Innovision’19’s Cryptic Saga: A Game Of Conundrums

Innovision’19’s Cryptic Saga: A Game Of Conundrums

Tanaya Sahoo Gokulakannan | Nov 04, 2019

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Innovision 2019 saw a whopping registration of one of a kind this year. The team undoubtedly had pumped in a number of fun events and games in dedicated slots through the Innovision weekend. The second and third day of Innovision’19 in this regard didn’t miss out on laying meshes for visitors and NIT Rourkela Junta alike. Among those were perplexing treasure hunts, challenging mazes and testing aptitude on the run. Team Monday Morning thoroughly went through around these mazes and didn’t get lost to bring you the thrill of the same.

Omega 4.0

Axiom club’s Omega 4.0 turned up to be a huge success this Innovision. The event had 153 participants teaming up in a group of 2 or 3. The event started sharply at 8:45 am, participants were being called at LA 317. It was coordinated by Omm and Bikash and managed by the VP of the club, Roshan Senapathi. The event consisted of 2 rounds- the first round being an aptitude test involving 20 questions and the second round being a treasure hunt. The aptitude test consisted of basic mathematics and logical questions with a time duration of 30 mins. Among the 56 teams, the top 10 teams who aced the test we selected for the upcoming round. The second round was a treasure hunt, where the participants were asked to collect flags from 6 checkpoints and return to LA 317. The first to reach the venue was declared the winner. Sawant Kumar Sahoo, Sravya Anupoja and Pratyush Swain were declared Winners and I. Gowthan Chandra, Tanmaya Panduri and P. Kusal were the runners up. The event went very smoothly with active coordination among the team members as well as the participants.

Prateek from VSSUT Burla comments,

It was a very nice and interactive event. We were busy throughout the event and enjoyed a lot.

Maze hunt 3.0

Genesys comes up again with its Maze hunt 3.0. The event brimmed up with 982 participants actively participating in it. This fun event was coordinated by Sandeep Kumar and Soumyaranjan Naik,  comprised of a maze built in LA Parking lot for three days. The participants had to team up and travel through the maze collecting checkpoints at various destinations. The checkpoints had various general questions to gain points. The participants had to answer all the questions to exit the maze. The team which reaches the exit at the least duration was declared the winners. Rahul and Wardhan Arora were the winners and Bhavyan Sahayata and Janmayay, the runners up. The participants seemed excited and actively participated in the event too. The fun event was well managed by the Genesys members.
Sandeep the coordinator of the event comments,

I feel that the event went quite well. We managed to get over 1000 participants, and the feedback from them about the maze was also very positive. While we would ideally have loved it if all our requirements were provided, like the sound system and stuff, we didn't let it effect the participants too much. Like, we made sure that our students were shouting throughout the day. On the first day, we closed our registrations earlier so that students can attend the BBA lecture as requested by institute administration. We had also started the event late on the first day by nearly an hour because the maze was not ready up to our standards the previous night. We had to call the carpenter again to make sure it was safe and comfortable for the participants. So hopefully next year, we can come back stronger!

Space Hunt

Steellun club of NIT Rourkela came up with a 2-round treasure hunt event where participants in groups of maximum 4 had to hunt down clues from a set of 4 questions to reach the final destination. This involved scanning QR codes and solve the riddle therein to find locations that had further clues. The maximum time for the completion of the tasks was set at 40 mins. The team that reached the final destination was considered successful.

The first half of the event scheduled at 10 AM in the academic block saw a delay of nearly an hour in the absence of volunteers. Coordinators, Raj Manik and Ashutosh Shivare were seen amassing the crowd along with members of Steellun club. The two rounds saw over 100 participants registering and running around the academic area for clues.

This game really feels good to play. This is adventurous and fun at the same time and quite challenging indeed considering such a large campus to traverse for clues.

Aditya Patra from VSSUT, Burla, a participant at the event stated.

Around the campus in 60 minutes

One of the most fun among the treasure hunts and crypto events was Around the campus in 60 minutes.  The event saw participants in groups of 2 or 3 roll a dice and pick up the chit numbered with the dice’s number. Participants had to solve riddles on the chit and find the related place on the campus. Once the destination is reached, the participants had to take a selfie in the area and report to the desk within 60 minutes. (Say cheese!).

The event began at 2 PM and registered 29 groups in total.

While Maze Hunt lasted for both the days of the weekend, Omega was slated on 2nd November and Space Hunt and Around the campus in 60 mins was held on 3rd November. The response from the participants was satisfactory to the extent that most of them were either left perplexed or elated, at times both. However, ultimately a number of them finishing the tasks were gladdened with their results. Delay glitches aside, almost all the events were short of volunteers.

Team MM awaits more such events for Innovision’20 from now on!

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