The Citius , Altius and Fortius of our own : VRIDDHI 2K19

The Citius , Altius and Fortius of our own : VRIDDHI 2K19

The Annual Sports Fest of NIT Rourkela-Vriddhi was organized this weekend from the 8th of October to the 10th of October, mandating sports enthusiasts to have their share of fun and showcase their skills and passion. The fest was celebrated in full swing and had colleges like VSSUT, IIIT Naya Raipur, CET, IGIT, GCEK, NIST as its participants. Fair Play, enthusiasm, generosity to opponents and acceptance could be seen in all the phases of the fest, making it a very happening and amazing extravaganza.

Team Monday Morning brings you all the victories, defeats and happenings of the fest.


After a long wait the most awaited annual fest of NIT Rourkela, Vriddhi 2k19 got under way on Friday with a serene ceremony in the Dilip Tirkey Stadium on 8th of November.With the students of all the colleges aggregated in the institute to be a part of this sports fest in front of the DTS Galleria ,the proceedings kicked off at around 4:30 PM with a bit of a delay.T he likes of SAS Officer : Mr.T.R Pattnaik,SAC President : Seemita Mohanty, Games & Sports VPs: Prof.N.K Vissa & S.Ari ,Dean(SW): Prof.S.K Patel and the Director of NIT Rourkela: Prof. Animesh Biswas were present for this auspicious event. After the felicitation of the dignitaries, Prof.Seemita Mohanty came up on the dais to provide the students with a pep talk before they put in their heart and soul into the games. There was a set back of few minutes due to the absence of electricity in DTS owing to which the mics were not functional. However with quick trouble shooting procedures put into action, everything was set back on track in a few minutes.She went on speaking about the fictional character Bhuvan from the film Laagan and urged all to bring out the Bhuvan present in them.She ended her talk wishing good luck to all the participants.She was followed by Prof.S.K Patel who welcomed the participants and emphasized on the importance of Vriddhi in making the students of NIT Rourkela realize where they stand in the real-world competition.Last but not the least Prof.Animesh Biswas brought up the sensitive topic of depression among students.He explained further how one should not lose heart by losing a game cause winning and losing are part and parcel of every game.He concluded his speech requesting every person ou there to take up a sport which would help develop their overall character. With this the Director declared Vriddhi 2k19 to be open. Subsequently, the flag hoisting ceremony was carried out. The two flags one of the institute and the other being the Vriddhi flag waved high in the air.

Samarth Mohanty, Convener of Vriddhi had a say as such:

This year we have allowed the private engineering institutes to take part in the fest owing which there has been a rise among the participants.However the NITR Junta does not show enough enthusiasm and spirit to come watch the games and support the home team.So I would request them to take more interest in this scenario.



A total of 7 teams contested to showcase their prowess in this game and emerge victorious. They were divided into two pools as follows:



After two days of grueling in the dirt and facing off against other teams, the ones who emerged out to be on top were ITER, PMEC, CENTURIAN, and NIT RKL A.With the semis underway on Day 2, NIT RKL A and Centurian clawed their way into the finals.

The Final Showdown

The much anticipated match ,the finals of the kabbadi, was about to start.Both the teams ,NIT Rourkela and Centurian University were seen gearing up for one last time.They performed their usual drills which warmed them up for this big fixture.Here is how the match proceeded:

First Half

11:51 : With both the teams lined up before the central line, the captains of both the teams shake hands as a good gesture.  

11:53 : Here goes the first raid by Hasim,the captain of NIT Rourkela as he goes roaring into the enemies bound.Too much of aggression but all in vain.He loses the first point as he goes out of bounds.Score board kicks off with 1-0.

11:54 : Next up is the first raid by Centurian University by Ghana and he succeeds takes the score board to 2-0.

11:55 : No 33, Jaydev strikes back. NIT Rourkela bounces back with 3 points.

11:57 : After back to back points for NIT Rourkela all thanks to the captain and vice-captain the referee calls for a time out.

11:59: Play resumes with only one player remaining on Centurian’s side. And Hasim scores.Here is the first all-out for NIT Rourkela. Score - (9-2).

12:00 : There is some sledging " baap baap hota h" from NITians trying to undermine the Centurians.There is a controversy between the judges and finally a point is awarded to Centurian.Score – (12-9)

12:01 : Hasim scores 3 points in two raids taking the score to (16-9).

12:02 : Bonus point for Centurian.Score – (16-10)

12:03 : Hasim goes blazing in and there it is the second all-out raid.Cheerful faces among the NITians.The referees have signalled for a timeout with the score at (21-10) .

12:05 : Play resumes with Ghana from Centurian losing out another point.Score – (22-10)

12:06 : A valiant effort by Chiku from Centurian but all in vain.

12:08 : After back to back null raids by both teams, Hasim goes way too wide and is thrown out of the arena.

12:09:It is a do or die raid for Centurian ,with this being said Ghana goes out losing a point.Score – (27-12).

12:12 : Another time out . There is some field setting ,demarcations are being made intact.Some pep talk among the two teams discussing their next strategy

12:16 :Barman keeps the score board ticking for NIT Rourkela.Score – (28- 12)

12:18 : Super raid by Chiku from Centurian takes score to 28-16,2 points and a bonus

12:20 :Two people should have been revived for two points scored but three players came in instead of two .Hence a technical point for nit .Score is at 29-16 as the first Half ends and players of both the teams are revived. 

Second Half

12:24 : The second half starts with the two teams changing sides.Chiku scores in his first raid for Centurian after the break.

12:25 Chiku loses a point in his next,complains about slippery ground.

12:27: Some changes in position of players by NIT Rourkela.There is a heated discussion between the two teams. Hasim goes out and with this Centurian scores back to back points.Score - (32-18)

12:28 : Loud cheers in support of Centurian. Two points for Sangram.Score – (32-20)

12:29 An all-out raid by Chiku and Centurian are slowly bouncing back into the game.Score – (32-24)

12:30: Jaydev scores for NIT Rourkela,breaking Centurian’s streak.Score – (33-26)

12:32 Chiku scores two points for Centurion.The gap between both the teams is closing in. (34-28) 12:35 : Brilliance from Chiku and Ghana level the scores with an all-out raid by Centurian.The hooting says it all .There is a new found spirit and confidence among the Centurians with this raid.Score – (35-35).

12:35 : NIT trails with a bonus point awarded to Centurian. Hasim fails to score.The tables have turned completely.Sarthak joins the string of losing points.Score – (35-38)

12:37 :One point for NIT as they try to get back into the game.Score  – (36- 38)

12:37 Jaydev fails under pressure.Score –  (36-39).

12:38 : Two points for Centurian.Now they are cruising ahead.Score – (36- 41)

12:39 : All out raid by Centurian’s Chiku.Score – (36-45)

12:41: A brilliant tackle by Pintu of Centurian taking the score to (36-46) 

12:42 : Sarthak producing an equally brilliant performance by generating some power.Score – (37-46)

12:43:One point each for the two teams,Scores – (39-47)

12:44 : Ghana scores and Centurian complete half a decade of points .Score – (39-51)

12:45 : Another all-out raid by Centurian.NIT RKL almost has given away the match to Centurian with less than a minute remaining. Score – (39-55).

12:46: Chiku jumps in exhilaration.The match ends with him scoring the final point for Centurian.(39-57) There are celebrations all around by the Centurian players as they are congratulated by others.A scintillating win for Centurian.On the other end it has been a swan’s song for NIT Rourkela.From comfortably leading in the first half to losing out the game it was a great disappointment for them.

P.S.The time mentioned is in PM

Chiku,the star raider of Centurian expressed his views after the match as jotted below :

At the beginning we were following an advanced gameplay however we in the second half we planned properly and we executed that plan very well.The NIT Rourkela raiders mostly were doing null raids and we took advantage of that.I am very happy with my team’s performance and its time for celebration.


Here are the top 3 who showed class and power and triumphed over the rest:

Winner: Centurian University

First Runner Up: NIT Rourkela ,A

Second Runner Up: ITER


A total of 9 teams had participated in the event. Teams from NIT Rourkela, VSSUT Burla, ITER(SOA), BGU, GM college, IIIT Naya Raipur, GEC-Bilaspur and Centurion University were divided into 3 pools for the league matches. The best two teams from the pools qualified for the playoffs, while the 3rd was awarded the runners up title. ICC 20-20 rules were followed, the league matches were of 15 overs per innings while the final match was played with 20 overs per innings. The win-loss statistics of the league matches are as follows:-

1. NITR-B vs GEC, NITR-B won the toss and chose to bat, NITRB won the match by 47 runs.

2. Centurion Univ. vs NITR-A, Centurion Univ. won the toss and elected to bat first, NITR-A won the match by 8 wickets.

3. ITER vs GM, GM won the toss and elected to bat, ITER won the match by 8-wickets.

4. NITR-B vs BGU, BGU won the toss and elected to bat, NITR-B won the match by 6 wickets.

5. IIIT-NR vs NITR-A, IIIT-NR won the toss and elected to bowl, NITR-A won by 78 runs.

6. GMU vs VSSUT, VSSUT won the toss and elected to bowl, VSSUT won by 5 wickets.

7. IIIT-NR vs Centurion, Centurion won the toss and elected to bowl, Centurion won the match by 6 wickets.

8. BGU vs GEC, GEC won the toss and elected to bat, BGU won the match by 5 wickets.

9. VSSUT vs ITER, VSSUT won the toss and elected to bowl, ITER won the match by 4 wickets.

10.NITR-A vs ITER, ITER won the toss and elected to bat,NITR-A won the match by 8 wickets.

11.NITR-A vs NITR-B, NITR-A won the match and elected to bat, NITR-A won the match by 9 runs.

12.ITER vs NITR-B, NITR-B won the toss and elected to bowl, ITER won the match by 6 wickets. The play-off was between ITER and NITR-A, ITER won the finals by 2 wickets successfully chasing a target of 93 runs in 19.4 overs. Team ITER was crowned the champion while NITR-A and NITR-B bagged the runners-up and 2nd runners-up positions respectively.


6 teams from NIT Rourkela, VSSUT Burla, ITER, IGIT Sarang and IIIT Naya.Raipur participated in the event and were divided into 2 groups. The league matches and semi-finals were played for 25 minutes in each half. The final was played for 30 minutes in each half. FIFA rules were implemented throughout the game so that the teams were familiar with the conditions and could play a fair game.

The statistics of the league matches are as follows:-

1. NITR-B 0-2 VSSUT (won by NITR-B)

2. ITER 1-1 IIIT-NR(match was drawn)

3. VSSUT 0-0 IGIT (the match was drawn)

4. NITR-A 5-0 IIIT-NR(won by NITR-A)

5. NITR-B 1-0 IGIT (won by NITR-B)

6. NITR-A 0-0 ITER (match was drawn).

The statistics of the play-offs are as follows:-

Semifinal 1: NITR-A 1-0 NITR-B(won by NITR-B)

Semifinal 2: ITER 2-2 VSSUT, VSSUT won in the penalties 4-1

Pre-finale: NITR-B 1-0 ITER

Finale: NITR-A 1-1 VSSUT, VSSUT won in the penalties 4-1.

Team VSSUT Burla was crowned the champion whereas NITR-A and NITR-B bagged the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.


8 teams participated in the event. They were divided into two pools A and B. The first six qualifying matches were of 3 sets with a set of 25 each. The semis and finals were of 5 sets with a set of 25 each.

The results of the league matches are shown below:

The big Final!

6:30 pm - Here come both teams! NITR(A) in their black jerseys, the home side is welcomed by a boisterous crowd, Surely the home support will spur on them!

Starting line-up for NITR(A): Rudra, Nadeem, Bharath, A.K. Kashyap, G.P. Kalayan and Deepak , Pawan.

Starting line-up for ITER(Bbsr): A. Sahu, A.Mishra, Partha, A.Swain, A. Ojha, D. Prasad.

(Scores read NITR(A) - ITER)

Game 1

0-1: ITER claims the first point!

3-3: After taking the lead of three points in the starting, NITR is back in the game with an equal score.

6-4: Deepak rises high to send a thunderous spike, much to the joy of the full-throated crowd.

7-4: It's Black again, Now Bharath spikes it to extend NITR(A) lead.

14-9: Back to Back points for ITER from 14-7, A. Sahu gets into a good position and earn his side a crucial point.

15-9: NITR strikes again with a powerful spike from Rudhra.

17-10: NITR( A) calls for a super point but Rudhra fails to get his spike past the net and gifts the ITER an easy point.

22-17: NITR(A) does extremely well to reject Ojha spike and takes it to within three points of the first set.

25-17: Nadeem is at it again! He now slams a massive down-the-line smash to keep the NITR(A) in check.


Game 2

1-0: Outside the line from Adarsh gives the much-needed start to the NITR(A).

6-4: Partha rises high and cleverly places the ball past the NITR(A) defenders. The ITER is edging closer.

6-7: Wow! ITER has taken a lead from 5-1. The supporters of ITER have gone crazy.

17-14: Bharath drops wide of the baseline and added one more point to their lead.

24-18: Looks like match point has put NITR into more pressure, miss by Nadeem.

24-19: One more miss and now it's by Rudra. Crowd cheering " Common NITR".

25-20: What a finish! A clever one hand shot by Kashyap. NITR(A) win the second set 25-20 and take a massive 2-0 lead in this final.


NITR(A) is a very good value for the two sets to nil lead. NITR(A), though, has a different aura about it today and the home crowd is buzzing!

Game 3

2-3: ITER takes an early lead in this third set. Adarsh earns the point to give his side a lead.

7-11: After a 5 point lead taken by ITER, Deepak strikes with a powerful smash to lessen the lead. What a crucial point it is for NITR.

8-11: NITR blocks a booming spike and reduce the lead to three points.

9-14: There is no stopping him! Partha gets on top and slams a massive spike to extend the lead.

11-18: What a nerve-racking point! An intense rally, glittered with some fantastic digs, sees NITR attempt sail just wide and the ITER race ahead.

19-23: Three continuous points for NITR. They are trying hard to get close to the score and finish the match soon.

19-25: ITER put up a good play and made a great comeback with the first game in their hands.

The atmosphere is nothing short of electric here. Both sets of fans making noise. NITR(A) has used the atmosphere to its advantage.

Game 4

4-0: NITR started well with a four-point lead. Just the start, the home side needed!

9-6: ITER is coming back into the game. A great shot put in the gap by Sahu.

15-11: Terrific! Two back to back smashes by Nadeem. The lead is of four points now.

16:11: Again! Now it is Pawan who smash a booming strike to take the lead to five points.

18-15: Ouch! Ankle injury for Aditya. He is replaced by Biswajit. The game has started again.

25-22: They have done it! NITR(A) is the winner. Under pressure foul by ITER.

NITR(A) put up a terrific display and are crowned the winners of VRIDDHI. Pawan, the NITR(A) Captain said:

Feeling wonderful after the win. There were two-three teams which were a competition for us and ITER was one of them. They displayed great volleyball. The management was quite good and the managers and convenors were very supportive.


6 Teams participated in the event. They were divided into two pools A and B. The tournament was divided into two categories – Men’s Doubles and Men’s Singles wherein Men’ Singles had 3 matches and Men’s Doubles had 2 matches.1

The results of the league matches are shown below:

How the Final Unfolded

Debesh Panda from ITER piped Dhruv from NITR(A) 21-9,21-15 in the opening match of the final. Dhruv was guilty of making numerous unforced errors. D. Panda didn't play extraordinary badminton as such but a handful of smashes and a few inspired rallies - winning shots helped him emerge the winner in the opening clash.

Ashish smashes to victory

Smash to the right, smash to the left, smash at the player; that’s all Ashish had in mind in the exchanges against ITER's up and coming Niklas Mohanty. He took apart the ITERian, who gave a strong competition and put up an inspired performance. If the point went to a rally, both were adept with changing course at will to tap in a winner or play a clever drop. After losing the first game, Ashish made a great comeback in the second game, he seemed callous with his approach to the net. In the third game, Niklas attempt at a tap, a scoop or a net smash often caught the net, costing him valuable points against the Nitrian who was already looking quite impressive in the last game. In the end, a neck to neck game turned out to be a 19-21,21-15, 21-19 victory for Ashish.

After the loss of the last game, ITER came up with a well-strategized and powerful gameplay. This included the correct timing of smashes and drops and tosses. The number of outs provided by ITER was reduced to minimal whereas, on the other hand, the NITR gameplay was in a bit of hustle-bustle. Whatever may be the reason but there was less efficient teamwork from the NITR side. Although it was a loss for the NITR the game gave a tremendous breathtaking turn to both sides.

Prithvi pips Shashank

Prithvi carried the confidence into the fourth match, ripping apart Shashank with an array of brilliant strokes to take the first game. ITER could almost taste title victory. But all it took was a couple of good points from the second game for Prithvi to begin doubting his skills. Errors began piling. Shashank began dictating terms. He started well in the second game but could not make it to the line due to a lack of consistency. Shashank collapsed spectacularly 21-15, 21-12 to give Prithvi a victory.


Sambit and Aaditya got the better of Dhruva and Soumya to help the ITER clinch the title. Stakes were high as a spectacular meltdown from Prithvi in the fourth match had pushed it to a tie. It was a thriller for the crowd, as they had no idea of who would win. There was a simultaneous loss of points from both sides leading to a neck to neck match. NITR(A) fell from 11-7 to 21-19 in the first game. In the second game, ITER stumbled from 11-10 to 21-19. The third game was the real thriller with Soumya and Dhruv taking it to duo's and ITER finally winning the last game by 23-21.

Sambit, the ITER Team Captain quoted:

Surely, it was a great experience playing with NITR in its very own court. The game of NITR is far better than us. But with luck and good teamwork, we were able to defeat NITR after a rough competition.

Run, Dribble, Shoot: Basketball Fixtures

The teams were divided into two pools, Pool A and Pool B.

Pool A had NIT RKL, VSSUT, IGIT, IIIT Naya Raipur under it while Pool B had ITER, BGU, and NIT JSR under it.

DAY 1:

Day 1 of the fest had basketball matches since 8 A.M. in the morning. The results of the matches among the two Pools have been shown in the design.

Day 2:

 The second day had few matches among the pools in the first half which gave us the semifinalists.

The semifinals were held on the same day from 6:00 P.M. onwards.

The teams qualifying for the same were NIT RKL and VSSUT from Pool A, ITER and BGU from Pool B.

The first semifinals were NIT RKL against ITER. NITRKL beat them convincingly.

In the second semifinals, VSSUT played BGU. BGU had an upper hand in this match and qualified for the finals.

Day 3:

The semifinals left VSSUT and ITER to fight for the third position. The match declared VSSUT as clear winners. 

BasketBall Finals:

The Basketball Finals ran in the morning (10:20 A.M. onwards) on the 3rd day of Vriddhi. NITRkl played BGU.

The home team in Blue jersey came to the ground and was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of NITR Junta. The other team in black jersey was strangely supported by the ITER Team who lost their semifinals to NITRkl. 

The NITRkl team involved: Hritik(Captain), Biswajeet, Yash, Anant, Ansh, Monik, Ajeet, Tinu, Jagat, Parwesh, Sumit, and Manish.

The BGU team involved: Subham(Captain), Yashwant, Pavan, Pragyan, Vishal, Vikram, Anurag, D.A.B., Mukund, Tanmay.

The match remained neck and neck, too close to call until the third quarter. 

 In the first quarter, BGU was leading by 2 points and the scoreboard showed

NITRkl- 10: BGU- 12

The second quarter had NITRkl on the lead with the scores as:

NITRkl- 28: BGU- 23

With the third quarter, BGU again took a lead of 3 points:

NITRkl- 44: BGU- 47

BGU put in a good performance against NITRkl taking the win by 17 points at the end of the fourth quarter with the final scores as NITRkl- 50: BGU- 67. A mention must go to Subham( Captain, BGU) who shot very well executed 3 pointers shots!

A mention must also go to all the referees, Ashok Ku. Nayak, Shashikant Mohanty, V. Nageshwar Rao, and Sukant Bhar who ensured the smooth running of all the Basketball matches.


The Closing Ceremony and Prize Distribution:

The closing ceremony as scheduled to take place on the last day of the fest at 5:00 P.M. was started a little early. Prof. Animesh Biswas(Director), Prof S.K. Patel(Dean Student Welfare), Prof. Sambit Bakshi(VP Literary Society), Prof Seemita Mohanty(President SAC), S. Ari and NK Vissa (VPs, Games and Sports), and TR Patnaik(SAS Officer) were all present in the ceremony to bid adieu to all the participants of the fest before they parted.

The officials congratulated all the sports maniac on their victories and complimented everybody on their ethical, appropriate, and fair behavior while participating in their respective sports.

The grandiose fest came to an end with intriguing prize distribution by the officials present there which filled the environment with excitement. The winners of Vriddhi have been tabulated below:

Sr. No.Sport NameTeam

Team MM congratulates all the winners and wishes them the best of luck for their future and kudos to the Vridhhi team for organising this event seamlessly.

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