Embracing The Digital World: Samir Datt

Embracing The Digital World: Samir Datt

Shrestha Mohapatra | Nov 04, 2019

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People often say:

Privacy is an elitist idea.

To shed some light on how online privacy is a myth, the third day of Innovision started with a very absorbing talk about cybercrimes. Samir Datt, CEO of Foundation Futuristic Technologies, gave an electrifying talk about cybercrimes and digital forensics.

Starting with a very stimulating introduction of cyber crimes and how with changing times, the types of cybercrimes are changing. With this, the digital elements used as evidence in crime scenes are also changing and this is where digital forensics come to play. He talked about the alarming rate at which cybercrimes are growing-a whooping 300% in every industry.

With the example of a celebrity like Priyanka Chopra, he showed how all her pictures can be accessed just by searching her name on the internet.

He cited the popular old band, ‘The police’ – “I’ll be watching you”. It’s quite applicable in the world we live now where there’s no privacy and secrecy on the internet and anyone can access someone’s data. He talked about the ‘way-back’ machine which can help someone access your posts which you posted a long time ago.

Just like Sherlock Holmes, there exist digital forensics which can follow clues on the internet to find the ‘criminal’ online by the method of scientific investigation. He took examples of investigative TV Shows like CSI and CID and compared the forensic lab to the cyber scenes out there. The same way the fabric of the murderer’s clothes can get stuck to the victim’s shoe without his knowledge, it’s the same way we leave our trace behind on the internet for people to success our private information. He further went on to discuss various characteristics of the digital scenario like facial recognition, data analytics, united encrypted communication app, etc. He went on to further elaborate on how certain programs inbuilt can find out if images are photo-shopped or not, which helps in finding the criminal in most cases. He specified how cyber-workers were the need of the hour and reports suggest that about 4 Million people are required to combat cybercrimes but the sad part is that India doesn’t contribute even 1% of the needed numbers.

The talk was followed by the felicitation by Prof. Seemita Mohanty (President SAC) and Prof. S K Patel (Dean SW). Because it was the third day during lunch hours, the turnout was pretty disappointing with about 20 people filling up BBA.

Although the talk had a foreboding sense about the way technology can engulf us, it also gave an insight into the digital world and how it’s like a giant web interrelated to everything happening in the world.

Samir Datta expressed happiness on being invited as a guest lecturer:

It feels great to be back here again. I’ve always been happy to come as a guest to my alma mater

It has always been exhilarating to receive Samir Datt on our campus and he can’t be thanked enough for his contribution to the college as an alumnus.

Team Monday Morning had published an exclusive interview with Mr. Datt. 

Check here: Samir Datt Interview

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