Impeccable Or Just Hype? Innovision'19 Post-Fest Analysis

Impeccable Or Just Hype? Innovision'19 Post-Fest Analysis

Team Monday Morning (MM) analyzed all aspects of the fest after a thorough discussion with various stakeholders of Innovision’19 and present you this post fest analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to bring to light the efforts of the team in managing this grand event and to find areas with scope for improvement in upcoming editions.

NIT Rourkela sets a new benchmark by hosting the largest techno-management fest of the region – Innovision 2019 marking its 16th edition since the rebranding from Confluence. The fest saw a total of 2103 check-ins making it the largest Innovision in the history of NIT Rourkela. Apart from having exhilarating pro shows, the fest also had 60+ events and workshops which lasted for three days from Nov 1-Nov 3. In spite of the huge success in terms of registrations and pro shows, the fest raises multiple questions on areas including the fest management, planning, and technology-oriented domains. But before dwelling into the details, let us look at the registration trends over the years for Innovision. The steep increase in the footfall is commendable which reflects the efforts of the team in both online and offline publicity.Reg trends

Team Formation

To manage scores of events, a crowd of zealous participants, a proper team should exist to sustain work-flow and add creativity to the work of the 22 organizing teams of Inno'19. Team formation started with the mentors, who were last year's core team members willing to work as the organizers of the fest. As per Team Innovision:

For the Core Team Inductions, a google form for interested candidates was circulated with a criteria that the applicant must be from 3rd year who had served as the managers or coordinators of previous Innovision editions. The form received around 80 responses and the previous year's core team members (current mentors) selected them over 2 rounds of interviews.

Due to the lack of sufficient designers, web and app developers, the technical team, design team, and database teams’ core members were rid of this selection criteria in consideration with the efforts they put in. Speaking about this dearth of designers, Team Innovision said:

Seeing the dearth of designers in our institute., a first-year can also enjoy the post of a core team member

There were a few members in the core team who were in no way related to Innovision’18. On enquiring about the selection procedure for one of them, Debaprasad Badajena, one of the Conveners said:

Even after coming up with the idea of Design interns, we didn’t have a sufficient amount of designers in our team. Initially there was only one core team member for design and he needed another member to support him. So this person being my friend, I approached him as he is good at his work and I’ve seen his leadership qualities. 

The core team members chose the managers and coordinators. For volunteers, there was no selection process. Anyone who filled the form and attended the meetings was a part of the volunteer team. For the accommodation team, no 2nd-year student was willing to work as the manager. So, the first years were assigned the post of manager for the accommodation team, after being accustomed to the working environment.

A final team list was not published owing to the dynamic nature of the teams. Upon being questioned, Team Innovision said:

If we would have published it and people would not have worked, then it would be a problem. We have to edit it again and again. We did not want people to take their posts for granted and it was repeated many times from our side that those who did not work shall be removed.

Technical Aspect of Innovision’19 (The Website and the App)

Previous editions of Innovision had witnessed irregularities in the proper platform for the participants to inquire about the events. However, Innovision’19 presented its attendees with a fully-functional website and a successful app.

The website – catered to the needs of the participants with particulars of Innovision 2019. With an alluring layout, it presented the information about the various events conducted during the fest, displaying numerous facets of Innovision such as sponsors, contact details, queries section for participants, login/registration panel and glimpses from Innovision 2018.

On the topic of this year’s Innovision website, the technical head, Harish R. said-

The website was better than last year’s one as it was hosted on a more reliable server (AWS) and the page load time was lesser. We removed the QR code scanning thus making the registrations more robust. We designed a better profile page for participants where they can check the details related to their hostel allotments, ticket Id and CA registration ID.

The Android App

Team Innovision also launched an app with the help of third-year scholar Chinmay Kabi. The app was single-handedly developed by Chinmay Kabi without the assistance of any team. With over 2.3K downloads, the app was trending during Innovision.

Live notifications about events and any alteration made to them, in-app payment for workshops and registration, navigation to important places on campus and search, etc were some of the attractive aspects of the app.

Speaking about the app, Chinmay Kabi said-

I was a part of Monday Morning App team last year where I learnt Flutter. The Innovision app was built on Flutter framework. The main aim was of having a modern-looking UI while being crash-free. With 2.3K downloads, the app faced only two instances of crashes.

Data Sold? Tale of the College Fever

According to Innovision website privacy policy:

We are using the college fever (TCF) as the payment solution for Innovision. We share your personal information like name, email, phone number, and address with TCF (The College Fever) with the notice that your information is shared with TCF if your information/data is misused or used unwantedly in ANY MEANS Team Innovision and NIT Rourkela won’t be responsible for that.

No written confirmation has been signed from TCF regarding the use/misuse/sharing of the data by the Innovision Team. This is quite an escape for team Innovision except for the fact that because of them all the participants of Innovision’19 have their personal information in the hands of a third party. The ongoing trend of data breaches and the increasing privacy risks associated with the internet continue to be a national and international concern. An effective risk-based privacy and security framework should apply to all collection of personal data. This does not mean that all frameworks solutions are equal. The risks of collection and processing personal data must be weighed against the benefits of using the data. In 2012, more than 12 million people became victims of identity theft and fraud, with an estimated total of $21 billion losses for the year alone, this much of data is enough to be convinced that data misuse is a real threat in today’s world.Sac tech room

Last year the payment gateway used by Innovision was Instamojo and Instamojo unlike The College Fever (TCF) is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) as a measure to make sure that the transaction data are 100% safe with Instamojo (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.). Clarifying as to why Instamojo or other alternatives weren’t feasible, Team Innovision said:

Last year the server had crashed at the peak of registrations when we used instamojo, also is not a reliable server when it comes to such huge numbers. Being an online ticketing platform, the technicalities of their website was such that this was inevitable; moreover, we have got a verbal confirmation from them that they won’t be misusing the data. Also, The college fever gave us a lesser GST rate so we went ahead with it.

As per the terms and conditions mentioned in The College Fever (TCF) Website,

Creating an event on TheCollegeFever means that the Event Organizer agrees to the below Pricing: 1.75% (Excluding GST) of the Ticket Price. For Example, if your ticket price is Rs. 100. Final payout after deduction of payment gateway fee + taxes = 100 - 2.065= INR 97.94.

The ticket price of Innovision was 600. The TCF fee becomes: 1.75% of 600 = Rs. 10.5. So with 18% GST rate, the amount becomes (10.5 + 10.5x0.18) = Rs. 12.39 so, the collected amount, as per the TCF website should be 612.39 but the participants were charged with 621.24. Clarifying as to what was this extra Rs. 21 for, K. Sai Reddy one of the conveners of the fest said:

Initially, the deal was that we (organizers) have to pay 1.75% of the total money collected but on further negotiations, we removed this clause from the deal. The Rs. 21 that was charged by TCF on participants was just service charge of 3% +GST and had nothing to do with this 1.75%.

Team MM went a step further and investigated on what would have been the fees that the participants would have to pay (including the service charge and GST) if Instamojo was the payment gateway. As shown in the official rate calculator of Instamojo below, for getting registration fees of 600 INR the participants would have had to pay an amount of 618 INR. But in Innovision’19 every participant had to pay registration fees of 621 INR, so ‘lower rates’ as pointed by one of the Convenors was in no way the reason why The College Fever was selected over Instamojo. instamojo

Further, examining the sponsors' list of Innovision’19 it was found that TCF gave a sponsorship amount of 45000 INR to the fest. Given the fact that the participants had to pay the extra money and the data privacy was put at stake unlike last year, one has to ask that Was our data sold for the extra sponsorship money? Was extra money paid by participants and their personal data bargained for the sponsorship money? Was giving our data necessary? Was there no alternative left? Hopefully, next year Team Innovision takes data security more seriously.

Theme and Decoration

Seasoned with the theme of ‘Space Opera’, Team Innovision said-

We chose this theme because this year marked the 100th birthday of the great figure Vikram Sarabhai and 50 years of existence of ISRO. The theme was NIT Rourkela’s tribute to them.

Innovision this year had a relevant theme however; it presented the participants with almost the same flagship events as that of the previous year. Team Innovision tried to incorporate the theme in numerous events such as Poster Presentation, Antariksh, Hackathon, Death Race. The guest lectures of Figures such as Tapan Mishra and exhibitions were also conducted imparting the essence of the theme.

The major obstacles faced by the team Innovision regarding the decoration were lack of material requirements and majorly human resources. The decorations team is a field run primarily with the help of volunteers which are first-years. However, due to the prohibitions of first-years being pressurized to work as volunteers before Durga Puja Vacations in this edition, the decoration team faced a perilous blow. The team performed meticulously with the items provided and within the stipulated period.

Speaking on his disappointment with the decorations, Dean's nominee for Technical society, Satyajit Raiguru said-

The decorations were not up to the mark. Although the budget allocated for decorations this year was more, the decoration failed to reach its expectations. The major problem was the delay in getting the requirements for decoration. I appreciate the work of decoration team that despite many difficulties they managed to complete the decorations within a limited time.

Amidst the claims that the decorations took a toll because of the notice on the participation of first years as volunteers for the fest, Dean SW Prof S K Patel said,

You cannot pressurize anybody to do the task. Volunteering itself means someone willing to work on his/her interest. If we cannot motivate the students then that is our failure and that doesn't mean you will force anybody to work. Moreover, a volunteer can be from any year, why are the first years specifically targeted for this? This class barrier has to go.

Ceramic Gate

The poster displaying all the events for the different days of the fest, near the ceramic gate was not up even till the evening of 1st November. Team Innovision provided clarification and said -

The task of poster printing was given to Jagannath Printers. On Friday morning (1st November), the members from the team went there, but unfortunately, the hard disk got burned. The size of the poster was 30x16. There was no other computer available that could give feed to the printing machine. A member of our team, stayed there helping them to complete the printing work in a fast manner.

Every participant was supposed to be provided with a booklet containing the particulars of the numerous events being conducted in the fest. The distribution of the booklet did not start until the start of the third day ( 3rd November). On being questioned about the delay in the distribution of the booklets, Team Innovision said:

The printing machine was slow and there were no other machines to carry forth the work. We had to send our members for help. We had been suggested alternative ideas for the booklet, however, we decided not to compromise with the quality. Apart from that, the delay was basically because of some workshops or exhibitions which weren't finalized till the last moment. The dearth of designers also added to the delay as they had a hectic schedule.


The Financial Front


This year’s budget was decided on last year’s microbudget along with the incorporation of the new requirements for this year. The core team members took active participation in deciding the budget. The micro-budget put forward by team Innovision before the fest was of 15 Lakh-

S No.




Light and Sound



Tent House and Bedding Arrangements



Stationery Items






Guest Lectures/ Speakers



Stage Arrangements



Printing, Certificates, I cards, Posters& Sponsor Standees



Refreshment Packets












Guest House Charges



Start –up Hunt and Intern Mela






The total budget for the pro-shows was around INR 16 Lakh, SAC allocated an extra amount of INR 1 Lakh for pro-shows. The rest of the amount came through registrations and sponsorship.

The exact expenses of the fest haven’t been put forth by the team as it is still under calculation.


Sponsorship is amongst one of the most important aspects, which had helped in framing Innovision for several years. This edition of Innovision received a total of INR 3.832 Lakh of sponsorship from several reputed platforms-

S No.





INR 1 Lakh



INR 50,000



INR 20,000



INR 10,000


Suruchi Bakery

INR 10,000


999Inn Shine

INR 10,000


JSW Cement

INR 10,000



INR 20,000


What After College

INR 50,000


INR 20,000


The College Fever

INR 45,000


Tamarind & Food Lover

INR 5,500


Sarovar Court

INR 7,000


Maaya Bar & Restro

INR 15,000


Abi’s Kitchen

Food coupons worth INR 5,000.

Apart from these sponsors, Red Bull conducted an event, a national level competition River Ruins and gave away drinks for events like Death Race and Dota 2 Gaming.budget comparison

Guest Lectures and Hospitality

Innovision conducted several guest lectures and witnessed numerous hitches related to them. There was a total of 8 guest lectures scheduled to take place. The team Innovision had publicized the lectures, however, the turn out for these lectures was very low. The lectures failed to gather the crowd. Almost all the guest lectures commenced with delays and a lack of attendees. The authorities canceled two lectures at the last moment. The two guest lectures that were canceled were of Shri. Arup Patnaik and Shri Soumya Ranjan Pattanaik. The Innovision team received a reason from the authorities stating that no guest with a political background would be allowed to deliver at the institute.

Speaking about the cancellation of these guest lectures, The Conveners of Innovision’19 said:

Politics by the faculty and other people involved should be removed from the fest as these things disrupt the repute that we have created. With a lot of difficulties, we invite certain eminent personalities and these type of things does create a negative impact. At least the conveners should know who they can invite and who they can not.

On being questioned about the cancellation of guest lectures, SAC President Prof. Seemita Mohanty said-

I was informed about the guests at the last moment. So, the issue was redirected to Dean, SW.

The Dean SW, Prof. S.K. Patel commented on the cancellation of guest lectures and the situation affecting the Institute’s reputation and said-

These are certain things that must be informed to the authorities beforehand. Those students had invited the guest without informing us about it. They were very high-profile guests and they should not be invited without proper preparations. Now we have made a strict rule that no outsider can be invited without prior permission. This will be put immediately into effect. I had given this ruling long back; the students should have cancelled it. It was the students’ fault, Why did they invite those guests without informing us? We will take appropriate action on those students.

INN'FLUENCE and Social Regime

Inn'fluence witnessed its first edition under the patronage of Innovision'19. A series of workshops, exhibitions, and competitions for the students from various schools of Rourkela, were organized by the team Innovision with a "zero budget" policy. This could garner massive participation from the school children and was itself flourishing in the first version. The events were designed to help the young minds of society with all-rounder development in their personalities and improving skill sets. It was a unique experience for both the students of NIT Rourkela and students who attended it from other institutions. It was mandated to give a registration fee of Rs. 50 per student to participate in the events. A Science Olympics was organized by IICHE and Planck aimed at providing a common platform to various schools and students to exhibit their innovative ideas and enhance student's interest in Science and Technology.

The major series of events were conducted by Hourglass and Rotaract club. Hourglass organized numerous literary-based, inter-school competition for students from class 1 to 12.

Rotalympics, organized by Rotaract was a 2-days inter-school sports competition for the students from class 1 to 12, which gathered a humongous crowd. However, there were a lot of dilemmas with managing such a massive crowd of 700+ participants and their parents.

The President-elect of Rotaract club, Vaibhav Kohade shares his grievances regarding the mismanagement and registration glitches during Rotalympics:

I was instructed by Dean's Nominee, Aishworya Roy (LCS) that the registration was to be done in her presence. Noticing a sudden rise in the footfall, multiple registration desks were to be put. So this was reported to her. But her presence was still the plan. On the first day, there was a delay in registration for this issue. In one meeting, team INN'FLUENCE agreed to provide water cans at DTS and Basketball ground. But suddenly one day I was reported that it won't be possible on their part.

To this Team Innovision answered: 

First of all, they said that they will handle the entire registration process. On the other hand, there was no poster, registration slip printed nor they had set up any registration desk. Initially, they planned to do the registration in LA, without a second thought of accommodating 700 children and their parents, even LA never opens at 7 am. I was repeatedly told that no single slip would be registered without the signature of Dean's nominee(LCS), Aishworya Roy. The registration started at 7 am but she arrived at 9 am. Secondly, when I asked them about the arrangement of water cans in DTS, direction posters, about the referees, they gave me a positive reply. How can they blame us now for such mismanagement? Even the final list (without any proper details) of winners was provided to us 30 mins after the commencement of the prize distribution ceremony.

Apart from minor hiccups in registration and overall coordination, the 'mini-fest', INN'FLUENCE turned to be a great success. The team could successfully generate revenue for installing a library at REC School.


Internmela was a first of its kind event in the history of Innovision. With a motive of providing the students with a golden opportunity to grab internships from reputed companies, Internmela was a good initiative taken by team Innovision. However, Internmela witnessed poor participation from students. There was a total of 31 participants who showed up for the online test.

Speaking about the low turnout for Internmela, Team Innovision said-

Internmela aimed to create a platform, we created that, but people are not interested in internships. The participants were in a mood to enjoy the fest. Considering the participation from outside colleges, the participants were 1st or 2nd years. We got less participation from pre-final year students and most of them may have been placed by then.

The list regarding the companies coming in for Internmela was released a day before the event as team Innovision was not ready to take any risks regarding the company list. The result of Internmela are as follows-


Number of Internships Given





Phoenix Robotics




Workshops And Other Events

There were plenty of workshops arranged for those who wanted to explore various aspects of engineering in Innovision’19. From Cloud Computing to Automation and VFX, there were in total of 10 workshops queued for the participants. However, problems associated with their schedule and location were also reported during the fest. 

Talking about the VFX and Automation workshop, the demonstrater had to present it on his laptop due to the dysfunction of the projector. To this, the Team Innovision said,

The demonstrater had an Apple MacBook. And our institute's projector cables don't support such devices. We had to look for some convertible elements for that, which wasn't possible at the last moment. Either they should have notified us or should have brought some lesser advanced systems to use.

A technical fest would have no definition without technical events. Various clubs came forward with diverse events. To conduct an event, the clubs filled a form and after discussion with the concerned clubs, the event is finalized. There were many grievances of the club coordinators regarding the event management and coordination from Innovision team, To list a few:

For Death Race, Debabrata Panigrahi, the club coordinator of the event said:

The supply of electricity wasn't regular though all our requirements were fulfilled but mostly after the deadline like carpenter was brought at the last moment and some of the requirements which were promised to be brought well before the event were brought just before the event which caused a lot of inconvenience and lot of delay in getting the event started.

For Intelligent Trader, Uddeshya Shukla, the club coordinator of the event said:

There should be efficiency by the team for providing requirements and they should be provided a week before. There was no NITR or Inno logo on the flex. We were initially assigned 5 volunteers out of which 3 were active and we faced problems in volunteering the event.

For Tread-o-quest, Raj Aryaman Patra, the club coordinator of the event said:

The main inconvenience was the cancellation of the room just before a week which was allocated for the event which created the problems of changing of dimensions of the arena, transportation of arena from SAC to the new venue, etc. Besides this, there were some petty problems like the arrangement of extension cable before the event which resulted in the delay of starting of the event by 1 hour.

For Game of Chems, P Pritesh Kumar Patro, the club coordinator of the event said:

During the event, many interested participants had to run to SAC for collecting booklet. Most importantly, our event poster was not publicized by the Inno team on their FB page although they collected the poster from us 15 days before. 

For Antarisksh, Pratyush Mohanty, the club coordinator of the event said:

On the day of the event, there was no one from Inno up to 10 am. On contacting the assigned event coordinator, I got to know that he left team Inno. Hence no volunteer came. The projector was not working, there was no microphone, and no volunteer to help. With all these, we managed to start the event at 11:30 am and due to the delay, many participants returned.

For Digitizer, Abhijeet Tripathy, the club coordinator of the event said:

The publicity of the event was delayed a lot, like just 2days before the event. Apart from that website release was delayed too due to which participation in the event was below expectation as the problem statement at least requires 1month preparation time.

For Airplane Trickshot, Shiv Kushwah, the club coordinator of the event said:

They provided 2 volunteers out of which one turned up on day 1 and no one on 2nd day. But yeah coordinator was present there all the time

For Foodfest, Rohan Padhy, the club coordinator of the event said:

The venue for the event was changed at the last moment, from SAC garden to the BM-BT parking lot. The electricity requirements for the event were provided very late due to which we had to conduct one event on day 3. Chefs cap, the knife which was in requirements was not given. Paper cups for use was given very late.

For Japanese Joinery, Vamsi Krishna, the club coordinator of the event said:

We asked for High-density thermocol and we've undergone scrutinization process. When we went to collect the requirements, the team handed us normal thermocol sheets and gave us the reason ― "SAC provided us with 3 registered vendors and none of those 3 has what you asked for." Secondly, the team asked us to send the winners to SAC by 7 pm. Later they informed that prizes will be distributed after the proshow. So, our participant who was selected for the first prize left the college without collecting his prize.

For Iridescence, Dharmesh Nayak, the President of Design TAB said:

First of all the tent house guy caused a lot of problems for providing us the required scaffolding. I had to make multiple calls back and forth to the guy and SAC officials to get it done. Second, was the problem with lighting where the guy refused to provide the lights asked in requirements. Later he went to get those after having a fight with the Inno team and the lighting was finally done on Saturday night while it should have been done by morning.

For Star Trek, Amrit Sahani, the club coordinator of the event said:

The event star trek was scheduled on 2nd Nov, even printed on the poster. When the schedule was given to the coordinators, the event was scheduled on 3rd Nov. The club didn't have any problem managing the event still, the students registered for 2nd Nov. And the change in dates probably had an impact on the number of students attending the event.

For Neon Cricket, Amit Bhuyan, the club coordinator of the event said:

We didn't get the requirement what we wanted nor a volunteer. We did not get the neon spray, which was the primary requirement. We were informed that they couldn't get the neon spray and if we could arrange, they will reimburse the amount and also they promised us to provide fairy light in the early morning that also didn't happen.

Responding to these complaints regarding delay in registration and publicity, Team Innovision said:

There was no delay in registration. Around 1950 registrations were completed by Saturday morning. Out of our previous experience, participants don't come here to attend the technical events and guest lectures. About publicity, in 30 days we had around 100 posters to publicize. In the last 20 days, we had to publicize only 80 posters at different time slots. It wasn't any publicity or registration issue, it depends solely on the interest of the students. Because there was a much crowd near death race, robosumo, my BFF, and fun events.

The other common grievance of the club coordinators was that their requirements were scrapped off at the last minute. Many requirements of the club events were scraped off or the one provided was not up to the mark. Responding to this, Team Innovision said:

We gave complete freedom to the clubs to procure the requirements and negotiated a lot in this regard but in spite of that if they have complaints then it is because of them.

Speaking about the inefficiency of club coordinators, Team Innovision said:

The club coordinators themselves weren't aware of the things they require and formulated a lot of confusion after the listed items were bought. For Example- the club coordinator of Japenese Joinery himself wasn’t clear about what is high density thermocol. Also, The carpenter was called much before the events, yet the club members didn't turn up. We sincerely request the clubs to appoint knowledgeble club coordinators who atleast know about the event.

Pro Shows: The Show Stopper   

With performances from DJ Olly Esse, Anubhav Singh Bassi and Gajendra Verma, Innovision’19, without doubt, had one of the best pro-shows in the history of tech fests at NIT Rourkela. Crowd management was an issue that hit the team on the 2nd day of Innovision at DTS but by the 3rd day, all arrangements were made to ensure proper crowd management. Innovision’19 was the first edition when tendering for the pro shows was done through central e-procurement portal and there were only two tenders received for the same with the lowest one being of nearly 16 lakhs from Mute Entertainment.

Speaking about the dismal number of tenders for pro shows, Dean SW Prof. S K Patel said:

This is the inefficiency of not only the team but all the students. I had circulated the link of this advertisement in the students' group where all the club presidents were there, and then it’s the duty of the club presidents to motivate the members of their club to search for potential vendors and encourage them to bid. All of us should have taken an interest in advertising the portal.

The crowd management during the pro-show on the second day (2nd November) of the fest was chaotic as the students were allowed within the area secured for coordinators/core team members without checking the ID cards. Team Innovision rejected the possibility that a non-Inno member could have entered the area with the help of their 'Sources'. Speaking about the muddled scenario created on the second day, Team Innovision said:

We faced a lot of problems due to the DTS boundary wall as participants came in by climbing the wall. They were a lot of students, whereas, we had only 7-8 guards assigned for this task. There were faults from some of the members of team Innovision on the second day, thus the security was helpless. This created a lot of problems. Thus, on the third day, we had a meeting with the SAC council where it was decided that no one will be allowed without ID cards and they had to submit their ID cards before entering the area.

Suppression of Art? The Tale of Our Artists

Amidst the attention given to the scintillating performances of Gajendra Verma, DJ Olly Esse, and Anubhav Singh Bassi, most of us failed to realize the systematic disrespect of art and artists of our institute by our institute itself. Not one, not two, but three instances of problems faced by artists of our institute in 2 days makes one wonder are we giving enough support to students of our institute to come up and perform to the best of their ability? We look at all the three instances in detail-Art suppressed

Pack Up! The tale of EDM night by DnB

Imagine you have been preparing for weeks to perform in front of hundreds of participants from across institutes and you are asked to pack up when not even 2/3rd of your performance is done. This is exactly what happened with DnB on the 1st day of Innovision when they were supposed to organize an EDM night in DTS starting from 8 PM. But what happened on that day? DNB's performance was preceded by Euphony Live which was supposed to end by 8 PM but was extended up to 8:50 PM but no one would have ever imagined that our very own artists would be asked to pack up much before they wanted to. On top of this, Euphony and DnB had to pay a total of 50k from their club budget for black masking and LED screens in DTS.

In words of Ishaan Wassan, one of the performers of DnB who was performing in the EDM night:

This sad mentality hurt every DnBian as we had poured in day and night to prepare our sets, workout the transitions, background, graphics and the whole timeline. We were given a time slot of 1.5 hours and our preparation was for 1hr and 25 min only, giving us 5 min for testing. It is Sad to see year after year the pathetic performance of the management team when it comes to timing.

In response to this, Team Innovision had the following to say:

Firstly, they were going beyond the time slot allotted to them. On the first day, we had taken permission till 10 PM only unlike the next two days when the permission was till 11 PM, Three hours is a good enough time slot for both Euphony and DnB and what they do with that time slot through mutual understanding is completely their choice. We let them perform one extra song even after 10 PM but after that, it just wasn’t possible.

The question remains, isn’t this a clear failure of the event management team that they couldn’t even coordinate the event in such a way that the artists could perform everything that they had prepared? If Gajendra Verma can perform till 11:20 PM, what would have Innovision lost if DnB was allowed to complete their performance?

Sign before you speak! The stand-up act

Just like the previous edition of Innovision, Rupesh Mahore and Sidharth Rout, two students of NIT Rourkela who have gained quite a name in the field of stand-up comedy, wanted to perform an opening act before Anubhav Singh Bassi on the 2nd day of Innovision but what followed is a series of events that raises a question that does NIT Rourkela do justice to its artists?

Speaking about his grievance with the Innovision team, Rupesh Mahore said:

I have been invited in more than 100+ college shows across the country, I've been invited to a number of TED talks. I have never felt so humiliated, that too in my own college. From last 3 years, I have been performing for every Standup Comic that comes in the college apart from significantly contributing to the college in many ways in past. And I had to literally beg to perform for 5 mins in my own fest.

According to team Innovision, the act had never really got permission as this event was not filled up in the Google form that was circulated for clubs who wanted to organize events in Innovision’19 and the reason why the act had to be promptly canceled on the second day was that Rupesh and Sidharth had released a poster with Mute Entertainment logo without taking anyone’s permission and all rules and protocols were ignored by the both of them.

But the concern here is much bigger than the release of posters and not filling of google forms. Sidharth and Rupesh eventually got to perform on the 3rd day of Innovision but for that to happen they had to sign an undertaking which stated that they won’t make fun of the institute or its policies in their act. Speaking up about this undertaking, Rupesh Mahore said:

The last thing you should do to an artist is to suppress his freedom of speech. I was told to not mention glitches about the college. I am highly disappointment by this attitude and eventually, they are going to face severe consequences due to this. We must raise this issue soundly otherwise someone else would be facing this some other day.

Speaking about the need for this undertaking,  Dean SW Prof. S.K. Patel said:

How can we tolerate someone abusing our institute in front of participants who had come from outside? There was no need for such an undertaking from Bassi because he doesn’t know about the loopholes of our institute and in the name of comedy, one shouldn’t lie or abuse the institute in front of outsiders.

In spite of the undertaking, Team Innovision was unhappy with one of the lines that Rupesh used in his act on 3rd November, which was:

Innovision is the largest techno-management fest of Sector 2.

With all this being said, do we need such an undertaking? What does Rupesh know that the authorities are trying to hide? Is NIT Rourkela’s reputation so fragile that it will be affected by one stand-up act? Is restricting content the right way to promote stand-up as an art? Let us ponder on these questions and hope that next year our stand-up comics are treated better.

Dance! No, wait. Where is the song? - Synergy’s Flash Mob

 On the second day of Innovision’19, as soon as the stand-up act by Anubhav Singh Bassi concluded it was announced that Synergy was going to perform a flash mob in DTS. The viewers had hardly reached the venue of the flash mob when the music suddenly went off and the light was shifted back to the main stage for the performance by DJ Olly Esse much to the disappointment of everyone present there. Team Innovision had the following explanation for the incident:

Yes, it was kind of disrespectful. No one from the Innovision team wanted it to stop; we rushed to the light and sound guy as soon as it happened but it was on the orders of Mute Entertainment and as light and sound was completely under them we had no role to play in this.

Great Pro Show =>Innovision Success?

Monday Morning surveyed to find out the junta’s verdict on Innovision’19. The results for the same are depicted below:Verdict

This implies that a sweeping majority of the poll takers were extremely satisfied with the fest. But is this hype worth it? What should ideally be the metric for judging a technical fest? Are record-breaking registrations and successful pro shows the only measure of success for Innovision? Let us analyze these questions further.

Internmela was one of the events that the Innovision team was very proud of, but it saw a dismal turnout of just 31 internship seekers. Another event that the team was boasting as one of the biggest technical events, Hackathon had participation from merely 14 teams. Also, events like Crane-O-Mania and Digitizer had minimal participation of 3 and 15 participants respectively. In addition to this, all the guest lectures had a disappointing turnout much to the dismay of the authorities. So where did the 2103 participants go? Irony of participants

According to Satyajit Raiguru, the Dean’s Nominee for Technical society:

Many technical events were there in the fest but they were overshadowed by the extraordinary pro shows. Moreover, many events faced a lot of problems; you can’t just blame the management, the coordination between different teams could have been better.

Justifying the low footfall for many events, Team Innovision went on record to say:

Participants anyways aren’t much interested to go for all the events. They just do the registration, go to their rooms, sleep and then come for the pro shows. We tried our best to encourage people to go for the guest lectures but they were just not interested.

Apart from this, a major metric for judging such a fest is time scheduling and event management. With many of the events and workshops delayed from their original time, it was evident that staying true to time was an aspect that team Innovision failed in. Speaking about his observations during Innovision, Dean SW Prof. S K Patel said:

The delays shouldn’t have been there. We should not schedule workshops or events early in the morning, there is a need to be realistic while scheduling these events and if one event is delayed for some reason it delays all other subsequent events. So, we should start the event punctually irrespective of the strength of participants or cancel that event without waiting for the participants to turn up.

With all this being said, Innovision indeed was successful in terms of having a fully functional website and an android app with notifications feature, record-breaking registrations, successful events like Death Race, Shark Tank and much more but while analyzing the success of Innovision’19 we need to take into account all the shortcomings of this edition, and overlooking them would be detrimental for the future of Innovision.

Hoping For A Impeccable Innovision’20

Unlike every year, INNOVISION fever could usher into Eastern India breaking its records of participation. As the days sprang in technical events, the nights settled with Gajendra Verma's 'Tera Ghata' version.  The technical events, informative workshops, splendid exhibitions, guest lectures, fun events added an aura of technical acquaintance for the consecutive 3 days. However, a few events were delayed and the participants had to change their schedule owing to the mismanagement of the organizing team. Speaking about their suggestions for next year, The Conveners of Innovision’19 said:

The election should be conducted as early as possible. The design internship, as planned wasn't fruitful for an institute with the dearth of designers. After the selection of Convenors and Dean's nominee, they should sit, discuss and plan the theme during summer, so that the posters, id card templates could be designed. Flex printing should start from October first week. Summer vacation should be utilized completely for Inno to make it a huge success in the coming years. 

Speaking about their suggestions for accommodation next year, The Conveners of Innovision’19 added:

Since the number of registrations is increasing year by year and this year we have almost reached our threshold, there should be a proposal of putting up temporary toilets and temporary tents as they do in other colleges so that people can be accommodated in them. Also, there should be an option for opting out of accommodation if one wishes to.

Dean SW Prof S K Patel had the following advice for the next year’s organizing committee of Innovision:

Let us first try to rectify the shortcomings of this year. The fest was a success and let it grow more and more in the future. I'm very happy that we were able to do such a great event without the use of any poster printing. We have maintained the cleanliness and have not harmed any of our institute property for which I’m thankful to every student of this institute. Also, considering the rank that the fest holds, preparation should start much earlier.

Adding on, Dean SW Prof S K Patel had the following to say about Innovision reaching the threshold of accommodation this year:

We will have to consider our limitations. If next year the number of registrations becomes 5000 then where will we accommodate them? We will have to consider capping the number after a point of time.

On a concluding note, the members of the Innovision Organising team expressed their gratitude towards the technical society and the seniors for their support and timely help. Faced with a very close deadline and a very short span of preparation time, the INNOVISION team pulled off one of the finest fests in recent years. The remarks of the audience and authorities would help the Technical society to get rid of these mistakes in the next chapter of INNOVISION in the coming year.

Team MM congratulates Prof. Seemita Mohanty, President, (SAC), Vice Presidents of technical society Prof. Santanu Kumar Behera and Prof. Manas Ranjan Tripathy, the Conveners Debaprasad Badajena, Shrantik Dey (Dean’s Nominee) and K. Sai Reddy and the entire Innovision 2019 team for successfully organizing Innovision 2019.

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