsource for Odisha region.

Back in 2017, this nonchalant chap who seeks singing and music, like so many of us entered the portals of engineering and developed an aptitude for Machine Learning and Crowdsourcing soon picked got picked up by Google for an enthusiastic project.

Animesh visited NIT Rourkela on Innovision'19 to address a gathering on Crowdsourcing and the advent of AI on 3rd November. Team MM later caught up with this young bright mind for a candid interview. Excerpts:

MM: Tell us something about your early life.

AS: I was never into engineering. I was interested in singing and wanted to become a playback singer. I am still pursuing that. It happened back in class 2 or 3 when I started singing, my fathers suggested me to go for it. So, I thought if I pursue singing, I won't be able to become an engineer. After 10th I became serious about engineering. My childhood was quite normal, I was not very bright students, after starting engineering something pleasant is happening.

MM: What inspired you to work specifically in Google Crowdsource?

AS: Machine Learning inspired me for Google Crowdsource. I am very fond of ML. In my second year (2018), I took a crash course on ML and made projects on it. I sent those projects to Google under summer code school. They appreciated the projects and appointed me as the ML’s point of contact in Orissa.

MM: What do you think is the philosophy behind a good response to a project?

AS: I think that for a good response the first thing needed is a team. If you are working in a team of 5-6 people then you can reach out to a large number of people. With a strong team, the objectives will be a lot clearer towards the crowd. Thus, the team and your knowledge towards that particular area are responsible for a good response.

MM: According to you, what are the challenges that we face today related to mobilising this sort of courses such as ML towards the youth of our country?

AS: ML has its aspects. If the machine starts thinking like humans, then our efforts come to zero. After some years, ML will develop more efficiently, bringing the human efforts to nil. Thus, a machine should think like humans but not operate as one. People should understand these dangers and work accordingly.

MM: Tell us about your projects.

AS: I have worked on three projects with Google. My second project was AI based on the parking system which we are planning to give to Esplanade Mall in Bhubaneshwar. The project has been approved and we are working on its final ending. If it is done, it will be a great achievement for me. I have three projects from which the first and third have been approved in my college’s SAP activity portal.

MM: Is Funding a problem or any other economic problem related to the project? Are these economic problems prevalent only in India?

AS: If you are presenting a company with your model, you should get back the returns because you have been working on it and building an ML model is expensive. ML is new thus it will face some problems. ML is under developing in India but in other countries such as the UAE and America, they have implemented ML everywhere. Thus, India requires more passionate people that can understand this.

MM: Do you face any market challenges regarding this?

AS: Yes, we face market challenges as people are not getting incentives or returns for their models. This field is developing thus, we need to establish trust with the company you are providing with. The issue needs to be solved and it is basically about the price. The technology is very new and people will easily accept it.

MM: At present, India is Google’s one of the biggest markets, what is the incentive that Google provides to people to make this ML more accessible to people? Are they keen on investing?

AS: Google is trying its best to bring more people under the platform conducting numerous workshops in various colleges. Every day, not only from Google Crowdsource but also from Google ML, we are having workshops to make people know about ML. Google is investing a lot, the points of contacts, the Developers leads etc. Google is working on it. Every month we are trying to have almost two-three conversations from experts from Google. We are trying to make it clear for people. As a company and a business, Google is interested in ML nowadays, because the Google Search Engine and other applications are working on ML. Thus, people should know about ML and AI and it makes your life easy. The efforts from Google are up to the mark.

MM: We being students, who are looking forward to innovation and ideas, what key points according to you we should keep in minds while venturing into such fields of AI, ML or working with Google?

AS: First thing is those who are training a model or making an AI or ML requires huge data sets, which are unavailable in our country. The more data sets you find, the more accuracy you get. The data set due to geographical squeakiness of data is less. So, the people who are working in on projects in these fields should try to achieve more data set for their algorithm. ML is very easy if you go into the basics, the people will enjoy making models or working on it. The people who are starting ML should not consider it too difficult. ML is training your algorithm by explicitly programming it. It is very much into development. Thus, I am visiting colleges and making students aware of it so that they can give it a chance.

MM: How has been your stay during Innovision? How was your interaction with NIT Rourkela students?

AS: I am a student at KIT University, Bhubaneshwar and I would like to say this is the loveliest campus I have seen. I have been attending Innovision from past three years. I try visiting it twice in 6 months especially during fests including Nitrutsava. The hospitality and management are very good. From picking me up from the station to attending me throughout the stay, everything feels awesome.

MM: What are your plans regarding your future?

AS: I am focusing on creating more projects on ML. Since Google has appointed me to develop ML thus, I am very much interested in doing something in that field. Nothing is fixed right now.

MM: What would be your message for our readers?

AS: Students are doing a great job because organizing such an event is a big deal. Since the students belong to NIT, I assume they have that calibre. At last, I would just tell them to enjoy their college life.

Team MM wishes Animesh good luck on his journey ahead!


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