Celebrating victory with Connoisseurs of Dance: Synergy's feat at XLRI, Jamshedpur

Celebrating victory with Connoisseurs of Dance: Synergy's feat at XLRI, Jamshedpur

Saurav Sahoo | Nov 11, 2019

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Dance is an art form that involves grooving to the rhythms of music, delivering dexterity through swift body movements incorporated with pleasing expressions and emotions in a synchronized fashion. Owing to diversified club culture, clubs of NIT Rourkela have been fortunate enough in carving out a niche in themselves in their respective fields since the past couple of years. Of all the clubs that NIT, Rourkela encompasses, Synergy, the official dance club of the Institute is often seen as the ‘cream of the crop’ in its respective domain with immense hardship and ardent fervour.

The club has been setting up benchmarks of glory in an array of fields and touching new heights by bringing numerous laurels and accolades to the institute. A similar glorious tale was recorded in the history of Synergy, as it bagged the Runners-up position in Feel the Beat, group dance competition organised during Ensemble Valhalla, the cultural fest of XLRI Jamshedpur from 1st November 2019- 3rd November 2019.

The cultural fest of XLRI, Jamshedpur, one of the most popular cultural extravaganzas in the Eastern India, featured numerous trailblazing shows, events and competitions in this edition, favouring a very handsome amount of multitalented people coming from all across the nation and beyond to explore the fest and cast some light to their skills in various competitions.

Feel the Beat, one of the most sought after competitions of the fest was organized on 1st November 2019 at 11 AM. It was a single round group dance competition that had eight teams participating in total including the people from management and technical colleges. On a general note, our home team 'Synergy' has got a very strong alumni network constituting of the people associated with dance, that has been helping them in getting hold of various opportunities coming on their way. Of course, Synergians take chances of every other opportunity to prove their mettle in every other platform.

The competition was judged by two eminent dancers. One among them was Sushant Singh, a popular dancer proficient in Zumba and Hip-hop. The criteria for the evaluation included creativity in concept, teamwork, synchronisation of movements, and conveyance of a message through the performance.


Although Synergy's performance was devoid of theme, they were able to win the hearts of the people with their amazing act that was a complete blend of various dance forms like hip hop, house, locking, etc. After a series of victory in Footloose during NU'19 and Terpsichore, Pearl, BITS Hyderabad, Synergy yet added another feather in its cap by bagging the Runners-up position. The crew consisted of 20 members that included the students from 2nd and 3rd year of our institute. The team that bagged the Champion’s title was the home team 'XLRI Jamshedpur' itself.

No wonder, Synergy left an indelible imprint in the audience's mind with its awesome, power-packed performance. An energetic ambience was created inside the entire auditorium that rejuvenated everyone among the audience. Owing to this, Arjun Sree Madhav, current President of Synergy added,

Even though the competition commenced just after the inauguration in the early morning, but the auditorium was almost full with an excited bunch of audience. Despite not having a specific theme, we are proud that we were able to finish runners up. The judges also appreciated our performance and we were just two points behind the winning team. Had there been a message being conveyed in our act, we would have definitely achieved the feat.

The Synergians were resolute in giving their best whatever the situation might be. It was the day when all their efforts procured out of burning the midnight oil, ultimately paid off. Further, when asked about their overall experience, the President added the following,

Going to another college, participating and competing with other contestants is definitely not an easy task. Moreover, just only emerging out as winners doesn't make us any better. The thing that actually matters is our journey so far, the amount of effort we put forth, the satisfaction we get after our performance is done, the joy of winning, etc are absolutely incomparable.

Team MM wishes hearty congratulations to the entire team and wishes all the very best for their future endeavours.

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