Materialising Dreams: 2nd International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials

Materialising Dreams: 2nd International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials

Animesh Mohanty | Jan 06, 2020

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The 2nd International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials was successfully hosted by the Metallurgy and Materials Engineering department.  Prof. Ajit Ku. Behera was the Convenor with Prof.Anshuman Patra as the Co-Convenor, Prof.Rajesh Ku. Prusty the Treasurer, Prof. Smarajit Sarkar was the Chairman and Prof. Animesh Biswas was the patron of this innovative campaign as they were assisted by a dedicated team of volunteers in fulfilling its purpose. The inauguration ceremony was held at BBA on 12th December, starting at  3:15 pm. the hosts for the event were Rajashree Samantray and Deepak Ku.Sahoo. The invited chief guests were Dr Damodar Acharya, ex-director IIT KGP; Dr PC Patnaik, Chief Defence scientist-aerospace, Canada; Dr AK Swar, Chief engineer, pollution control board Odisha. Prof. Ajit Behera gave the opening remarks for the evening followed by a speech by prof. Smarajit Sarkar on the journey of ICPCM so far and its transition from NCPCM(National Conference on characterization and processing of materials). This was followed by two brief talks from Dr Ashwin Gopinath(MIT USA) and prof. PAN Jinsheng(NUS Singapore) who described their hopes and expectations from this conference and also from the future of material science. Prof Damodar Acharya(an alumnus of NIT Rourkela too) expressed his hopes and expectations from material scientists as India continues to grow and soon newer materials also termed strategic materials will be essential to fuel the nation's growth. Dr PC Patnaik( also an alumnus of NIT Rourkela) shared his experiences from his college days and also his present experiences as a chief defence scientist for Canada. The vote of thanks was given by prof. Anshuman Patra.

 Being one of the oldest established disciplines in NIT Rourkela as well as in India, Metallurgists and materials scientists have always been at the forefront of scientific development as Mr AK Swar, one of the chief guests for the opening ceremony puts it,

Everything in this world is material, anything else in immaterial

This conference, following the path set by its predecessor(the 1st ICPCM) and even getting better it, focussed on the cutting edge technologies in the realm of material science and especially nanotechnology and also on the burning problems that the world is now facing with the demand of more futuristic materials. The conference was attended by over 300 delegates from all over India and also from other branches of science and not only metallurgical and materials engineering. Over the 3 days that is from 12th to 14th December, over 7 parallel sessions, 6 talks by plenary speakers, 10 talks by keynote speakers, 14 talks by invited speakers along with 150 Contributory presentations and 54 poster presentations were made. Proving their mettle in research and development, 4 undergraduate students of NIT Rourkela from the metallurgy and materials engineering department also gave presentations on their current research projects. The budding scientists, namely: Amrit Jena, B Arnimesh Nayak, Raj Manik, and Gourav Samal have proven their mettle in research aptitude and serve as inspirations for their juniors to look up to.

The Plenary talks:

Famous scientists in the field of materials engineering were invited for the plenary sessions of ICPCM-2019, the deliverance of their knowledge is sure to have opened up new and interesting research opportunities for the attending delegates. the details of the plenary talks are as given below.

Speaker NameTopic Title
Dr Ashwin Gopinath, MIT, USAMolecular nanostructure and nanomachines
Prof.PAM Jisheng, NUS, Singapore2D materials for nanodevice applications: Surface nanostructure formation
Dr PC Patnaik, Chief Defence scientist-aerospace, CanadaAero material engineering
Prof. Sarat Singamneni, AUT, New ZealandAdditive manufacturing: present and future
Dr Bruno D’ Aguanno, KMM, ItalyMaterials for Thermal energy storage at high temperatures
Prof. H.P.B Hussain, UTP, MalaysiaFailure analysis of a broken pump shaft

The Keynote Speakers:

The keynote speakers further added new dimensions to the research ideas and projects of the attendees. Cutting edge research in the characterization of materials was discussed by the best in their fields in India.

Speaker NameTopic Title
Prof. T Theivasanthi, International Research Centre, Indiasuperparamagnetic lead nanoparticles and semiconducting lead nanoparticles
Prof. Tapas Laha, IIT KGPPlasma sprayed Fe-based metallic glass nanocomposite coatings
Prof. S. Aich, IIT KGPMagnetic shape memory alloys 
Dr Benudhar Sahoo, DRDO, DelhiChallenges during manufacturing and processing of Titanium alloys for Aero-engines
Dr, Kanwar Singh Arora, Tata SteelCharacterization of High strength steel 
Dr Jitendra Kumar Sahu, CSIR-NML JamshedpurFatigue behaviour of Structural alloys

15 invited speakers gave talks on a variety of topics ranging from Synthesis of nano-hybrid materials for energy storage to magnetic nano-assemblies for possible cancer treatment. These topics being very much industry-oriented were also quite well received by the audience. 

Contributory talks and poster presentations:

As mentioned earlier 150 contributory talks and 54 poster presentations were made this ICPCM. for smooth conduction of the talks the delegates were divided into 7 groups dealing with:

Group no.Topic
1Materials processing
2Materials characterization
3Advanced Materials
5surface degradation and modifications
6waste utilization
7Computational Materials

In addition, 6 rooms were allocated for the aforementioned plenary, keynote, invited and contributory talks vis-a-vis, MM-UG classroom, PPA, CE Seminar room, PH seminar room, MM seminar room, MM-PG classroom.

On 14th December the prizes and awards for the best poster presentations and contributory talks were awarded, Certificates were distributed to all who had attended and the valedictory sessions were concluded.

The conference was a massive success with the graduate students who formed the bulk of the attendees, but that did not deter the scientifically mature undergraduate students from showcasing their research acumen this ICPCM. Team MM wishes everyone involved in making ICPCM a valued conference best of luck for all their future endeavors.

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