Casita for the Technocrats:Technical Events

Casita for the Technocrats:Technical Events

Innovision is the largest techno-management fest of the region. As the name suggests, technical events form the centre of everything that happens in this fest. This time around, team Innovision and the clubs under the Student Activity Center(SAC) were successful in conducting many technical events, with each one catering to a different niche in the crowd. The events covered multiple avenues starting from coding events to car shows. These events promised to be both informative and fun at the same time and they proved it at the end of the day. 

Psi-Phi: Code Till You Win The Race

Hackathon, the events which put together the coding communities and help them bring their coding skills to work. The nationwide Hackathon Psi-Phi this time was organized by the Axiom club of NIT Rourkela which saw huge registrations of around 248 partakers out of which 14 teams showed up. The event was held on the 2nd and 3rd of November from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. in LA 108 and 110. The event had CodeChef, Interntheory, and Siaa as their partners.

Hackathon Description:

All the participants were given 6 problem sets out of which they had to choose one and develop a website or an app for the same. Coding Skills and algorithmic approaches were used to help resolve major issues like Disaster Management, Healthcare, Agriculture, Women Safety etc. the six problems revolved around these issues and were primarily meant to examine the participant’s creativity and coding skills.

Progress in the event:

On the first day of the event, participants were allowed to code and develop the required website/application. From around 14 teams, 6 were shortlisted for the final round and the presentation which was done in front of the judges. Judges for the event were Prof. Satya Babu and Prof. Ramesh Kumar Mohapatra.


Mind’seye: Manoranjan Maharana, Yash Shukhla, Utkarsh Dixit, Rudra Narayan Mishra.

BinaryBlock: Prashant Ranjan, Adhyayan Pradhan.

A member of the club Ratna Tejaswini had this to say for the event,

The event was in every way a huge success. There were around 35 people who coded in the hackathon and became a part of our event. 


Krac tech:

The event was organized by CodeHub which saw a participation of around 150 partakers of which 75+ turned out. The event did not have any sponsors or collaborations. It was held on the 2nd of November from 10:30 A.M. to 12 P.M. and 2 P.M. to  3 P.M. at LA 217.

Event Description:

It consisted of two rounds.

Round 1(Tech Quiz): Guess scrambled pictures and answer to tech quiz based on it.

Round 2(The Debugger): Debug a given code in limited time.

As per described in the Innovision app, the rules and regulations and Judging Criteria for the event are:


Maximum of two members in a team(Individual Participation was also welcomed).

Judging Criteria:

Round 1: Number of questions correctly answered.

Round 2: Total time taken by the participants to find out the errors and the number of errors debugged.

Progress in the event:

The event as a whole went on quite smoothly. The club was allotted 2 Innovision volunteers of which only one turned out but as per the coordinator he helped them out throughout the event and proved to be of great help.


The winners of the event are as follows:

Shrey Jha and Utkarsh Singh (Winners)

K.Rohit(Runners up).

The prizes to the winners were solely provided by Team Innovision in the form of Goodies and Gift Hampers in addition with online certificates by CodeHub.

This was what the Event Coordinator, Niraj Yadav had to say,

The event started on time and the participants seemed really enthusiastic. I am satisfied with the participation and hope the participants enjoyed partaking in Krac tech.  


Poster Presentation: Portraying Notions

The event organized by the club Codehub was held on the last day of the fest at 10 A.M. in LA 117. It was coordinated by Alen Thankachan and Rishab Agarwal. There was a good total of 75 registrations but only 10 showed up.


This was a group event in which the participants (Individual or Group), will be submitting their ideas or innovative projects on the basis of which they were shortlisted for the final presentation. Space-related ideas were appreciated but other ideas were also welcomed. The event was judged by Prof. Pradhan.



The participants will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to present their idea. After the presentation, there may be a query round. The group should not have more than 3 members.

In the words of participants,

The event was really beneficial as it provided us with a platform to put forward our ideas and get them judged by an experienced personality.

Digitizer: The future through Computer Vision

Digitizer was organized by Cyborg, the robotics club of NITR. This event was based on computer vision. There are shapes of different colours. So, the task is to traverse the edges of these shapes and when they reach the end, an LED of a specific colour should blink. There is another bonus task where the participants have to traverse a white track. There were 170 registrations out of which 15 turned up for the event.

The event coordinator Abhijeet had this to say:

“I have been to many computer vision events like IIT KGP, where the turnout is way bigger than here. The problem is that this event requires at least a month’s time, but the app and posters were released very recently. So, many teams didn’t have enough time to prepare for this event. I feel it was the fault of the Innovision team.”

The questions of this time were easier than the ones from last year to improve the participation, but that didn’t seem to make much of a difference. This was the third edition of the event and this hasn’t become an established event like Tread-o-quest and Death race.  The lack of participation from the institution also was a reason, due to which plans of a separate class on computer learning alongside CREATE classes is in the making.

“We liked the positive supportive vibes we got from the organizers. The knowledge of the competition happening across the country that we gained will definitely prove to be useful. The campus and the vibes in innovision were overwhelming.”

-A team participating from VSSUT Burla

Japanese Joinery: Joints for Life

Japanese Joinery was conducted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) who wanted to showcase how interesting basic mechanical engineering concepts like stress and strain can be. The idea was to practically demonstrate these concepts in the form of models. High-density Thermocol was used for this purpose. The organizing team taught the participants how 7 basic joints used in making the structures. A normal joint would fetch 3 points while an innovative joint would fetch 5 points. Teaming up was allowed and after the structure was built, load tests were conducted. At first, a static load test consisting of a 2.5 kg load was used. Once the structure made it, a dynamic test in which the load is dropped from a 5 cm height is conducted. The height is kept increased by successive 5 cm till it breaks.

There were 286 registrations out of which 77 people attended the event.

“The participants enjoyed playing with Thermocol and messing around with it but were upset when their structures broke down. They used their creative thinking to make innovative structures. “

-Kiran, a coordinator for the event

Car Show: The Automotive Pinnacle

Team Road Runner, a club designing and building vehicles conducted the Car show where they showcased their car which they have been building for 8-9 months. The hard work, sleepless nights and endless efforts put in by the team members was put up for the whole institute to witness. This is the same car which is used in national and international competitionsNew innovations are tried to be implemented into the vehicle so that the commercial viability is improved. Inspiration from Formula-1 Cars are taken and Research and Development are also done to develop the vehicle.

The event witnessed 80-100 audience members. There were issues with the Innovision organizing team as the flexes ordered by TRR were not provided even after the event’s completion although the quotation was given on time. Other than this, the event progressed smoothly.

Abishek Pramanik, The captain of TRR had this to say:

“Initially, we successfully finished 2 laps around the campus but on the third attempt, the battery died. So, we had to charge it for 15-20 minutes and restart the lap attempt near the main building.”


This is one of the few events which was conducted for the very first time in the history of Innovision and American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME), NIT Rourkela Chapter.

The participants had to design and cut gears out of cardboards according to a certain torque and velocity with the help of which they were required to pull a load that was given. After they attached the motor to the whole setup it was supposed to pull a certain qualifying dead load after which the more load it pulled, the more points they earned. Winners were decided on basis of maximum load pulled and time is taken to do so.

This event witnessed almost 160 online registration out of which 69 participants turned up.

Prakash Harsude was declared as the winner and runners up were Mahaprasad Sahoo and Ankit Kumar Sethi.

In the words of IGIT Sarang Participant Sahil:


It was a very educational and well thought out event. I never thought that I would apply my physics in such an amazing way. I had a lot of fun.



Institute of Civil Engineers (ICS), NIT Rourkela chapter had conducted this event in which contestants were required to build a crane using popsicle sticks, glue, and thread. Although the event witnessed over 150 online registrations, only 3 made an appearance. This was a huge blow to the coordinators who had put in a lot of time and effort to avoid any form of complications and make the event more lively.

Pitbasha, the event coordinator had this to say:

I was disappointed by the actual turn up, my expectations were crushed when we had just 3 participants. We even called 30-40 participants who had registered but none were interested.




This robotic event is one of the prominent technical events conducted by Cyborg which has time and again proved to be a spectacular event for Innovision, where the prime objective of this event is to construct and code an Autonomous Line Follower and Edge Follower robot capable carrying out a certain task given in the problem statement.

General rules:

It consisted of two rounds and the dimension of the robot had been restricted to 20x20x20cm. It had to follow a line and cross five checkpoints. 10 points were awarded to the team on crossing a particular checkpoint.

Timepoint was also given in accordance with the time taken by the robot to complete the track. Top 50% of the total number of teams were selected for the next round.

The rewards were very tempting which included cash awards of 10K, a grand prize of 5K and the winning team got a direct wildcard entry to Meshmerize event of IITB Techfest.  

This year over 56 teams, consisting of participants from many distinguished colleges took part, which ultimately posed a challenge for the coordinators to properly conduct the event. There were also a few irregularities with the requirements received by the coordinators and permissions for the venue.

The First prize went to the PIONEERS, consisting of SUBHANKIT PRUSTI, SOUMIK KUNDU, ASHISH KUMAR SENAPATI of College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar and the second prize winners were the DELTA consisting of SAYANSREE PARIA, MOHIT MUNDRA, RISHAV AGARWAL of NITR Rourkela and the third prize went to the INVINCIBLE consisting of APARAJITA PANIGRAHI, PREETAM BAL, ARPITA MOHAPATRA, IMTIAZ KUMAR PRADHAN of NIT Rourkela.

Aparajita, a participant from NIT Rourkela had this to say regarding the event:

“Overall it was a wonderful experience and I am glad that I got to compete against such amazing talent.

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