Innovative Ideas Leads to Innovative Event: Innovision 2019

Innovative Ideas Leads to Innovative Event: Innovision 2019

Kunal Singh K Aditya | Nov 04, 2019

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 The Innovision 2019 witnessed many great events that were not only innovative but also attracted the number of participants too. There were many new events introduced this year in the Innovision. Below is a list of the events that took place and information about the event.

Event Name






The Bridge breaker


LA lawns

2nd Nov


Anshu Lodha

Ashutosh Mohapatra

Game of Chems


Library Lawns and La 216

2nd Nov


Pritesh Patro

Kanishk Singh

Abode optimization


La 201

3rd Nov


Subham Das

Nishanta Bhatta



NCC ground

3rd Nov


Nihar Mohanty


Maneuver 3.0


La 101

2nd Nov



Abhishek Agarwal

Pankaj Agarwal








Bridge Breaker

The event was organized by CEST Club and was a sort of fun event. It was a team event in which each team had to make a bridge with specified measurements and guidelines using Popsicle sticks,  adhesive, and thread. The event held on 2nd November in LA Veranda and was an interesting event.

Game of Chems:

Game of Chems was an event organized by the Aiche club of Nit Rourkela. The online registration of the event was over 250 and the actual footfall was around 220 which included on the spot registration too. In the event, one of the partners was required to wear a headphone with loud music on and guess the word the other partner was speaking or imitating.

  Since there was only one single registration desk, a lot of participants didn’t receive a booklet on time causing them to leave the event. This was one of the difficulties faced in the smooth conduction of the event.

The coordinator of the event, Pritesh Kumar Patro had the following to say,

 This was the first edition of our event and the response was awesome. Everyone appreciated our idea and we expect to improve and increase the participation to 400+ next year. We expect more coordination from the publicity team as our poster wasn’t shared by the publicity team this time. We don’t wish to face such hindrance next year.

Abode Optimization

CEST club came forth with a unique event this Inno'19. The event held on the third day of Innovision demanded the participants to give an impactful presentation on topics related to Abode, it's present and future sustainability plans. The participants had to summarise their presentation by giving a valid explanation to the idea they try to convey through the presentation.


 Thermochrome event took place in NCC ground from 2 pm-5 pm. This event required participants to remember the initial color of several figures which would be filled with warm water causing the color of the figure to change. The participants had to correctly guess the initial color of the figure to win the game.

  The online registration for the event was 246, but the actual footfall was around 58. The main reason behind this was the location of the event as many didn’t know where was the NCC Ground.

Maneuver 3.0

This was a fun event based on quizzes and treasure hunt concept which took place in LA 101. It consisted of 3 rounds. Round 1 required participants to take up a technical fun quiz. The second round needed the participants to go through the jeopardy quiz in the buzzer round. The qualifiers of the second round then played the 3rd round namely Chemi-treasure which was a treasure hunt on the campus.

  The event had a prize pool consisting of sponsored Archies gifts and coupons along with Fast Tech T-shirts and food coupons from Abi’s Kitchen.

The coordinator of the event, Abhishek Agarwal had the following to say:

“We saw 100% increment in participation this year as compared to the previous year. We enjoyed conducting this event and good job was done from volunteer;s side in smooth conduction of the event. We wish to improve this event even more and increase participation even more.”


The Fun events finally came to an end with participants leaving the event with a smile and sense of satisfaction which boosted the morale of the event management team, coordinators and the volunteers.

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