Defining Celebration And Joy: Pro Shows At Innovision 2k19

Defining Celebration And Joy: Pro Shows At Innovision 2k19

Akshat Sitani | Nov 04, 2019

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Innovision 2k19 had a lot of mind-blowing events to make it a promising fest and pro shows were probably the heart of all charisma. From energy-filled EDM nights to hilarious Stand-up comedy to Bollywood night, Innovision 2k19 has provided with power-packed proshows which surpassed everyone’s expectations leaving the populace with joy and satisfaction. Let us have a sneak peek into the pro shows that happened on 2nd and 3rd November 2019.

2nd November

Comedy night by Anubhav Singh Bassi

Dilip Tirkey Stadium was all filled with energy, witnessing a crowd like never before on 2nd November evening of the technological extravaganza waiting for the Comedy Night by Anubhav Singh Bassi to begin. As per our sources, there were two opening shows by Rupesh Mahore and Siddharth Rout scheduled but were postponed at the last minute. At around 8:30 PM, Bassi arrived and took on the stage with utmost enthusiasm. He started his show with the story of his academics and career and entertained us with how funny an entrepreneur’s life can be. Most of his jokes were very relatable to a college student and he connected well with the crowd. Being a lawyer by qualification, Bassi kept us engaged with his jokes and didn’t let the energy of the evening die even for a second.

Flash Mob by Synergy

After the stand-up comedy ended, Synergy presented a flash mob behind the crowd which was a surprise for the audience. There were some power-packed performances one of which was performed by an all-fresher group. The flash mob proved to be a warm-up for the audience for the upcoming EDM night.

DJ night With DJ Olly Esse

After the flash mob, the stage was set for the DJ night with an Italian DJ Olly Esse. The crowd was beaming with ecstasy and was ready to groove to the sounds of DJ Olly. At around 10 PM, Olly Esse was welcomed to the stage with a loud cheer and started grooving to the music. The energy of the stadium sky-rocketed with mixes and tracks played by DJ Olly. The crowd went crazy when she played a Punjabi mix amid rock music and took the energy to even a higher level. The show went on to more than one and half an hour and ended at around 11:30 PM.

Towards the end of the show, the barricade separating the VIP area along with the sideline barricades broke down due to overcrowding and a rush by the audience.

Soubhik Samal, a student of CET Bhubaneshwar said:

I thoroughly enjoyed the events and totally loved the performances by all the guests. This was even bigger than the promotions that I saw on Instagram. I really look forward to the next of such fests by NIT Rourkela.

3rd November

Stand-Up Act by Rupesh Mahore and Sidharth Rout

Although the opening act was cancelled on 2nd November, they were granted permission to perform an opening act for the Bollywood night. The event which was supposed to start at 8:00 pm was delayed to 9:20 pm because of unknown reasons. Sidharth Rout and Rupesh Mahore were welcomed with loud cheer and enthusiasm. The show started with a set by Sidharth Rout in which he shares some events that have happened with him in the class and made jokes out of that. After him, Rupesh Mahore came and began his set with some light jokes on his show being postponed. He also made jokes on some topics relatable to NIT Rourkela students.

Bollywood night by Gajendra Verma

On the final day of Innovision 2k19, the crowd was waiting for the big end to the technological extravaganza- Bollywood Night by Gajendra Verma. A renowned singer and music composer, Gajendra Verma graced the stage at around 9:30 pm and took the audience on a two-hour-long musical and magical trip to a night which no one in the audience will ever forget in his/her life. He started with a rocking performance of song Dhan Te Nan of the movie “Kaminey: The Scoundrels”. The audience loved the way he tirelessly performed and was amazed by the voice and versatility of his performances. He gave a spectrum of performances ranging from his biggest hit- “Tera Ghata” to the song which gave him fame without even being released- “Emptiness”. He also performed some songs in English- “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran and “Attention by Charlie Puth”. The two-hour-long performance was something we say- “Paisa Wasool” or it was worth it.

Sai Swaroop Mohanty, a sophomore of NIT Rourkela says:

The proshows were really great. The Comedy Night was hilarious and so much relatable. This was something beyond expectations. DJ Olly was also good. The Bollywood Night with Gajendra Verma surpassed all our expectations with his energy and awesomeness.

The Space Opera Innovision 2k19 ended with a vote of thanks by Debaprasad Badajena, one of the convenors to the authorities, his team and all those who attended the fest.

Addressing his team, Dean Student Welfare and Student Activity Centre he says:

The journey from last year’s 1500 participants to this year’s 2100 has been possible because of you and I can proudly say that yes, this is my Innovision team.

Team Monday Morning congratulates the Team Innovision 2k19 and Student Activity Centre for successful and smooth organization of Pro shows.

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