Intern Diaries: TATA Steel

Intern Diaries: TATA Steel

Kunal Singh | Nov 18, 2019

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Tata steels offers an on-campus internship to undergraduate students at the end of their 3rd year by making them go through a few rounds of tests which include online tests, group discussions, and interviews. Know more about the procedure to get an internship at Tata Steel and also read the experience of students who have interned at TATA Steel.


According to last year, 3rd-year undergraduate students of branches such as Mining and Mechanical engineering are eligible to sit for the on-campus internship selection. For 2019-20, applicable for EC/EI as well. (Varies from year to year).


The internship lasts for 8 weeks.


It is a paid internship.


TATA Steel came on campus for the recruitment of interns and the students of 3rd year had to go through various rounds to qualify for the offer. The different rounds of the selection process were:

1. Online test

2. Group discussion

3. Personal interview

The online test covered various sections including a general aptitude test, English aptitude, core subject, and logical reasoning questions for which students generally prepare from online websites such as The candidates are required to prepare thoroughly for the English aptitude test and need to have a good grasp of their core subjects.

 Group discussion (GD) is a filter where a maximum of the candidates get eliminated. Students are expected to be aware of current affairs, technology, and political issues too. The key to passing this round is to stay confident while answering and constantly putting logical opinions to create an impact in the room and get the attention of the recruiters. Along with putting forward one’s own opinion, candidates should also give equal opportunity to others and respect their opinions too.

The next round was PI (Personal Interview) round which consisted of both technical and HR rounds consisting of questions from both. Candidates passing the GD (group discussion) were eligible for the PI round. The PI was mainly inclined towards the technical side.

Intern Speaks:

  1. Rishabh Pal (Mechanical Engineering, 4th year)

Since TATA Steel generally comes in August-October for recruitments so I started preparing for the internship test during my second-year summer vacations. For aptitude and reasoning question practice, I referred to and for the technical questions, I referred my class notes and course textbooks. For GD I searched a few general topics and a friend of mine, Mrinal Chaudhary helped me out with the selection of topics for GD. Candidates should also have basic knowledge of the company ad current affairs.

My experience at Tata Steel was very good. We were provided with accommodation. We had to pay for the food but the quality of the food was good. We had an introductory session in Jamshedpur where we were informed about our job for the next two months and we were gifted with several goodies including a bag, thermos flasks, chocolates, etc.

My project was in Naomundi where we were given well-furnished and clean hostel rooms. Initially, I faced several issues to get used to the work as most of the data were unavailable. Slowly we figured out our way to work and the workers there helped us without any hesitation. We were also given a guide o help us a different point in time. All the safety equipment and personal protective equipment were provided to us at Jamshedpur itself. The only problem we faced was due to remoteness of the location as a result, we had only a few shops nearby. My work time was from 8 am-5:30 pm with a break from 12 pm-1:30 pm. At the end of our internship, we had to present a presentation showcasing our progress during our internship and suggestion and solutions that could be implemented to solve the problems.

All in all the experience that I have gained from the industrial internship at Tata Steel has left me in awe. At the end of the internship we were given an opportunity to visit the Jamshedpur plant and the size, organization, and maintenance of the plant make it worth visiting.

If anyone is trying to gain industrial experience then interning at Tata Steel is one of the best decisions. To bag the Tata Steel internship my only advice is to prepare for aptitude from and for the technical part studying all the subjects is necessary but the main focus should be given on strength of materials, kinematics of machinery, production processes, and heat transfer. For group discussion, it is important to know about the recent topics and practice speaking on it for a few minutes. Also, it is important to not hurry up and answer the questions asked in interviews. One should take his or her time to think and answer. The same applies to GD as well. Have your fundamental concepts clear!

 2. Aditya Prakash (Mining Engineering, 4th year)

Those who get internships have to work harder than the preparation stages of the internship. The industry will give you real-Time problems faced by it and as an intern, you need to come up with feasible solutions. We had to frequently visit fields to collect relevant information and work on them in our room to move forward toward the solution.

Needs to do the following after selection for Internship:

● always follow your guide and relentlessly taking inputs from him.

● apply your theoretical and practical knowledge that you have acquired over time.

● Documentation of all data collected during the field visit.

● Contact your seniors for topic details.

● Make your final presentation in a logical manner.

● Take care of your health.

 The employee here will help you a lot in all aspects like providing technical help, transportation, arrangement, food, accommodation, etc. Guides assigned to us were very helpful. You will see cutting- edge technology being practised there to maximize safety and productivity. If an individual is very attentive from start then he will definitely no face any sort of glitches. But casual and lethargic one will face some difficulty during the presentation. This was an excellent experience for me where I experienced the complete implementation of our theoretical ‘Gyan’ in the practical world.

My only advice to students is that they should study their branch subjects with a lot of dedication. Apart from that, one should constantly improve his/her soft skill and workplace attitude. These skills will definitely help in the long run.

Along with Rishabh Pal and Aditya Prakash Jena, Jayant Behera (Mechanical), VS Surya Kiran (Mechanical) and two students from Mining Engineering Department: Silu Pradhan, Gourav Pathak also interned at TATA Steels during Summer ‘19.

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