Rolling The Bands: Pro-shows Set The Tone Of Innovision’19

Rolling The Bands: Pro-shows Set The Tone Of Innovision’19

Tanaya Sahoo | Nov 04, 2019

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The inaugural day of Innovision’19 saw an evening power-packed with two most anticipated Pro-shows, Euphony and Trancenation 5.0 by Drill n Bass, the two official musical bands of NIT Rourkela.

The shows commenced at Dilip Tirkey Stadium at 7 pm soon after the inauguration ceremony on a mild winter evening of 1st November. What helped the large footfall was an enthusiastic NIT Rourkela crowd and a record-breaking registration for Innovision’2019. Pro-shows undoubtedly remains one of the major highlights of the largest annual tech-management fest of east India at NIT Rourkela. To set the tone of the fest in motion, the amassed junta looks forward to a thrilling evening at the end of a chain of events of the day.

The pro-shows opened with a band performance by Euphony on a series of genres of rock and pop. Among the crowd were the Dean Student Welfare, Prof. Saroj Kumar Patel, President, SAC, Prof. Seemita Mohanty and the Vice-Presidents of the Societies. The performers from Euphony were: -

1. C. Lalnunchama

2. Chris James

3. Anubhav Sharma

4. Pratyush Kumar Nayak

5. Subhneet Bara

6. Adarsh Vasa

7. Sayantan Samui

8. Swagat Kumar Sha

9. Abishek Abraham

10. Soumesh Kumar Khatri

11. Abhijeet Kumar

A series of 15 songs followed. The crowd spirits seem to be a roller-coaster through the performances. A glad president of Euphony, C. Lalnunchama stated,

The crowds were enjoying as usual and we also use props and fireworks for the success of the show. We had only 15 days for preparation and 15 songs were chosen to perform which crowds would enjoy and I appreciated all the hard works and efforts that each individual member put for this show. And last but not least, We are very thankful to SAC officials and Innovision Team for supporting us and helping us for the success of the show. We hired videographers from Rourkela and we can expect an after movie of the show.

He further adds what it took to make a performance for a pro-show that hyped.

There were miscommunications between innovision team and the workers and the stage was ready by only 4:30 pm and we had 2 hours for sound fitting and testing and show was delayed for 45 mins despite the fact that we had been there in DTS from 10 am.

Thereafter, Drill n Bass’s Trancenation 5.0 followed. The performance commenced at 8:50 PM (slated at 8 PM) caused by the delay from Euphony’s wrapping up. The DJs were a whopping six, namely, Arnav, Baburam, Ishaan Wassan, Amrit, Ajinkya, Chris and the vocalists included: -

  1. Rasika Nawarathne
  2. Mohammed Hilal
  3. Abhilash Bhattacharjee
  4. Shimul Debnath
  5. Aiswarya Nanda
  6. Aditi Panda
  7. Manaswinee Karan
  8. Smruti Sitikanta
  9. Abhilipsa Behera

However, the performance had to be wrapped up early on abruptly at 10 PM following a crunch in time that left out a major section of the band’s performance of 37 songs. Nonetheless, the band members who had poured in day and night to prepare sets and worked out transitions and graphics managed to let the crowd into ecstasy.

We enjoyed the show and loved it right back. It feels refreshing to be in concerts like these, something we do not get to see in our colleges. I haven’t been to Innovision before and considering this my first time here we enjoyed a lot.

-Shreya Saloni (Silicon Institute Of Technology, Bhubaneswar)

Team MM and the enthusiastic NIT Rourkela junta would wait for even bigger and thrilling performances from the bands for times and fests to come ahead!

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