The Successful Alchemists: AIChE's International Triumphs

The Successful Alchemists: AIChE's International Triumphs

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers NITR (AIChE) chapter brought laurels to the institute by winning third place at the Global Undergraduate Student Video Competition (GUSVC)­. This was a competition organized by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers international society among colleges and regional chapters of it from all over the world.

The video is made to motivate the schooling students to pursue chemical engineering and let them know about the vastness of this field. The topic for the video was - Ice Cream - Chemical Engineering perfection. The participants are supposed to use creativity and imagination to participate in the AIChE Global Undergraduate Student Video Competition. Student teams got a chance to create a 2-5-minute video that explains and inspires high school students and communities to learn more about chemical engineers and what they do. Each video competed to win a judges' choice award or a team choice award. The winners of each year’s competition are announced at the Annual Student Conference. 11 videos from different universities qualified for the final round which was the judges' choice round. And the best five were awarded.

NITR stood third among all the teams and won a prize of $200. As video-making was a new avenue none of the club members had explored, they had trouble initially about the shooting, animations, editing, etc. But, they learned this as they went along. The work on the project was started in the first week of May and almost took a month to finish the video.

Shivam Chaurasia, the team captain had the following to say:

The best part about the video was the knowledge we gained from it and also that it brought all the members of the club close to each other and we really had a great time with our juniors. The total number of teams were not disclosed, but the number who qualified were 11 as stated in the guidelines.

Team NITR at the AIChE Annual Student Conference at Orlando, Florida, USA

Rahul Mohanty(5th-year Dual Degree student) and Shivasish Sahu(3rd-year Btech student) won the 3rd prize at the ChemE Jeopardy event at AIChE. Rahul Mohanty

The AIChE ChemE Jeopardy competition was based on the coursework of a Chemical Engineer along with some miscellaneous sections like General Knowledge, Disney, History, Sports, Name-Game, etc. It generally comprises 60% of pure Chemical Engineering Topics like Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, etc. Rest 40% covered everything under the sun.

They had participated in the Chem-E-Jeopardy competition in the AIChE Regional Student Conference for the Southern Asia region at MIT-WPU Pune on August 29. They had emerged the Runners Up and qualified to participate in the International Round of the ChemE Jeopardy competition in the AIChE Annual Student Conference at Orlando, Florida, USA on November 9, 2019. They had a team of 4 in the Regional Round but the only 2 of them could represent in the International Round because of funding and visa issues.

The format of the quiz was quite quirky where you need to answer in the form of a question like, if your answer for a question is Heat then you should answer ‘What is Heat?’ This is confusing and would result in a loss of points if not answered in the right format. There were three rounds, Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy. The first two rounds were buzzer rounds with +X for correct and –X for incorrect answers. 

Shivashish tried to work on his basics and brush up his technical knowledge apart from preparing for the Miscellaneous section which generally is the most profitable section while Rahul in his super senior year went with his previous experience as he had represented Southern Asia Region last time single-handedly in Annual Student Conference 2018 at Pittsburgh, USA. 

A total of 14 regional qualifier teams were selected from all regions across the globe to participate in AIChE ChemE Jeopardy Competition.

Both of them have received a certificate for being the 2nd runners up in the International Championship of ChemE Jeopardy Competition. The award is sponsored by Omega Chi Epsilon and they would be receiving the cash prize soon directly to the account. 

Rahul Mohanty added:

At the 11th hour we got some funding from our institute and the further reimbursement will be done by SAC as we present the bills. Our accommodation was arranged by NITROAA. Special Thanks to Munish Sood sir who arranged our booking, Skariah sir for trying to help us, and Manas Panda sir for coordinating with NITROAA at such a short notice. Prof. Madhusree Kundu (HOD) and Prof. Basudeb Munshi from Department of Chemical Engineering were the real pillars due to which this time we could attend the conference. It would not have been possible without the support of our HOD, who supported me last year and this year too. Finally, thanks to Director Sir and Registrar sir for kindly giving their consent to provide us with advance so that we could book our international tickets atleast. Hope so after presenting the bills we could get the maximum possible reimbursement.


Monday Morning congratulates AIChE, NIT Rourkela for their stellar performance at the international level and wishes them the best for all future competitions.

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