Showcasing Talent and Glory: Exhibitions at Innovision 2019

Showcasing Talent and Glory: Exhibitions at Innovision 2019

Debabrata Malik Naman Agrawal | Nov 04, 2019

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Innovision 2019 had its share of exhibitions which had phenomenal turnout. They pulled in huge crowds and showcased the talent of the students of NIT Rourkela. Lets take a look at the major exhibitions which were a part of Innovision 2019:

Srijan 5.0

Srijan 5.0 was a perfect blend of architecture, crafts and creativity. Drawing huge crowds, especially in the evenings, the exhibition was real treat for the eyes. The exhibition welcome visitors with SRIJAN written using thread art. This was followed by a bamboo tunnelled entrance decorated with fairy lights. It also had beautifully designed lamps and bottles which were lit. The next exhibit was a battleground model which was followed by a house origami. The next exhibit which was made using more than 400 waste plastic bottles, had a deep meaning. Its underlying concept was that ‘Art isn’t always pretty’. Next was a photo-booth which was received quite well by visitors. After that were works of glass art and a wire framework covered by fairy lights. An origami model rocket and the three dancing men were other hits in the exhibition. Art works made the exhibition even better. A glass etching that depicted a city scape and a hanging paper art whose shadow depicted a man were among the most unique exhibits. At the end was a space city futuristic model. People were welcomed to write feedback on a board near the exit. All in all, Srijan 5.0 had some really unique works and had a very high footfall during the two days.

While talking of inconsistencies in Innovision, Amartya Chandran, a coordinator of Srijan said:

The budget has been reduced this year. Due to this a lot of us had to invest our own money in our works. Almost everything which you saw at Srijan was made just a week back due to the funds and requirements reaching us late.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Exhibition

The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle by Team Tiburon was on display at the AUV Exhibition at the Swimming Pool. Its demonstration was not possible due to some technical difficulties. Team Tiburon had put on display not only its latest award-winning AUV but also its previous submersibles on display. The latest AUV, christened ‘Hammerhead’ has been tested to sustain a depth of 2. Team Tiburon had emerged the runners-up at SAUVC Singapore last year. Also the AUV had won Tiburon the 1st place along with IIT Bombay at SAVe Chennai. Earlier this year, Team Tiburon could not qualify at the SAUVC Singapore because of some technical problems. The AUV also won Tiburon the 30th place amongs the world’s best 59 AUVs at the RoboSub at San Diego, USA of which all expenses were borne by NIOT (National Institute of Ocean Technology).

Little Science Yard

An exhibition focusing on kids around in rourkela to nurture the hidden interest and talent for the field of science. Procuring a little knowledge, students entered the exhibitions with a great amount of enthusiasm, brotherhood, and competitiveness.Breakfast was given to the students before the exhibition and the exhibition started at 10 am.The participating students involved the students from the aasra workplace. The students were given a pure idea about the concept of the theme for the inno 19. Thus the students came up with new and innovative projects which increased the interest of the onlookers in the exhibition. Some projects were:

  1. Solar System

  2. Solar Eclipse 

  3. Phases of Moon

  4. Water Turbine

  5. Rocket design

Due to the hurry among the students, as they were having an exam on Monday, the prize distribution ceremony was postponed. The number of students participation this year was unexpected and thus the shortage of space among the 5 stalls prevailed.But the completion of the event took place without any major stoppage or problems.

Radiance 3.0

Radiance 3.0, an art and craft exhibition was organised by the Akriti Club of NIT Rourkela at the RM Hall. The exhibition started at 6 pm. Radiance 3.0 offered visitors a unique opportunity to experience the very best of emerging contemporary art and design practice. The paintings and crafts by nearly 30 artists span different genres and styles - ranging from realism to modern art. To start with, Dream Catchers made by wool vie for attention under the same roof , then the pencil and coloured sketches depicting asian culture was on display. Moving on, the Avengers paintings set up the tone of the exhibition. They looked like they were printed but actually they were black sketches. Then came the three pencil sketches depicting Geory Gaze, Puss in boots and One True King,  by Tarun Jose which took the major attention of the visitors and were such that a quick look at these would make one feel as though it communicates varied feelings to the onlooker. Next was sketches by Satyajeet Behera who aims to capture seven deadly sins - Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Greed and Sloth through his powerful vision. The fine art by Ashish Patel was a part of the collection of paintings and drawings by Akriti on display at the exhibition. "The painting is meant to signify how buddha got enlightenment under a bodhi tree highlighting five major parts of life - fire, air, water, sky and soil" says Ashish. Another work from the series was Pattachitra, Odisha's traditional art. The last section of the exhibition was the craft section wherein they put Clay Painting, string art ( depicting buddha on top of a lotus) , tree made up of Aluminium wires decorated with lights, Panda made from chart paper holding bamboo and at the end, a craft work unifying the diversity of Indian Culture. The Art fanatics enjoyed their whole lot of time and each and every part of the exhibition gave them a lovable and fond memory.

Ashish Patel, the President of Akriti said

The cooperation from SAC has been better but they were many issues regarding requirements like most of the materials in very last week and many things were arranged from the club budget which is really unfortunate. We are pleased to have so much of people appreciating our work. Each and every member of the club has contributed a lot to the exhibition to make it a grand success.

Shiny Lohani, the Vice President quoted

We divided people in the groups and had started looking for ideas that could be catchy and could give exhibition a grand look. We started the work quite earlier and a lot of time was spend on it.  We were really anxious before two days of the exhibition but it eventually turned out to be a great show. It was only possible due to the coordination and cooperation of each and every member of the club. We were very amazed to see such a large amount of people paying a visit to the exhibition and praising our work. 


The Design Tab Club of NIT Rourkela conducted Iridescence at the RM Hall. It started at 6pm on the second day of INNOVISION'19 and ended on the third day night. The exhibition explored the journey through space and time. It took the visitors on an enthralling journey. Starting with the space machine, visitors land on a planet of ancient time. A set of pictures and posters was there to define every aspect of that planet. At the start, Typography as a means of communication was illustrated and the pictures also gave a look of the typefaces from that time. As the human species evolved, so to make their lifestyle easier they started making products like chairs, weapons and transport. The pictures depicted the development of these products. Thereafter, the influence of fashion was portrayed, how the trend of Vintage clothing exploded. Next was the art depiction that how cave paintings, tribal arts and various other crafts came into existence. At last, how the entertainment was taken care off, by creating cinematic wonders and games was rendered.rendered 

The visitors had taken a long jump in time of 1500 years and had landed on a new planet with huge advancements and changes. The design of typefaces has evolved and typography has also evolved significantly from its origins and the pictures rendered the evolvement. There are more advancements in the products, people live a more comfortable life. Flying cars, nutrients trackers were some of the advancements that were displayed. Fashion brands have been developed, cinema has taken a big stride and the game are upgraded to a digital level. That brought an end to the story of two planets.

Then came the VR and AR section, a shooting VR game was developed that had 3 rounds. Ar game was a puzzle type of game. When a person scans the dt logo, it produces a 3D model of the game on the phone and one can play it easily. The ecommerce technology was also highlighted in the exhibition. The exhibition was a blend of both creativity and technology and it got huge response from the crowd which made it a successful event.

Zakiya Ali, a visitor had this to say

The games was real fun. Liked the concept of the exhibition and its unique how they potrayed the two sides of a planet.

Dharmesh Nayak, the President of Design Tab quoted:

From planning to execution, it took an over a month. A lot of time, there were bucks in VR game which created roblems. The lights were not provided on time which delayed the event. The SAC and Innovision team were cooperative but they should have provided the requirements earlier. Overall, it feels good to see a lot of people appreciating it. 

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