Everything About the 'Space Opera': Innovision'19 Full Coverage

Everything About the 'Space Opera': Innovision'19 Full Coverage

Just as the clock struck twelve, the engines revved. The propellants were ignited. The launch vehicle ‘InnoSAT’ was all set to lift the rocket of fun, excitement, thrill, amusement at full thrust. This dynamic rocket was specially designed and assembled with care by the worthy team of Innovision, metaphorically our very own space research organization. The onset of November 1, 2019 left an indelible mark of glory in the pages of history of Innovision, by rendering a massive virtual space excursion to thousands of enthusiastic people waiting from a very long time to witness the greatest technical extravaganza of the region, Innovision, all geared up to amuse and entertain the crowd with its theme “A Space Opera”.

In the dawn of November 1, 2019, the streets of NIT Rourkela rendered a new image of surprise that featured numerous people carrying trolleys and suitcases, making their way forward to SAC for getting their name registered and for the purpose of receiving the welcome kit. This was unlike the normal morning at NIT Rourkela, where you won’t find a single ‘early bird’ in the quest of catching a worm.

This time Innovision was way bigger and grander than its previous editions. It garnered a huge bulk of attention before its commencement, which ultimately attracted numerous participants and visitors across the state to be a part of this technical grandeur. Moreover, it fostered a plethora of trailblazing events, that rendered quite a wholesome experience to the visitors.

Team MM brings you a complete description of all those happened, things you witnessed as well as the things you missed within these three days through its full coverage article of the ‘Space Opera’.


The inauguration ceremony, beckoning the official commencement of the techno-management fest, INNOVISION 2019 was held at 4:30 PM BBA. The ceremony kicked off with a brief introduction to The Space Opera by the hosts, Saheel and Shubhra. After the ceremonial lighting of lamps, the convenors of the fest introduced the audience with the new events happening this year. One of the convenors, Debaprasad Badajena said,

Innovision is something more than a normal college fest, close to our heart. We try to implement several new things every year, this time we introduced you to 'Internmela', an opportunity for the students to bag notable internships and give a big boost to their career and also several engaging workshops, competitions, and exhibitions. 

This was followed by introductory speeches by Prof. Shantanu Kumar Behera, VP Technical Society, SAC, Prof. Seemita Mohanty, President SAC, Prof. S K Patel, Dean Student Welfare and academics delivering the commencement speech. Prof. Animesh Biswas, Director affirmed the essence of Hospitality in the Land of Jagannath, Odisha. The chief guest of the evening, Raju Rai, VP Product BU at Larsen & Toubro Limited Product BU, MMH and also an alumnus of the institute from 1983 batch, shared his stay here as a student on a sound context mentioned,

It's all about IMAGINEERING (Imagine + Engineering).

The inaugural ceremony concluded with a thanksgiving speech by Prof. Manas Ranjan Tripathy, VP Technical Society, SAC.



The most sought after events in any technical fest of an institute are its technical events. Technical events are the attention seekers that garner a huge footfall and a wider appreciation. This time Innovision had left no stone unturned in featuring innumerable cutting edge technical events. Moreover, NIT Rourkela is a premier technical institute of national repute in itself, of course, added to the pros of a vast multitude of people joining from various other institutes. Flagship events of Innovision are considered to be the  ‘cream of the crop’ that always witnesses a huge footfall. This edition had five flagship events in its bucket list, namely;

1. Death Race, Compete to exist- One of the most awaited events of every edition, Death Race organized by Cyborg, the Robotics club of NIT Rourkela is something one couldn’t miss out at any chance. The participants were required to build the most durable manual bot which would be able to compete the opponent bot in a face-off round and subsequently cover an arena made up of concrete, ground, and plywood having different hurdles and obstacles peppered throughout the path to emerge victoriously. The most enduring bot grabs the opportunity to get directly featured in Cozmo Clench, Techfest, IIT Bombay. The prizes worth 15K were also promised for this event. This was a two-day long event conducted at SAC. Team Venom was titled as the champions while Fusion Bots were declared as the Runners-up of the mega event.

2. RoboSumo 3.0 - One of the most eye-catching cum fascinating events that seek the attention of every other visitor loitering around the LA is the RoboSumo. RoboSumo sets up fire on the platform with its extraordinary dynamic bots clashing against each other in a wooden sumo arena, with an objective of thrashing its opponent bot out of the ring within the stipulated time. The event was conducted on 2nd and 3rd November at LA Center from 9 AM to 5 PM.

3.Intelligent Trader 6.0 – This trailblazing event was a real-time simulation of semi-barter type trading which consisted of buying and selling barter commodities among participants/teams to get the desired combination in order to win the game. The winning people got prizes worth 4K. The event was organized by Cognizen at LA 104. The event was scheduled at 10 in the morning but got delayed by an hour. There were around 330 registrations for the same.

4.Hoveron- This flagship event of Udaan Club specializing in RC hovercrafts that travel both on land and water brought out real-world automotive engineering, as the participants were supposed to design the hovercrafts which could traverse through wackiest terrains swiftly while maneuvering obstacles and the subsequent competition among the vehicles. The event was hosted at the basketball ground at 9 AM and also witnessed a handsome amount of footfall.

5.Chem-e-Car- This event organized by AIChe was a very innovative and intriguing event that primarily focused on the usage of green fuels in driving automobiles through the process of a chemical reaction. There were overall 158 registrations for the same. The event kickstarted on 3rd November, 9 AM at BM/BT Veranda. The winning team constituted Prasad Thakre, Riya Titus, Bhusan Asutkar and Saanidhya from NIT, Rourkela.

chem e car


Apart from the flagship events which were the cherries on the cake, various other technical events were belonging to the genres like coding, circuital, electronics, etc that were also the subjects of special mentions. They were as follows;

  • Psi-Phi- It was a 20 hr long hackathon organized by Axiom, the Mathematics Club at LA 108 and LA 110. The hackathon kickstarted at 8 in the morning and continued for ten hours each day. Six problem sets were given in which the participants had to choose one and make an app or website based on it. They had to use their coding skills and algorithmic approaches to help resolve major issues. The hackathon ended on 3rd November at 6 PM. The prizes worth 50K were promised for the winners.
  • Tread-O-Quest 6.0- The prime objective of this event was to construct a line follower and edge follower autonomous bot capable of doing a certain task given in the problem statement. The event was organized by Cyborg on the 2nd and 3rd of November at EC 428. The cash prizes worth 10K and grand prizes worth 5K were promised to the winners. In addition to that, the winners grabbed the opportunity to get the direct entry to the finals of Mesmerize, Techfest, IIT Bombay. The winners were the Team Pioneers from CET, Bhubaneswar.
  • Digitizer 3.0 -Another event conducted by Cyborg where participants were required to program a bot such that it would follow a certain path and avoid certain obstacles using skillsets like Machine Learning and Image Processing. The event kickstarted at 9 AM on 2nd November at EC 440 and witnessed a handsome footfall during its course. A participant from VSSUT Burla had got the following to say;

We liked the positive supportive vibes we got from the organisers. The knowledge we gained from the competition is very useful.

  • Turn By Turn- This event by ASME was a very innovative approach to bring out your inner mechanical skills. The participants had to design gears made out of cardboard according to the torque and velocity that they are expecting to pull out a given load. The winner was decided on the basis of the maximum load pulled and the time required to do so. The event commenced at 8:30 AM on 2nd November at LA 204. Out of 158 online registration, 69 turned up for the event. Sahil, a participant from IGIT, Sarang had the following to say owing to the event;

It’s a very interesting and well thought event, never thought that I would apply my curriculum of Physics in such an amazing way”.

Prakash Harsude ultimately emerged as the winner of the competition.

  • Krack Tech- Event consisted of two rounds; 1st round:-Tech quiz where the participants had to guess the scrambled pictures and after qualification, they will move to the 2nd round-The Debugger where they had to debug a given code within a limited time. The event was organized by CodeHub in LA 217 at 10:30 AM.
  • Poster Presentation- Another innovative and out of the box event by Code Hub was the poster presentation. This event demanded the participants to pitch in innovative ideas or projects related to Space Tech and ultimately prepare a presentation about it. The event was scheduled at LA 117 on 3rd November.
  • Car Show- SAE conducted a formula-one car show under the Banyan tree situated at the centre of the academic area that attracted a multitude of audience. One of the coordinators added,

The event saw a good footfall. We drove the car on the second day, but encountered minor glitches in the battery. But after charging, it was resumed. The flexes which were requested to SAC were not provided on time.

  • Japanese Joinery- Participants were made aware of the various joints used in traditional Japanese woodwork and then they had to make structures using High-Density Thermocol. The event was organized by ASME on 3rd November, 8:30 PM at LA 114.


Innovision not only fosters technocrats from across the nation but has also got its doors wide open for business enthusiasts, diplomats and future entrepreneurs. The second edition of IPL Auction was organised by Business Club on 3rd of November,10 AM at LA 204, though the event was scheduled to start at 9 AM. The event was a simulation of the actual bidding for IPL players. In the beginning, there was a quiz, consisting of 20 questions, 9 teams were shortlisted to take part in the auction thereafter. Around 25 teams participated with each team consisting of 3 members.

Shark Tank Startup hunt, organised by E-Cell was the most desirable event for the young entrepreneurs. It was a golden opportunity for the young and budding start-ups to get a chance to grab some attention and win funds from potential investors. The winner of the competition was a startup named Respirogear from KIIT University while startup Nexus from KIIT as well achieved the Runners up position. Cash prizes and gifts worth up to a substantial amount of Rs. 25000/- from the Innovision team was promised along with an opportunity to get directly funded by some of the angel investors. The event was held at TIIR Board Room on 2nd November and at Senate Hall on 3rd November from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Tossing the Skills, another very innovative and interesting event by E-Cell drew the attention of around 154 teams consisting of 3 members each. The participants had to throw a ball into a basket at a distance away from the starting line. The line closest to the box had the least point associated with it and the farthest line had the maximum point associated with it. The team scoring the maximum number of points becomes the winner. The registration for the events started at 9 AM at LA grounds.

Owing to the fascination and growing enthusiasm among the quizzing geeks, Innovision had a bunch of quizzing events in its bucket list as well. Inquizzitive conducted Antariksh, a space-themed quiz to enlighten the inner space enthusiasm among the geeks. Thirty students from the host institute and thirty students from outside had registered for this event. The quiz constituted two rounds; prelims and the finale. Two NIT teams and four non-NIT teams qualified the prelims. Purnima Mandloi and Shantanu K. Nanda were declared as the winners of the event.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) conducted Automotive Quiz where 60 students participated, though 120 students had registered online before the registration closure. The unavailability of booklets among the participants prior to the event commencement led to the less turnout of the event, as stated by one of the coordinators of the event. The quiz started at 10 AM at LA 301 on the 2nd day of Innovision. P Shyamsundar from the Department of Industrial Design from NIT Rourkela was declared as the winner.

Another interesting event that fascinated an appreciable number of people was the Prodigy’s Errand conducted by Business Club. This event was an amalgamation of fun and talent where the participants have to cross three stages, namely; Follow Me, Pyramid Making and finally Logo to showcase their talent, teamwork and cooperation. The event kickstarted at 10 AM at LA grounds on 2nd of November.

prodigy errand


With collaborations from giants like Google, Intel, Makuta Visual effects and many more, this edition of Innovision was of its kind in terms of the opportunities that it provided through workshops. Whether it is the emerging software trends like Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing or the fascinating fields of rocket science and VFX, this edition of Innovision had all this and much more covered through its series of 10 workshops out of which 6 are free and 4 are paid. Take a look at the workshops that Innovison’19 had to offer:

  1. Explore ML- It was a workshop conducted by Developers Student Club (DSC), NIT Rourkela which was aimed at familiarizing the participants about basic concepts of Machine Learning and Neural Networks. A total of 463 participants had registered for this workshop out of which 129 turned up in LA 208 for the workshop which started at 11:00 AM (1 hour behind schedule) on 2nd November. It was a beginner course on Machine Learning which will be followed by Intermediate and Advanced courses by DSC in the future.
  2. Reinforcement Learning- A workshop on reinforcement learning was organized at LA 208 on 3rd November by Mr. Risab Biswas and Mr. Abhishek Nandy. With a decent turnout of 80 participants, the workshop was based on the basics of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Apart from acquainting the participants with various important software in these fields, the workshop also focused on solving real-world problems from ML and AI.
  3. VFX and Automation- A workshop on VFX and automation was conducted in EE 319 on 2nd November by Makuta VFX. The trainer, Dorababu Achanta talked about various fields where VFX plays an important role such as movies and animations, he informed the students about how VFX and animations are done and how one can learn more in this field. This workshop saw a minimal footfall of just 18 participants and a technical issue making the trainer display his models and animations from his own laptop rather than a projector added on the list of anomalies for this much-anticipated workshop.
  4. Robotic Process Automation- It was a workshop conducted by Leading India which was aimed at providing a brief introduction of robotics and its use in industries. The workshop majorly focused on familiarizing participants with core concepts involved in robotics and the basic software used in the process. The workshop had a promising registration of 400 participants but only 40 turned up in the EC Simulation lab for this workshop.
  5. CCNA (Cisco Certified network associate)- The workshop was conducted at the Mechanical Seminar Hall on 2nd and 3rd November. It saw a turnout of about 30 participants who got to know about the basics of networking through this workshop. Though scheduled to be in both the halves, it could only be conducted in the first half due to lack of decent turnout and the amount of content which was to be delivered.
  6. Cloud Computing- It was a workshop conducted by Leading India which was aimed familiarizing the participants with upcoming and existing uses of cloud computing and how one can learn and apply the knowledge in practical life. Indrajit Gupta (instructor) gave some practical applications of cloud computing and how it works. The number of registrations for this event was 389 but the footfall was only 38 for this workshop.
  7. Model Rocketry Workshop- It was a paid workshop conducted by Space Development Nexus (SDNx) on 2nd November in EC 303. The workshop was aimed at instilling interest in rocketry among college students. SDNx membership, internship, and other programs were explained in detail in the workshop (SDNx is a Delhi based research and educational organization). The workshop saw a footfall of 40 participants from various colleges.

Model REocketry

      8.Internet of Things (IoT)- It was a paid workshop conducted by Dalvik Apps in LA 208 on 2nd and 3rd November. A major                portion of the workshop was dedicated to analyzing and understanding the key concepts of IoT and its applications.              Several  concepts such as NodeMcu, protocols were also explained in detail. The workshop saw a footfall of around 40                  participants.

     9.Drone Training- It was a paid workshop conducted by Dalvik Apps in EC 138 on 2nd and 3rd November. The event was a              paid event with a fee of Rs.120 per participant and they were grouped in a team of 2 or 3 with each team getting a kit to try          and design a drone. Apart from explaining the concepts and working of a drone, the instructor also explained the practical              applications of drones in today’s world.

   10.Reinforcement Learning- It was an unpaid workshop on reinforcement learning which was certified by Intel.                                Reinforcement  learning is a type of machine learning technique that enables an agent to learn in an interactive environment          by trial and error using feedback from its own actions and experiences. The workshop was conducted on 3rd November in              LA, where the instructor focused not only on the theory of RL, but he also explained a lot of real-life applications of                          Reinforcement learning.



Exhibitions from Outside NITR

There were multiple exhibitions by different organizations from outside NITR that added an important dimension to the much-awaited fest. There were 6 such exhibitions in total which included a variety of fields starting from a vintage camera expo to exhibitions on satellites and aeroplanes. Take a look at the details of all six of these exhibitions-

  • Kalam SAT- It was an exhibition conducted by Space Kidz India (Chennai). The exhibition was staged near BBA and lasted for both the second and third day. They had four major exhibits for display: A working Kalam Nanosatellite which was sent to space in 2017, one drone which can be used to detect human traces using a thermal camera in extreme conditions, one women safety drone, and a concept-oriented project called RPOD (Return- POD).
  • Rocket Models Expo- It was an exhibition by Space development Nexus (Delhi). The exhibits were of various Rocket models. The demonstrators were explaining in detail about every component in a rocket, the various parts which were on display were:  Metallic motors which are used in metal body rockets, different types of nose cones (conical, parabolic, spherical, blunt, elliptical and many more), and body tubes of various sizes and fin shapes.
  • Vintage Camera Expo- It was an exhibition by Aditya Vij and Basanta Kumar Behura where more than 100 vintage cameras were on display. Staged just outside the gate of BBA, the oldest camera on display was from the year 1929 and the exhibition had cameras from almost every decade of the 20th century.
  • Coin Expo- Innovision was glad to have Mr Chandan Banerjee, a Limca book of record holder displayed his skills in balancing of coins without any magnet or any such help. The coin art gallery made by him was certainly a treat to the eyes. Altogether the number of designs put up for show aggregated to eight. It was on display in Rajendra Mishra Hall on 2nd and 3rd of November.

coin expo

  • Bike Expo- The bike expo started off at around 3:30 pm when the superbikes started gathering at the R.M Hall lawn. The likes of Kawasaki, Honda, Harley Davidson, and Suzuki assembled one after another. There were hustle and bustle around but things got really heated up when Prof. S.K Patel, Dean (SW) entered the arena of bikes and clicked a few photographs with them.
  • Vortex: To showcase the advancements in the field of aerospace, an expo was held beside BBA by Vortex. Both remote controlled and autonomous planes were on display in this expo. The plane models were on display for the whole afternoon on 2nd and 3rd November. There was also an air show in Sachin Tendulkar Sports Complex on both the days, where a demo of what all the above-mentioned planes could do was done.


The event saw its first version in Innovision this year and was a brainchild of Debaprasad Badajena, the convenor of the fest. In this event, many companies were offering internships to students who are favourable for the position. Initially one has to fill up a form and upload a CV and select the company and job profile he/she wants and give an aptitude test. If selected, he/she will be called for an interview and offered an internship if selected. A google form was distributed on day one of Innovision and an online aptitude test was scheduled for 9:30 am on day 2. Twenty Seven students gave the online test. Apart from companies like Frapp, There were many companies which are registered under FTBI, NIT Rourkela like Fastech Fashions Pvt Ltd and Phoenix Robotix Pvt Ltd. The job profiles mainly consisted of technical jobs like Machine Learning and Full Stack Developer. There were some Management and Graphic Designing based internships too.


Besides these, there were few fun events conducted by the Inno team. 

Drop zone
A ribbon bound to a point, the ball has to be dropped on the bowl And they get points as per the ball dropped

Key hole
A key was kept on the board and tossed by some other key to get into a hole and get points for it points are also scored by crossing the line

A card is chosen and a word is selected as per it from the lists, draw that and show it to your partner

Balloona  hover
A paper carrier for balloon carrying is made nad and balloons are dropped into a box by blowing it , points are scored

Catch em all
Bounce a ball and catch it in a paper cup now keep a newspaper cup and catch a new ball within the time limit

Three-button slides have to be inserted by hitting, into holes in a ramp with obstacles, marks will be given only if obstacles are not encountered.


  1. Crane-o-mania was organized by the CEST club involved in making a crane using popsicle sticks, glue and thread and the crane holding maximum load emerged as the winner.
  2. Game of Chems was a fun twisted technical event, organized by AIChE, grouped into 2 episodes with 3 rounds in each, near the library lawns on the 2nd Day of Innovision. The 3 rounds of Episode 1 consisted of Mute Compound Round, Code-Decode Round, and Name the Reaction and that of Episode 2 contained Identify the scientist Round, Guess the Name/Phrase Round, and Trick or treat is based on ASTRO-CHEMISTRY. It was to be played in a team of 2 members and the aggregate scores will lead to further rounds.
  3. Thermochrom was a game using thermochromic paints, visible only at high temperatures. The participants have to memorize the visualized patterns and 1 point was awarded on picking the correct one. This was organized by ICS NITRat the NCC ground on 3rd November.
  4. Maneuver 3.0, 6 hours of chemistry, quizzing and fun, brought by the AIChE club. The first round was a quiz round to test logical and general knowledge followed by a Jeopardy round to test the quizzing skills with each question carrying negative marks. The final winner was declared by a Chem-E Treasure round.
  5. Bridge breakers, an event to design a bridge using popsicle sticks and strings, the one bearing the maximum load wins. The items were provided at the venue. It was conducted on the 2nd day at the LA veranda.
  6. Abode Optimization,  conducted by the CEST club where participants need to give a presentation on adobe optimization on a topic of their choice.


  1. AI in Healthcare: The first guest lecture of the fest was on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare by Mr. Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay. He is a notable Google Scholar and Developer and also a TEDx speaker. The lecture was in BBA on 1st November at 5:15 pm. The event started late due to delay in the inauguration and many students started to leave in between which was very disheartening for the organizers and the lecturer himself.
  2. Talk on Nano Particles: This guest lecture by Jay Chakraborty was aimed at Nanoparticles, Grain Boundary, Titanium thin films and Thermodynamics of Grain Size particles. Organized by Steellun- Metal Advantage Chapter of NIT Rourkela, the event started 30 minutes on at 10:30 am on 2nd November at Seminar Hall of Chemical Department. The footfall was around 50 which is very average for such an event.
  3. Google CrowdSource: This guest lecture was aimed at the advent of machine learning. The guest- Animesh Samantray is a Google crowdsourcing operator of Odisha chapter currently working on AI projects to modernize Odisha. The lecture was about the development and challenges India faces to implement ML. The event started at 11:00 am in BBA and saw a very low footfall.
  4. Talk by Mr Tapan Mishra: The guest shared his experience while working in ISRO. Our guest has been awarded many laurels such as Vikram Sarabhai Research Award and ISRO merit award. He has also served as Director of Space Applications Centre at ISRO. The event started at 11:30 am at BBA on 2nd November. The auditorium was half full for the event and many professors have come for the guest talk.
  5. Guest Lecture by Avelo Roy: The last guest lecture was by Mr Avelo Roy, a dynamic entrepreneur, and speaker on the skills required to run entrepreneurship and make huge profit out of it. He also talked about how we can use technology like AI to make more money. The event started at 5:00 pm in BBA on 3rd November and there was a very low footfall for such a dynamic talk.
  6. Guest Lecture by Samir Datt: The guest speaker is currently a leading Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at Google. His research field has been the implementation of ML in CyberSecurity Biomedical Domain. He also explained how we can implement ML to detect faces from public sources and trace criminals or lost people. The event was scheduled to happen at 5:00 PM on Day1 but happened at 12:30 on Day 3 at BBA. The footfall was very low and disappointing.

Two more talks were scheduled to happen but got cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.


  1. The pro shows for Day 1 were Euphony and Trancenation by Drill and Bass at DTS. The event started at 7:00 pm as scheduled with performances by Euphony and got extended up to 8:50 pm. Because of this Drill and Bass started one hour late than there scheduled time due to which, a major chunk of their performances were cancelled. The members of Drill and Bass were very disheartened by this. The event saw a footfall of almost 800 and the event was stopped at 10:00 pm by the authorities.
  2. The pro shows for Day 2 included a Comedy Night with Anubhav Singh Bassi and a DJ Night by Olly Esse. The event was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm but got delayed to 8:30 pm. As per our sources,there were two opening shows scheduled prior to the Comedy Night but were cancelled due to some reasons. At 8:30, Anubhav Singh Bassi came and started the first pro show of the evening. His show went up to 10:00 pm and after that, there was a flash mob by Synergy. After the flash mob, DJ night with Olly Esse started which went up to 11:30 pm in the night.
  3. The pro show for Day 3 was Bollywood Night with Gajendra Verma. The event was scheduled to start at 8:00 pm but was delayed up to 9:20 pm. There was a surprise Comedy show by Siddharth Rout and Rupesh Mahore of five minutes each which was supposed to be held on the 2nd night. At 9:30, Gajendra Verma took on the stage and performed for almost two hours up to 11:30 pm.

The event ended with a vote of thanks by one of the convenor Debaprasad Badajena.


This edition of Innovision rendered something extraordinary, something worth-remembering.  With a tremendous footfall this year, the entire team emerged victorious in transforming this mammoth task into a grand success. Under the guidance of the elected Convenors Debaprasad Badajena and Kakumanu Sai Reddy, and Dean’s nominated convenor, Shrantik Dey, the entire diligent Innovision team were able to pull out the largest technical extravaganza of the region. The Conveners of Innovision’19 had the following to say during the 3rd day of the fest:

We’re very proud of our team. The enthusiasm and team spirit that the team has shown for the past 3-4 days is highly commendable. The record breaking turnout at this year’s Innovision is a very happy moment for us and we are extremely grateful to the VPs of technical society, President of SAC and Dean (SW) sir for cooperating and motivating us with every kind of administrative help for the smooth conduction of these events.

The online registration skyrocketed to more than 5000 setting up a benchmark in the pages of the history of Innovision. The footfall of 2105 took everyone by surprise keeping the authority in the state of a dilemma on how to manage and accommodate such a humongous crowd. Prof. Seemita Mohanty, President SAC had the following during the 3rd day of the fest:

The fest was conducted very smoothly but because of such huge participation with more than 2000 students from outside NIT Rourkela on top of the huge number of NIT Rourkela students there will obviously be some minor mismanagement. We are trying our best to see to it that things happen smoothly, maybe we are running a bit late with many of the events but overall it has been very satisfactory.


Prof. S.K. Patel, Dean (Student Welfare) had the following to say about his experience with Innovision’19

A variety of events were there with lots of participants from outside NIT Rourkela. I congratulate the entire team of Innovision’19 for breaking the all-time record for highest participation.

Adding on, Prof. S.K. Patel said:

But one thing that I would like to mention here is that the guest talks that were arranged during this fest, struggled to have decent number of people in the audience. I recommend that if students are not interested in listening to these talks then why should these talks be arranged? Why should you run after students and force them to come to these talks if they aren’t interested? Also, I'm not very satisfied with the punctuality when it comes to these guest talks.

Nevertheless, the team was efficient enough to provide every possible kind of comfort to the visitors for a peaceful stay at NIT Rourkela. Of course, pulling off a successful fest is no cakewalk. To organise a three-day extravaganza with numerous guests and participants can turn into a nerve-wracking job. Lastly but most importantly, kudos to the entire team of Innovision.

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