Living Up To The Space Opera: Exhibitions From Outside At Innovision'19

Living Up To The Space Opera: Exhibitions From Outside At Innovision'19

Aditya Tripathi | Nov 04, 2019

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Innovision, the annual tech fest of NIT Rourkela took centre stage from 1st – 3rd November with a promising theme of ‘Space Opera’. Living us to the theme, there were multiple exhibitions by different organizations from outside NITR that added an important dimension to the much-awaited fest. There were 6 such exhibitions in total which included a variety of fields starting from a vintage camera expo to exhibitions on satellites and aeroplanes. Although the turnout for these events throughout the second and third day wasn’t great, science enthusiasts got ample opportunity to interact with knowledgeable people from outside NIT Rourkela and enquire about their innovations. We covered all 6 of these exhibitions; here are the details of each of them:

  • Kalam SAT: It was an exhibition conducted by Space Kidz India (Chennai), an organization dedicated to designing innovative concepts for students in the field of education. The exhibition was staged near BBA and lasted for both the second and third day. They had four major exhibits for display: A working Kalam Nanosatellite which was sent to space in 2017, one drone which can be used to detect human traces using thermal camera in extreme conditions, one women safety drone, and a concept-oriented project called RPOD (Return- POD) which can take up to 2 tons of payload which will be deployed from the international space station when a test sample has to be brought back to earth quickly. During the exhibition, they flew one of these drones for almost 10 times in 2 days, much to the amaze of people near BBA. It was a technology-related event, as a result, not everyone was much interested in it. But the people who were interested in space science and technology related to it were highly excited about this event and got a chance to interact and enquire about the exhibits on display.
  • Rocket Models Expo: It was an exhibition by Space development Nexus, a research and educational organization based in Delhi. The exhibition was originally supposed to be majorly about the much-awaited live Rocket Launch, but in the end, the live launch was cancelled and the exhibits were of various Rocket models. The demonstrators were explaining in detail about every component in a rocket, the various parts which were on display were:  Metallic motors which are used in metal body rockets, different types of nose cones (conical, parabolic, spherical, blunt, elliptical and many more), and body tubes of various sizes and fin shapes. This exhibition was staged near BBA alongside the KALAM SAT exhibition, and this also being a technical exhibition, only technical enthusiasts were seen actively interacting and enjoying the exhibition. Speaking about the cancellation of the Live Rocket Launch, Bogireddy Janardhan Reddy, one of the core team member for Exhibitions said:

The Live rocket launch, if it had happened would have been very enjoyable but the space nexus team was stopped at the Delhi Railway station as they were carrying Sodium Propellant for this launch which is very dangerous. As a result, they had to throw it in the dustbin at Delhi Railways station before coming to NIT Rourkela.

  • Vintage Camera Expo: It was an exhibition by Aditya Vij and Basanta Kumar Behura where more than 100 vintage cameras were on display. It was staged just outside the gate of BBA, as a result, everyone attending guest lectures was drawn towards this exhibition making it one of the most appreciated exhibitions. The exhibition was originally supposed to be in RM hall but due to lack of space and an increase in the number of cameras brought by the team, the venue was shifted to BBA. The oldest camera on display was from the year 1929 and the exhibition had cameras from almost every decade of the 20th century, making everyone irrespective of whether they were a camera enthusiast or not, curious about the history and development of cameras over the years.

camera expo

  • Coin Expo:  “Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist...” Innovision was glad to have Mr Chandan Banerjee, a Limca book of record holder display his skills in balancing of coins without any magnet or any such help. The coin art gallery made by him was certainly a treat to the eyes. Altogether the number of designs put up for show aggregated to eight. It was on display in Rajendra Mishra Hall on 2nd and 3rd of November. Day 1 started off at around 6 pm in the evening. Much to the awe of the students gathered it made several gazes upon these designs endlessly. A tower of 3000 coins balanced on a single coin was the centre of attraction.

coin expo

  • Bike Expo: Who doesn’t like to feel the adrenaline rushing up with the constant revving up of the beasts? All of the youngsters gathered were in for a treat to the guys with several of the best-known beasts in this business. The Bike expo was scheduled to be held on the second day of Innovision. The expo started off at around 3:30 pm when the superbikes started gathering at the R.M Hall lawn. The likes of Kawasaki, Honda, Harley Davidson and Suzuki assembled one after another. The roar of these bikes made the scene quite spectacular. People were gathered around the barricade clicking pictures and making memories to cherish later. The event went on ahead all thanks to the group of elite bikers of the Rourkela club, Jharsuguda club and Angul club. Aakash Jena, one of the core team members for exhibitions is a biker himself and being a member of the Angul bikers club was instrumental in managing the bike expo in an efficient manner. Adding up to that was a series of unregistered bikes under the brand name of the automobile giant BMW. Then came in the famous biker YouTuber Dino Bhai broadcasting his videos over Youtube by the name of Dino’s Vault. There were hustle and bustle around but things got really heated up when  Prof. S.K Patel, Dean(SW) entered the arena of bikes owing to his curiosity. He happened to check up on one of the Harley Davidson bikes. With relentless requests from the students gathered and following up with his wish, he mounted the Harley Davidson. All eyes were on him now. To make the situation more intense he started revving up the engine. The crowd went crazy with hooting for our Dean Sir. There were photos being clicked and videos being captured of him which later went viral over the internet. The professional bikers followed up this stunt and everyone was in awe of all the raw power of the bikes gathered at the place. Finishing up the bikers went full throttle as they raced away in their beasts with the thunderous sound of their engines reverberating in the ears of everyone present.

bike expo

  • Vortex: Aviation is scaling new heights these days with the introductions of drone and futuristic technology. To showcase the advancements in this field an expo was held beside BBA. Remote controlled planes and autonomous planes on display in this exhibition. It was scheduled on the 2nd of November at 10:00 am. The air show in Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex where a demo of what could all the above-mentioned planes could do was done on two days i.e. 2nd and 3rd November. A wholesome amount of crowd had gathered for this event. A total of 6 planes were put up for the air show. Tricks like free fall, twists in mid-air, long-distance propulsion etc were performed by these planes. All in all, it was quite a show.


Speaking about the overall success of these exhibitions, Bogireddy Janardhan Reddy, one of the core team member for Exhibitions said:

The overall response to these exhibitions was very good and we got a very good response to the coin balance expo in RM hall. The other technical exhibitions were not attended by many because it was meant for people who had an interest in that specific technical field, but overall it is very satisfactory.

These exhibitions could possibly have been the biggest talking point about Innovision’19 but because of the above mentioned uncontrollable factors, these exhibitions couldn’t quite live up to the expectations that were set by the announcement of a Live Rocket Launch. But In spite of the constraints, these exhibitions were managed properly and notifications were sent through the Innovision android App for any update on these exhibitions. 

Team MM congratulates Aakash Jena, Boggireddy Janardhan Reddy(core team members for exhibitions) and the entire exhibition team of Innovision 2019 for putting up these promising exhibitions.

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