Assaying the Prowess: Political/ Business Events

Assaying the Prowess: Political/ Business Events

Ajita Shri K Aditya | Nov 04, 2019

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Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.

Fulfilling these words of Peter Drucker, NIT Rourkela left no stone unturned in converting Innovision 2k19 into the symbol of innovation. The techno-management fest of NIT Rourkela was held from 1st-3rd November. With a motive to bring out the vibrant colours of entrepreneurship and politics, Innovision administered numerous events incorporating quizzes and fun events.

Team Monday Morning brings you a full scoop of all the politics/ business events held during Innovision 2019.

Tossing the Skills:

The event denominated as ‘Tossing the Skills’ was organised by the Entrepreneurship-Cell of NIT Rourkela. The event took place on a time slot of 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the second and third day of Innovision 2k19. It consisted of four rounds. A team consisting of three members can participate in the event. The first round checked the precision of members with a simple task of throwing balls into a carton from a certain distance. The second round comprised of a quiz test related to brands and business start-ups. The third round enabled the teammates to move about the campus asking for selfies from strangers. The final round gave in a task of small a short video, talking to random people. The team that clears all the rounds within the time limit and the maximum points is declared as the winner.

The event was conducted in LA lawns and LA 214. There was a total of 153 teams on both days (the first day = 118, the second day= 35). The event was smoothly conducted leading to huge participation. 

The coordinator of the event, Siddharth Chauhan commented-

The event was very interesting. The major problems that we faced were the shortage of volunteers and supplies such as pens. Another issue faced by the team was that the space allotted to us in the LA lawns was walked over by the non-participants. They walked in between the setting of the first round.

A Participant named Jasmine Mohanty from CET Bhubaneshwar said-

I was could not get registered for the event before however, the working team helped us along with explaining all the rules to my team. The event was a lot of fun. I found the third round interesting as we had to ask for selfies from strangers. All in all, it was an interesting event.

The winners of the event were:

  • Subham Mohapatra
  • Arun Mohapatra
  • Sarthak Das


Automotive Quiz:

The event was conducted on 2nd November 2019. The event was an attraction for automobile enthusiasts. It was organised by SAE club of NIT Rourkela in LA-301 on a time slot of 10 am to 12 pm. The event comprised of two rounds related to the advancements in the arena of the automobile industry. The rounds consisted of MCQ questions.

Talking about the event, the coordinator Subhasis Sahoo said-

The questions were based on changes in vehicle industries, updates in the vehicles and some technical questions related to the various parts of the vehicle.

Commenting on the management of the event, he said-

Though we faced a few problems regarding management issues such as there was shortage regarding the supplies of pen and paper, the issues were well handled. Planning should have been done a bit earlier. There was a large number of people calling for participation after the event got over.

The winners of the event were:

  •  P. Shaymsundar, 519ID1002
  •  Chaitanya Morey, Inno id:4373
  • Abhishek Behera, Inno id:3666


Prodigy Errand:

This event by Business Club saw a participation of about 100 participants. It was a team event with each team consisting of 4 players. In the first round, one of the members of a group was blindfolded and the other had to give directions through the track. In the second round, the two members had to make a pyramid of plastic cups The event was basically a sort of fun game consisting of 3 levels. Based on the scores of 1st and 2nd round the teams were selected for participating in the final round. The final round tested the general knowledge of participants by presenting them with logos of various companies, which they had to identify. LA lawns saw a furry of participants waiting to take part in this event. 


Inquizitive Club came forth with an idea of conducting a quiz competition based on space opera theme this Innovision. The competition had two rounds,  prelims and finals. It was a team event with 2 participants in each team. The prelims round had fair participation of 28 teams and out of which only 6 teams could make it to the finals. Purnima Mandloi and Shantanu Kumar Nanda from CET, Bhubaneswar bagged the first prize, Roshan Rajesh and Rayan Ahmed of NITR bagged the second prize and Ansuman Rout and Aman Mohanty from CET, Bhubaneswar bagged the third prize.

Shark Tank: 

A unique event, first of its kind in NITR organized be E-Cell club. The event presented the aspiring startup ideas of students from different colleges in front of investors. The investors, on the other hand, instructed the students on how to pitch in their ideas in front of investors. The event comprised of two rounds and went on for two days, the preliminary one followed by the final round. In the preliminary round, the participants had to carry out the pitching process. One of the participants the team Fxuav, comprising Subham Acharya and Vanshika Agarwalla from VSSUT, Burla, seemed to be really pleased with the event conduction and were highly appreciative of the event. 

Arijit Bhattacharya,  the CEO of Virtuallinfocom came in as one of the guests and speaker of the event and speaking to MM, he said :

  It was a great experience to be here I'm Rourkela and be able to hear such innovative ideas from students, being able to shape up their ideas in a well directed manner." 

In a special award distribution ceremony held at BBA, team Respirogear and team Nexus both from KIIT were adjudged as the winner and runners-up respectively by the guest Avelo Roy, a leading tech entrepreneur of the country.

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