Get the Ball Rolling : The Pre-Fest Analysis of Vriddhi'19

Get the Ball Rolling : The Pre-Fest Analysis of Vriddhi'19

Saumya Sinha Magna Mishra | Nov 04, 2019

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Fests leave you with a hangover, a feeling of frenzy and euphoria and the dreaded feeling of getting back to classes. If the “pheels” of Innovision are still haunting you, no worries, we got your back! This week we bring you a detailed pre-fest analysis of Vriddhi- the annual sports fest of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. Hop on to our bandwagon as we take you on a journey pumped with adrenaline. 

 A bit of backstory

Vriddhi is the annual sports fest of NIT Rourkela, which is hosted every year by our home institution usually in the second week of January. In 2018, the fest had a resurrection of sorts after being out of the picture for 4 years. This year, a new change was incorporated into the fest and it was decided to schedule the fest from 8th to 10th of November 2019.  As per the traditional rules of the first and second editions of Vriddhi, only Government-run or Government-sponsored institutes will be allowed to participate in the fest. However, to increase footfall and encourage participation invites were also sent out to private engineering colleges this year. Vriddhi is not to be confused with Inter NIT sports meet which is a sports-meet exclusive amongst the NITs.

 What’s cooking this year         

Registrations began from the 20th of October. As per 1st November 2019, the following institutes had already registered for the fest. 


The teams will go head to head in 6 games namely cricket, badminton, kabaddi, volleyball, football and basketball. Here is a list of the teams that would be representating our institute along with their respective captains. 

CricketSukumar Dehuri
FootballPrashant Sharma
VolleyballG. Pavankalyan Nayak
KabaddiMohammed Hasim
BasketballHritik Kumar Murmu
BadmintonAshish Kumar

Other than cricket, the rest of the sports are allowed up to 8 teams each while cricket has been limited to six. The fest is being headed by Samarth Mohanty (convener), Gummadi Goverdhan (convener) and Supreet Mohanty (Dean’s Nominee). While in conversation with Monday Morning, Gummadi Goverdhan clarified their decision to limit the teams to eight each. He said

It gets difficult to manage so many teams and students. So we decided to restrict the number of teams. This way management and participation will be better. 

In addition to the sporting events, musical night and some interactive events have also been planned. 

The allocated budget is 8 lakhs, same as the previous editions. 

While the exact budget allocation could not be made public due to unsatisfactory answers, about 1/8th of it has been spared for food and 1/5th of it is to be spent on accommodation. 

The team for the fest consists of volunteers, managers, co-ordinators along with the convenors and the Dean’s nominee. For each event, there is a manager with about 8 volunteers. Speaking about the volunteering, Samarth Mohanty says

As a convener, I feel that Vriddhi as a fest has not been given much importance. It is new and has a lot of potential.

Gummadi Goverdhan further added

Most student are interested in technical fests. We generally get a lot of support from people who are interested in sports. 

He further added

Being a part of an engineering college, most of the students are attracted to the technical and the cultural fest and eventually love to be a part of their teams which leaves Vriddhi with a very small number of volunteers. Also being a part of the Vriddhi team requires the volunteers to work the whole day which again reduces their interest and ultimately leaves us with a very short number.

Speaking on the same issue, Supreet Mohanty says

Our dependancy on volunteers is limited. We ask team captains of our institute for help. All the management work is done by us and the core team members. We have alloted separate volunteers for the morning and night events.

Addressing the conundrums of the past

It doesn’t matter how well planned a fest is, things are almost always destined to go wrong. The past editions of Vriddhi were easy prey to mishappenings. In an upfront conversation with the convenors and the Dean’s Nominee, here are some of the answers that we could find to the plaguing questions of the past 

MM: One of the reasons for the teams backing out last year were the exams. This time too exams are round the corner. How are you going to ensure participation?

Convenors: The only solution to this major problem that the fest faced last year is to allow private colleges too to participate in the fest. Until last year only the government colleges were allowed to partake in Vriddhi but for this time we had taken permission to let the private ones too come and compete with them and hence expand the overall scope of participation.

MM: Many women’s sports got cancelled due to a lack of participation. Do you think you can overcome that this year?

Convenors: In our college, women’s participation is encouraged in almost every field but this is not the scenario of every college here in Odisha. Every game has minimum participation criteria. Since very few colleges bring their women teams the game gets cancelled automatically which is completely not in our hands.

MM: Lack of support from SAC and Estate Office Officials had always been a problem in the earlier edition. What about this time?

Convenors: We have had good communication with the SAC Officials since the beginning but naturally, there are some places where we do not agree with them or vice versa but it has never happened that they had denied us to do something we want to do in our way. So that is absolutely not a major issue till now.

MM: In spite of having a WhatsApp group which was meant for smooth communications between the Convenors and the Team Captains, many complaints of miscommunication came out. How are you planning to resolve this issue this time?

Convenors: From the beginning itself, we had arranged several meetings with the team captains where they had put their proposals. These meetings have made our tasks easy as now we know that the fest lacked in its previous editions and what work we need to do to make this edition a huge success.

MM: There were no cash prizes in the previous 2 editions. What about this edition?

Dean’s Nominee: We are trying to arrange cash prizes for the winning teams through the sponsorships but it is still not confirmed as sponsorship is the only source of money generation for the cash prizes. If the target is not reached, we will not be able to provide it yet again.

MM: Major glitches were observed in DTS in terms of lighting and watering facilities. What is your take on that matter?

Conveners: We remember that and we went to the Estate Office in August itself to have them on point this year. Also for the grass and its maintenance for the sports, it has been already decided that after Innovision we would have at least 2 days for that work. 

Last year 3 tankers were requested but only 2 were provided so we talked to the VPs about this problem who have assured us that they will look after this issue and provide us 3 tankers.

MM:  Do you feel that scheduling Vriddhi right after Innovision denied you with a lot of more things you could have done if it were held later on?

Conveners: Yes, it had but we cannot even have any other dates. We have to keep it in this semester itself as the next semester we will have Inter-NIT and before Innovision, we had SPARDHA where most of our teams participate. So, this is the most suitable time to organize Vriddhi.

MM: Complaints about poor equipment quality were plenty. How will you deal with it? 

Convenors:  First of all, we went on to check the existing equipment if they are in a working condition or not. We found out that many of the lights in P.T. Usha, D.T.S. were not working. So, we went personally to the Estate Office to get them changed.

MM: The referees and their methods faced a bit of flack too. What decision have you taken in that regard?

Convenors: We generally take national-level referees who have a lot of experience and this time we have also thought of conducting a Workshop where they will be selected by the SAS officers.

Final Thoughts

We reached out to Armandev Puhan, the Games and Sports Secretary. He says

We put out the information regarding the dates and registration for Vriddhi 3.0 well ahead of time. So far, the number of responses look good. We are expecting around 600+ students with about 8 teams each. We hoping for the best. 

Sukumar Dehuri, the captain of the institute’s cricket team also shared his thoughts 

The number of teams participating this year is lesser than the previous edition since many colleges which are under the Odisha government have their exams from 13th of November. The convenvors have done their work properly and we have gathered as many teams as we could. 

Prashant Sharma, who heads the football team also weighed in on his opinions. Here is what he said

Strictly speaking about football, I think its the players who are trying to pull this off. Their dedication is making all the difference. Even during Innovision, they were very regular with their early morning practice sessions. After Innovision, the field looked like a garbage dump and we had to clean it manually. No one seemed to care about it. 

He also gave his opinions on the administration. 

The convenors have been very supportive and they listen to what we have to say. The administrative end has been a tad problematic. They want more students to participate in extra-curricular activities, so, we have been asked to include a Team B as well. That makes it difficult for our students to cope up. With just four more days at hand, I am unsure whether we would be able to put in the B team.

We also reached out to G.Pavankalyan Nayak, the captain of the institute's volleyball team. Here are his views on Vriddhi

Convenors are working very hard to make the sports fest successful but they are not getting enough freedom to do the work as they are expected to abide by some rules, such as the number of participating teams. So, for any game not more than 8 teams are allowed including us. But with just 8 teams, it doesn't feel like a fest. More the number of teams participating in the fest, more is the popularity of the fest. 

On being asked about the preparations, he said

Our team is practicing very hard and is very enthusiastic. We expect more teams from outside so that we can play with more number of teams which will get us more experience and it will useful for Inter NIT since we are having Inter NIT Volleyball in our institute this year. No proper grounds are available for any game. A proper ground for every game should be set up and then we can expect our fest to be a successful one without any doubt.

Riding through a number of problems while organizing a fest of such stature is quite common but to reach the finish line with full esteem and admiration is what matters at the end. The team is positive and sanguine about the fest and with this spirit in their heart is all set to organize a yet another edition of Vriddhi.

Team Monday Morning wishes all the organizers and participants the best for Vriddhi 2019 and hopes that all the events are carried out in a hassle-free manner.

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