Fun all the way: Fun events at Innovision 2k19

Fun all the way: Fun events at Innovision 2k19

Aradhana Gupta Animesh Mohanty | Nov 04, 2019

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Fun events are a necessary component of any and every fest. They ensure that the participants have some relaxation while learning throughout the day of various technologies. Team MM brings you a short compilation of the fun events that took place this Innovision 2019.


Organized by the Third Eye, where people come with friends to get pictures clicked at  CS lawns, and the pictures are then uploaded on Facebook, the one getting the maximum number of likes wins.

The event was scheduled to start at 9.00 am on the 2nd day of Innovision, however, the event couldn't be started on time because electricity was not available in the CS department. But the Innovision team was quite cooperative in this regard. With a turnout of over 500, the crowd management was difficult.

The club coordinator for the event Nishat Bahuguna said,

I've been the coordinator for MyBFF second year running. And the experience has been quite good. It's a very straightforward fun event with not a lot of setting up or planning to do, and the turnout has been quite good.

He further added,

The event was cut short to 4:15 from 5 because of the guest lecture, because of which a lot of participants had to go back disappointed.

Fun events by Innovision team

These fun events were organized by the Innovision team at the BMBT parking, with different individual events. A participant can register at the counter in Rs 20 and play any of the five events. Here is the glimpse of all these events,

Drop zone

A ribbon is bound to a point, the ball has to be carried on it dropped on the bowl and they get points as per the marking of the bowl in which ball is dropped.


A key was kept on the board and tossed by another key to get into a hole with a point.


A card is chosen and a word is selected as per the card number from the lists, the participant has to draw that and his partner has to guess the word.

Balloon  hover

A paper carrier is used to carry a balloon and balloons are dropped into a box by blowing it, points are scored as per the number of balloon in the box within a given time.

Catch‘em all

Bounce a ball and catch it in a paper cup, now keep a new paper cup and catch a new ball within the time limit, the number of balls is the points scored.


Three-button slides have to be inserted by hitting into holes in a ramp with obstacles, marks will be given only if obstacles are not encountered.

Check your connection

The participant’s eyes are tied and he has to walk through a track with obstacles, without encountering by the help of a partner who is not allowed to speak and show direction by tapping.

Gupchup competition was also conducted as a team of two, eating maximum gupchup in a given time.


A participant Mallula Radha Prasanthi said,

The events were really fun, I enjoyed playing them. All these small events reminded me of the childhood days when we used to go to the carnivals. i really enjoyed it.


A design competition conducted by NITR-ICS, for identifying good designers in the room. It had two problem statements and the participant is required to make a design using any design software, the best design which matches the theme provided will be the winner. The prizes for the event are goodies given by the Innovision Team.


Participants competed in teams of 5 in the popular game CS Global Offensive. There were 2 teams per match, one played as the terrorists and the other as counter-terrorists. The goal for terrorists was to plant and explode a time bomb and the counter-terrorists had to defuse the bomb before it exploded. A total of 324 participants had registered but only 16 teams each of 5 players were allowed. Winners were provided goodies by the Innovision team.

cs go


It was an astronomy based treasure hunt. Questions were based on astronomy which led the participants to the next clue. A unique feature of the event was that the participants had to unlock the puzzles using a QR code scanner on their mobiles, a truly star-trek experience. The event was conducted without any hassles and was on time. A total of 280 participants had participated in teams of 2 or 3. The 1st prize winner got a Pendrive and the runner up got a headphone.

Neon Cricket

Participants played in a team of 5(in which 2 girls were compulsory). They played the game in a dark room with a glowing ball, only underarm bowling was allowed. The organizing team faced a lot of hurdles as the event itself started a bit late around 11:30 am whereas the scheduled time was at 10 am. The organizing team also had to solve a lot of complaints from the participants.

neon cricket



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