All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy: Fun Events at Innovision 2019

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy: Fun Events at Innovision 2019

INNOVISION’19 left no stone unturned with the plethora of fun events it had to offer. From testing your connection with your partner to bud-tingling gup-chup eating competitions, the students had a joy-ride for two days. Team MM briefs you with some of the events that occured in the fest.


Have a love for scavenger hunts? Spawn, the coding club of NIT Rourkela had organised an event in the name of “Diseno-y-Venta” much to the amusement of the students gathered for Innovision.With a good response from the crowd and more than 50 teams contesting it was one of the successful events. It was a team game with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members. All together there were 3 rounds. The first two rounds were held on the 2nd of November and the final round was held on 3rd November. Jotted down below is how the event proceeded.

Round 1:

It was a test of logical reasoning of the players taking part in the competition. There were a total of 25 questions for all the teams. These 25 questions were divided on the basis of points awarded for each question answered. There were 10 questions of 1 point each, 10 questions of 2 points each and 5 questions of 6 points each. There was no negative marking. Ten teams with the maximum points advanced to the next round.Each team was given a time limit of 30 minutes.

Round 2:

It was test of the analyzing skills and the stamina of the players. It was a scavenger hunt spanning a part of the institute. Every team had to find and cross four checkpoints in succession to emerge victorious. At the beginning of this round every team was given a QR code to scan which provided them with a password.The password and the name of the checkpoint had to be feeded there after, upon which they were be given the hint to find the next checkpoint and this process was repeated. For every checkpoint found 15 points was awarded to the teams.One Skip option was available using which one of the checkpoints can be skipped at the cost 20 points.Sub-Hints were provided if asked for.On asking for the first time 10 points were deducted,the second time cost 15 points and so on.There was no time constraint.5 teams advanced to the next round with the highest points.

Round 3:

This was a puzzle round.There was no extra points awarded in this round.The  top two teams that solved the puzzle before the est were declared winner.


The event was scheduled to start at 10:00 AM on 2nd November I.e Day 2 of Innovision'19. The event was delayed a little due to lack in the number of participants initially. The event finally started at 11:00 AM.

The game was designed in such a manner that tickets were issued, which were used by the players to participate in the game. Those tickets were being sold by Leo club (via online transaction, for a minimal fee of ₹10 per ticket), before the commencement of the game.The event was conducted in three slots with the first one starting at 11:00 AM, second one starting at 12:30 PM and the third and final slot starting at 2:00 PM.The game consisted of tickets as mentioned earlier with random numbers printed on them. The tickets had three rows, with 5 numbers on each row. There was a caller of the game, who called a random number from 1 to 90. The players had to strike off the number called by the person calling out the numbers, if present on their ticket.

The winning patterns were as follows: -

1. First five numbers striked off

2. All numbers of first row striked off

3. All numbers of second row striked off

4. All numbers of third row striked off

5. All the corner numbers striked off

6. Full house (all the numbers on the ticket striked off)

The person getting any of the above mentioned patterns by striking off numbers relatively faster than the others won the prize for that particular pattern. However if a participant falsely claimed to strike off a particular pattern situation was called BOOGEY, and the participant was not to be allowed to play the game any further.The game continued until all the numbers were called off or full house was attained.Participants were allowed to buy more than one ticket.

There were six winners for each slot. There were a total of 123 participants for the event, and the winners were given goodies for each pattern won. The value of the goodies were greatest for Full House.

All in all, the event was a huge success, were all the members  of LEO club did an amazing job in managing the event. The support from the event management team of Innovision was good, where the volunteers worked hard as well to make the event proceed smoothly.


We have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

Astro club of NIT Rourkela organised the Stellar night for two consecutive days i.e on 1st and 2nd November. The event involved stargazing stuff. The likes of Orion Nebula,Pleades star cluster, Andromeda galaxy, Aldebaran, Sirius etc were looked upon by the students gathered through a telescope.The event was coordinated by Saif and Riya Titus with a total count of 15 club members including them.The first day saw a total of 670 participants gazing upon the wonders of space.The second day too had a credible number of people in for a space ride with the number amounting to 250. The first day began at 9 pm and the participants started coming in around 10pm. Owing to the fog the proceedings came to an end abruptly.The second day begun at around 11pm.Talks regarding capturing the image of a black hole and other space objects were provided by the coordinator Saif himself.Some astrophotography was also done to add to the fun of stargazing.


Gaming Tournaments like FIFA '19 are all the rage, while it is not expected to generate quite the same furor- or for that matter the prize money. The Microsoft Club got on the act by hosting the esports Football tournament  FUTWIZ on the 2nd day of INNOVISION'19 at LA 114. The event started at 9:30 am. The club was looking for participants to show their football gaming talent to the borders, and beyond.

It was a tournament consisting of 6 rounds where the loser of each match-up gets eliminated from the tournament and each winner will play another in the next round. 6 PCs, each PC with two controllers were present in the room for the participants. A passion and desire for FIFA'19 could be seen in the participants during the knockout matches. Around 100 participants registered for the event and overall, the event was a huge success for the Microsoft Club.

Sufyan Khan, Club Coordinator  had this to say

We were not expecting this amount of participation for the event. We were not able to arrange a sufficient amount of laptops and controllers but the event went smoothly without any glitches.


  1. Ritom Sonwal

  2. Divyanshu Deep


 Airplane Trick Shot was organized by the Udaan Club at the Library Lawns. The event was conducted on Day 2 and Day 3 of Innovision'19.  In the event, Participants had to apply their intellect to come up with a trick which comprises of a perfect combination of various aerodynamic principles in order to short suspended balloons with the help of airplanes provided by the club. The first day began at 10:30 am and saw about 300 participants. The second day began at 10:00 am and there were around 200 participants. Each participant got four chances to short the target, which left him to innovate the strategy time and time again to make sure that he doesn't lose the target. With a huge response from the crowd, it was one of the successful fun events of Innovision’19.

Anurag Panda, a participant said

It was fun shooting balloons using airplanes. I was somehow able to learn about the dynamics of the airplane and also tried to use it while targeting the shots.

Shiv kushwah, Club Coordinator quoted

The Innovision team had not provided a sufficient amount of requirements even the balloons were arranged by the club. Also, no volunteers and coordinators were present to help us. More than 500 participants registered which was really appreciable and eventually, the feedback from the participants says it all.


The Business Club of NIT Rourkela organized the IPL Auction 4.0 on the last day of INNOVISION'19 at LA 204. IPL Auction 4.0 gave students a chance to put themselves in the shoes of a bidder and build their dream IPL team that they always wanted to lift the coveted trophy. The event aimed at showcasing the team management and decision-making skills in students and also gave them a brief idea about real-time auctioning and bidding, and funds management.

30 teams registered themselves to participate in the competition and each team comprised of 3 members. All the teams had gone through Round 1: Cricketing Quiz.

A quizzing based on the knowledge of cricket and previous editions of IPL. On the basis of marks, 9 teams were shortlisted for bidding live in the auction.


The 9 final teams competed in a live auction of players. Each team was given 75 crores of virtual money which was used by them to buy players in the auction. The aim was to build a squad that maximizes the total ratings of all the players of the team in the limited budget along with the restrictions on the total number of players. 


Batsman  Maximum - 5, Minimum - 3

All Rounders Maximum - 3, Minimum - 1

Wicket - Keeper Maximum - 3 Minimum - 1

Bowlers Maximum - 5 Minimum - 3

Teams without the above combination would be discarded

Maximum 6 overseas players will be in one team.

A minimum hike of 30 lakhs is required for a bid.

In the auction, the players who go under the hammer was put into various sets, based on their roles(Batsmen, Wicket Keeper, bowlers and All rounders) and when a player’s name was announced, the bidding started from the base price of the player. Then the bidding took place with the highest bidder getting the player. The auctioneer started the auction with the batsman followed by the other categories. Each team tried to build their desire squad by bidding for their favorite player. The auction went on for 3.5 hours with 3 strategic timeouts to give them time for making the further strategy. The competition was evaluated by the Business club coordinators. One coordinator per team was assigned for the evaluation of credit scores and the amount spent on buying the players. 


  1. Abhinab Jena

  2. Abhineet Kumar

  3. Abhineet Kumar

1st Runners up 

  1. Baishakh Mishra

  2. Baishakh Mishra

  3. Ankit Mohanty

2nd Runners up 

     1. Anupam Kar

     2. Pratik Patra

     3. Sidhartha Shankar


An event conducted by the LEO club in collaboration with Astro NIT, Rourkela on the final day of Innovision’19 at LA 106. The event started with the viewing of a presentation on Space Opera, based on the Innovision’19 theme. The event was a blend of a presentation followed by a quiz competition based on space facts and fixtures. Based on the performance in the quiz test, the winners were adjudged.


 Biswajit Jagdev

Food Fest

Gupchup eating competition and drinks parlour:

Apart from the delay in the set up of the stall due to the shifting of location from SAC GArden to the BM-BT parking lot, it had a smooth run with over 100 participants the first day. The rules were pretty simple: Two players could eat as many gup-chups possible in one minute at the cost of 30 Rs for 2 people. The drinks parlour turned out to be a dissapointment with ‘Nimbu paani’ as their only drink.

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