Rhapsody 2019: A Rendezvous of Inter-School Ingenuity

Rhapsody 2019: A Rendezvous of Inter-School Ingenuity

Amidst the numerous fests in the institution, Leo NITR club scored big with Rhapsody 2019. Rhapsody which was held on 10th November (Sunday) saw an overwhelming turnout and surpassed last year’s count of 1.2 K footfall by the school children. The children’s extravaganza by Leo NITR in association with various clubs was held at Lecture Annexe (LA). It unfolded as early as 7.30 AM with young energetic schoolchildren teeming with enthusiasm. There were 3 groups A (classes 2-5), B (classes 6-8) and C (classes 9-12). There were 17 events in total and the event ended in the evening with prize distribution ceremony being held at BBA. The events were received very well by and saw enormous participation from all 3 categories.

Umme Salma, one of the coordinators of Rhapsody 2019 had the following to say:

If Rhapsody was successful it was because of the hardwork of the whole team, managing 1500 kids with a workforce of around 70 members seemed to be an uphill battle, nevertheless the team couldn't have worked harder. We could work out through a number of problems only with the efforts of this rigorous team. As the host, our aim was to give the school kids a good time, and if we achieved that, then Rhapsody 2019 was successful.


Solo Dance Competition

It saw a phenomenal turn out like the previous editions of Rhapsody and was open to all 3 groups of students- A, B and C. Each school could send a maximum of 3 students in each group for this competition and the stipulated performance time was limited to 2 minutes. The event witnessed a participation of about 85 and the event was judged by Mansha Bairiganjan, Rakesh Kumar Pradhan, Suryakanta Murmu and Sunil Majhi from the Mavericks club of NITR.


The battle of wits saw enthusiastic young minds thinking of the next move on the black and white checkered board. The event was limited to two categories, B and C only and each school was allowed to send a team of 3 students from each group. The game was clocked and the decision of the arbiter was final. An interesting part of this event was that the winning team would get an opportunity to play with the Institute chess team. The number of participants in this event was around 80.

The Institute Chess Captain and the judge for the event, Siddhant Panda said:

It felt really good to see the enthusiasm of the school students of Rourkela to participate and compete in Chess. The future Anands all competed with good sportsman spirit and of course the deserved ones emerged victorious. It was an amazing experience to become the judge of the event in which I was participating during my school days.

60 Seconds to Fame

It was an open event which saw a huge turnout this time. In this individual competition, participants had to entertain the crowd within 60 seconds in which they could perform anything ranging from dance to mime. Participants were allowed to bring their own props. The number of participants in the event was around 60.



As a retreat for talented instrumentalists, Rhapsody organised an open instrumental performance event across all three groups. Students could play instruments of their choice for a given time duration, exceeding which marks were deducted.  Each school was allowed to send a maximum of 3 students from each group. The participants were free to play any instrument however they had to bring it themselves. There was a deduction of marks if a participant exceeded the time limit. Footfall was around 90 combining all the three groups.


  1. Sai Satyam
  2. Himanshu Kumar
  3. Sumit Biswal


  1. V Sriyans
  2. Arman Kanwal
  3. Ritish Sahoo

Devansh from St. Pauls who won 3rd prize for playing the piano in group A said:

I really liked this event. I am happy to have won 3rd place for the instrument solo event. It was also good to see so many participants and compete for a prize. I am thankful.

Chintan Gehlot, pre-final year of Mining Department judged the round and said:

As a judge, I found that Rhapsody is a big platform to showcase your talent and personally for me a great event to judge such amazing talent. I felt the event was conducted with all decency.

K Aditya, the event coordinator from the LEO club said:

It was a really great experience to witness such young talents performing so beautifully. The only problem I faced while managing this event was the overwhelming crowd and interruptions by parents.

Few of the parents were of the view that the event should be categorized on the basis of instruments. For Group-A, the event commenced at 9.30 AM and went on till 10.45 AM. For groups B and C, the event started at 2 PM and ended at about 5 PM.

Spell Bee

To test basic English skill set among students, Rhapsody was yet again back with its popular Spell Bee contest. The event was open for only Groups B and C. Participants had to independently spell words, anagrams and complete phrases to score. The event had two levels for each group. The ones qualifying level-1 went on to compete in the second level. The event saw a footfall of about 120 participants combining both groups.

Sayantan Saha Ray, the first prize winner in group-B said:

I am really happy to have won the competition. The questions were a bit difficult but it was a really good experience.



This was an open event for groups B and C and each team consisted of 2 members who would either speak for or against the topic. Each speaker was permitted to speak for 3+1 minutes. In between for and against teams there were rebuttals and the moderator’s decision was final. The event witnessed a footfall of about 40 participants in both groups combined. The topics for the debate were:

Group B
1. Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling.
2. Video games are too violent.
3. Every home should have a robot.
4. Peer pressure is a good thing

Group C
1. Should the concept of Zoo's be ceased?
2. Euthanasia should be legal
3. The voting age should be lowered
4. Is privacy important?


Face Painting

The colourful young faces adorned LA and brought happiness wherever they went. This event required participants to register in pairs and there was no limit on the number of participants from a school. The open event required participants to articulate their ideas on the given theme and participants were required to bring their own colour sets. The event had 56 participants combining all 3 groups. The themes for the respective groups were:

Group C:
Wolf, Social issues, SuperVillains

Group B:
Illusion, Clean and Green India, Superheroes.

Group A:
Animals, Cartoon, Sunset. 

Group Dance

The event was open to all three groups A, B and C. The event was held at BBA at around 6.30 PM. Participants could perform a solo dance (2 mins) or a group dance (5 mins). Schools had to send a maximum of 3 students for each group in solo dance and one group for the latter category. On a similar fashion, singing events were open to all groups where participants had to individually sing for a maximum of 2 mins duration.

Solo Singing

This event was open to all groups, where each participant was given 2 minutes time to showcase their vocal talent. The event was one of the most awaited events of Rhapsody and was a huge crowd puller as well. There were more than 150 participants combining all the three groups.

Fashion Show

The event was held at BBA in the evening at around 7.30 PM. The theme for the event was Halloween. It was a group event and teams from 9 schools participated in the event. The judges for the event were Saumya Suneja. The winner of the fashion show was the team from Carmel School.


A popularly recurring event of Rhapsody after Dancing is Painting which alike the former was also kept open across all groups. The participants were asked to paint on a given theme and express their comprehension of the thematic perspective in their own way. The theme for group A was modern school, scenery; for group B it was drawing your pet, clean India and for group C it was still life and climate change. 



The event was open for groups B and C with a footfall of 27 in Group-C and 23 in Group-B. The topics were given to the participants one hour prior to the commencement of the event. The participants were asked to speak for 3-4 minutes. The topics for the various categories were as follows:

Group C:

  • Do you believe that students who are responsible for cyberbullying should be expelled from school?
  • Do you think the death penalty is the best punishment for dangerous criminals?
  • The use of animals in medical research is a necessary evil.
  • High school students should be allowed to have cell phones in school.

Group B:

  • Peer pressure helps students grow as individuals.
  • Why reading is more beneficial than watching television?
  • Is the media responsible for the moral degradation of children?
  • Personal hygiene is important for professional success.

The judges for the event were Pausali Pradhan and Ankita Behera. The winners of the elocution were:


  1. Deevolena Roy
  2. Adyasha Pradhan
  3. Reesham Paul


  1. Tanvi Tejaswani
  2. Arunima Thakur
  3. Ajinkya Ghumatkar



It was an open event for groups B and C where the participants had to enact or deliver a speech by a famous person. The participants were judged on the basis of their diction, facial expression and intonation within a time limit of 3 minutes. Total number of participants were 53 combining both the groups. The winners of the groups were:


  1. Devoleena Roy
  2. Abhinav Umang
  3. Shilpa Kullu


  1. Sanjana Dey
  2. Tanishka Biswas
  3. Nora Lakra



The quizzing event for groups B and C was meant for students participating in groups of 2 or 3. Students were tested on general knowledge and awareness on recent developments in science, literature, current affairs etc. Due to a clash of timings between events, the quiz event started half an hour post it's usual time. Inquizzitive Club members played an anchor role in conducting the quiz. The number of participants in group B was around 80 and in group, C was around 200.

President (Inquizzitive) and the quiz master Chinmay Mohanty citing his views about the event:

Rhapsody for me has been really special. Because as a student I used to participate in the quizzes and won a few times. Now this is the 3rd straight year that I hosted the quiz. And every time the experience has been surreal. Seeing the little kids so full of enthusiasm early in the morning, even the parents seem more enthusiastic than their kids. I cannot express the feeling I get when they shout of joy jn unison when they get the answers right. I think Rhapsody has been the greatest platform for the schools students of Roukela for showcasing the unbelievable talent this beautiful town has.



Joining Leo on this year’s endeavour were Synergy for a dance workshop, Hourglass for a public speaking session and Axiom mathematics club for a session. The events were as follows:

Synergy conducted a workshop for the gathered school students on the basic forms of dance at RM Hall. Arjun Sree Madhav, President (Synergy) said: 

It was a 2-hour workshop. A choreography of small duration was taught to the students. The choreo was based on Hip-hop style. Also, a cypher session was also conducted by us for the students during the workshop.

He added:

It's very nice that Leo Club decided to organise a dance workshop as a part of  Rhapsody '19. The interest and energy of the students were immense. Happy that Synergy was able to conduct the workshop successfully.

Hourglass also conducted a public speaking session for the students to help them brush up with their diction and oratory. The enthusiasm among the kids was that of rapt attention as members of the club progressed with the hour-long sessions.

AXIOM club also held a session for enthusiastic kids named Marvellomatics. The participants were divided into 3 groups based on the age groups. The event had to be conducted in two rooms due to such massive participation of 420 participants. It was a 2 round event -The first round consisted of Aptitude reasoning, the top 10 teams were selected and hence proceeded for the second round. The second round, Treasure hunt was the most awaited event of Rhapsody. The top three teams of each group were awarded for reaching the final destination. It was a huge crowd puller and one of the most successful events of Rhapsody.

Asish Sahoo, President (LEO Club) expressing his satisfaction over the successful organisation of Rhapsody 2019:

I feel really happy that we have pulled off such an event with great success. Kudos to all the club members who worked really hard for managing such a large audience. Not to forget the support of Dean Student Welfare, who personally paid a visit to some of the events and interacted with the students. Overall we are really contented with the positive feedback we received from the students and parents and hope to increase the reach of Rhapsody to the next level. 

The day closed with the winners of the events going home with smiling faces and their parents accompanying them. This year as the registration for Rhapsody increased manifold, the events witnessed a decent footfall across most schools of Rourkela; however,  the participants in the workshops were comparatively lesser, for instance, Synergy workshop received a footfall of only 9. In general, the participants praised the management and event formats of Rhapsody.

 As Rhapsody witnessed another successful year, team Monday Morning will look forward to more such successful Rhapsodies in the coming years!

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