The Cornerstones of Innovision'19: Flagship Events

The Cornerstones of Innovision'19: Flagship Events

Aradhana Gupta Saumya Sinha | Nov 04, 2019

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NIT Rourkela has always been on its peak when it comes to the all-round development of its students, from ingraining knowledge to sports, it conducts various events justifying this. The most remarkable one is its techno-management fest, INNOVISION. The most striking aspect of Innovision was the evident increase in participation. Witnessing a plethora of technical events, the one that brought out the most participation was the flagship events conducted by different clubs and Innovision Team. Team Monday Morning brings to you a glimpse of all of them, here.

Death Race- Race for the survival

A two-day event conducted by Cyborg, at the SAC Centre, inviting over 500 registrations. The students were required to build a manual bot that could overcome different obstacles like hill, fire and travel through an arena of sand, wooden track, and water. With a prize money worth of 15k and winners will get a final entry in the Cozmo Clench event, techfest, IIT Bombay.


  • The bot has to travel throughout the track in a limited period of time
  • Giving positive points when the bot overcomes a hurdle and negative points for bot falling off the track.
  • Points are allotted for different tasks, like bot picking up the cylinder, traveling through the track within the given time, overcoming the fire, sand, and water.
  • There was a strict disqualifying criterion about the bot damaging the track and any kind of foul play.

Judging criterion:

  • A total number of points were given as per the task completed by the bot.
  • Points will also be given on crossing the checkpoints.
  • The penalty of points for manual contact with the bot of the team member and the bot falling off the track.

Progress fo the event

The event was scheduled to be started at 9 am, but it started at 11.30 am. The delay in the start was caused because the track of the Death Race wasn't built on time and also due to the lack of proper power supply. However, the second day had only the semis and finals so it was started at 3.00 pm and was ended by 6.00 pm.

With 90+ teams performing, out of which 16 got into semis and only two made it into finals.

The event was coordinated by Debabarta Panigrahy, Pritish Pradhan and Risita Jena, and the whole team put an effort into the smooth functioning of the event and making it a huge success.


The winners of the competition were team Venom, followed by Team Fusion bots and Team Rangers.

With some glitches this event was conducted remarkably, where participants across the nation came to participate, the event coordinator, Debabrata Panigrahy said, 

Managing such a huge crowd was an amazing experience. Overall for me, it was a topsy-turvy experience with a lot of sleepless nights.

Robosumo 3.0- Battle of Robots

Conducted at the LA Centre, the event went on for days 2 and 3, was a battle between two powerful futuristic robots. With massive participation from across the country, the robots compete against each other and only the best survive. As a flagship event, it is considered as one of the biggest battles of eastern India between advanced robots, ensuring entertainment to its viewers.


The two robots were kept against each other on a circular ring in a predefined position. The goal is not to destroy the opponent robot or turn it into a heaping pile of junk, but to push it out of a ring.  If a robot or any part of it touches the ground outside of the ring, the robot loses. This applies also in case any part fells off the robot and is pushed by the opponent out of the ring or fells off the ring by itself.

  • Event Organizers reserve the right to reject entries from any team whose name it deems inappropriate, offensive or conflicting.
  • Arena size and robot design are specified.
  • There were three rounds each of 2mins. The team which wins 2 out of 3 rounds will be finally the winner.
  • All rounds are played in the circular arena.
  • If a robot is wireless, the team will be awarded 20 points before the competition. If a robot crosses the inner circle, its opponent will be awarded 10 points.
  • If a bot crosses the middle circle, its opponent will be awarded 25 points.
  • If a robot crosses the outer circle, its opponent will be awarded 50 points.

Judging criterion:

  • The points were also given or deducted as per the shape, size, weight, and working of the robot.
  • All of this under strict provisions of rules and not following them and misbehavior or foul means will lead to disqualification of the robot.

Progress of the event

Schedule to be started at 9 am on both the days, however, it started at 9.30 am and ended at 5.30 pm. It obtained the attention of many people and was really an entertaining event,  said the audience. With 295 registrations and over 20 teams checking in, it became a huge success.


The competition was won by Fusion botz, from IGT GUNUPUR.

With the success of the event its coordinator Pallavi said,

It was a very nice experience, being a part of it I learnt crowd management, time importance...and much more.


Hurry up Cars, You Gotta Win the Race: Chem-e-Car

The recent conquerors of Pune, the AIChE club of NIT Rourkela conducted their flagship event Chem-e-Car on the 3rd day of the fest from 9:00 A.M. onwards at BM-BT Veranda.

The flagship event is conducted to boost the chemical enthusiast to put forward their innovative ideas and skills on the plate and present a recipe to astound everyone. The theme of the event was Space. 

As per described in the Innovision app, the rules and regulations and Judging Criteria for the event are:


  • The only energy source for the propulsion of the car is a chemical reaction (in the last possible case commercial batteries may be used as a power source). No liquid discharge is allowed. No obnoxious order discharge is allowed.
  • The stopping mechanism has to be controlled by a chemical reaction. No brakes, mechanical or electronic timing devices are allowed.
  •  All components of the car must fit into a box of dimensions no larger than 40 cm * 30 cm * 20 CM(shoebox-sized). The Car may be disassembled to meet this requirement.
  • The cost of the contents of the “shoebox” and the Chemicals must not exceed rupees 2,000. The vehicle cost includes the donated cost of any equipment. The time donated by University machine shops and other personnel will not be included in the total price of the car. It is expected that every University has equal access to these resources. The cost of pressure text testing is also not included in the capital cost of the car.
  •  The car has to travel to a specific design track available on the spot (which will be rectangular in size). Failing to do so, that particular team will be disqualified.

Judging Criteria:

Teams will be judged on the basis of :

  • Run of the Car.
  • Design of the Car.
  • EDP.
  • Starting Reaction.
  • Knowledge about the Car.

Progress of the event:

There were 10 teams in total, one of which was from IIPE and the rest from NIT itself. Each team had 4 members except for the IIPE team who had 5 members. The event went on quite smoothly with the full support of Team Innovision on the other side. 

Winners Car ran till 9.02 meters, runners-up till 6.48 meters. Any team whose car crossed a limitation of 11 meters or stopped before 5 meters got disqualified on the basis of which two teams got disqualified


Three teams were rewarded under as winners, runners-up, and best design categories:

  • Winners: Prasad Thakre, Riya Titus, Bhushan Asutkar, and Saannidhya.

  • Runners-up: Dheeraj Kumar Matania, Kruti Saikia, Karan Dubey, and Gokulakannan S.

  • Best Design: Ashish Kumar Bodala, Smaritha Sarigala, Khyathirmayee Bankuru, Sampath Sariki, and N Swabhaav.

This is what the coordinator of the event Vishal Rana had to say,

Everyone was well prepared and their car designs were amazing (based on the space theme). The event started at 9 AM and had 4 parts, first of all, safety Inspection, car preparation, and then chemical Preparation. Then after lunch, we had a trial run for each team and a final run after that. All over, the participation was good, everyone had prepared really very well, did a lot of studies, and we are hoping good for the AIChE RSC to be held next year.

Trade among the best: Intelligent Trader:

One of the most awaited flagship events of Innovision, Intelligent trader organized by Cognizen again saw buying and selling of barter commodities among the participants in its 6th edition.

The event was about to held on the 2nd of November in LA 104 from 10 A.M. onwards but due to various delays in the name of preparation and late participation was started at around 11:30 A.M.

Event Description:

It was a real-time simulation of semi-barter type trading and had the participants to get the desired combination to win the race.

As per described in the Innovision app, the rules and regulations and Judging Criteria for the event are:


  • Each individual team with two participants will be given a country or business group to represent.
  • They will be provided with some money and properties initially. These properties will have base fare.
  • After that, some auction and bidding rounds were held with 2-3 inter trading rounds.
  •  The participants will bid for either the mortgaged properties or resources(gold, platinum, crude oil).
  • They can trade in between them in inter trading rounds.

Judging Criteria:

After finishing off all the trading rounds the representatives with the highest amount of money and the desired combination of commodities left with them will be the winners. 


The winners of the event were:

1st prize (team)- Aniket pal, Arijit

2 prize (team)- Anuj Kumar sahoo, Santosh patrol

The total prize money consisted of Rs 8000 of which Rs 4000 was provided by Team Innovision and the rest by the Club.

This is what coordinator, Uddeshya Shukla had to say,

Intelligent trader 6.0 was a real-time simulation of semi-barter system which maintained its legacy and came up with its 6th edition. The event was quite smooth. It was organized and executed in a proper way but there was a lack of requirements from the Innovision team. The increase in bidding prices in the game brought more enthusiasm in the participants. All the club members enjoyed a lot and developed positive spirits to conduct more successful events in the near future.


Navigate through the game of HoverCrafts: Hoveron

The ultimate showdown of RC hovercrafts, the enthusiasm of the participants, and glimpses of teamwork was what the event had in store for the Junta. The event was held on the 2nd and 3rd day of Innovision at the Basketball Court by the club Udaan. It was coordinated by Kratik Dwivedi and Mohit.

A lot of delays were witnessed in the event, some because of the absence of Innovision members and some because of the designing of the track. Despite the late start, a nice total of 30 teams turned out and competed with each other.

As per described in the Innovision app, the rules and regulations for the event are:

Round 1 

The following checklist will be followed for this round: 

  • The materials used for fabricating should not damage the opponent’s bot. 
  • The dimensions of the bot should qualify the regulations.
  • Metal propellers are not allowed. 
  • The hovercraft should gain a minimum height of 2 cm when 100% throttle is given to the lift producing Motors. 
  • The hovercraft should be able to hover on the surface in zero lift condition. 

Round 2 

The hovercraft is expected to perform the following task: 

  • Complete the run through the area in 10 minutes. 
  • The arena has various obstacles, varied terrain water, rough surfaces, and smooth surfaces. 
  • The whole track will have various checkpoints at regular intervals the team will be awarded marks according to the number of checkpoints cleared. 
  • X percent of participants will be qualified to round 3 based on points (X to be decided by the coordinator the number of participants).

Round 3 

  • Two boats will race against each other in order to touch the finishing line first 
  • The team with the highest point at the end of round 2 will race against the team with the lowest point at the end of round 2 and so on. 
  • The team which touches the finishing line first will be the winner of the race. 
  • If the boat crosses the line by 50% the bot will be put back to the point where it had crossed the line. 
  • The winners of the race will compete with each other until only one bot is left. 

General rules: 

  • The maximum number of participants allowed per team is 4. However, they need not be from the same college university or institution. 
  • Only one person would control the hovercraft from each participating team. 
  • Team members cannot touch the hovercraft once the event has started without the permission of organizing team members present there. 
  • Also, it is the duty of the team members to get the requisite battery.
  • Each team will use their battle prowess to push the opponent of the arena.

There were other rules and regulations which have BOT Specifications and other activities allowed during the event for which you can refer to the INNOVISION App.

In the words of the participants,

Unlike other events, this event proved to be a real bot against bot event where bots really had to knock others off. It was really fun participating in this event and Innovision as a whole is also very happening. We would love to visit in the next edition too.

Innovision as always lived up to its name and it is thus fair to say that all the flagship events proved why they were the flagships of Innovision.

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