Exploring the Bits and Bytes of Cosmopolitan: The pre-Fest Analysis

Exploring the Bits and Bytes of Cosmopolitan: The pre-Fest Analysis

Kunal Singh Saumya Sinha | Jan 06, 2020

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Apart from the frosty mornings and a lovely new year, this winter also has The Cosmopolitan Festival (10-12 Jan) in store for you. With a few refinements from the previous edition, the film and music society is all set to organize the first mega-event of this session. The nebulous core shared by all cosmopolitan views is the idea that each person, regardless of any kind of their affiliation belongs to a single community and to promote this brilliant idea, Film and Music Society conducts The Cosmopolitan Fest each year for the Junta.

Team MM caught up with the secretaries of Film and Music Society to discuss the groundworks and planning for the first fest of the spring







1. Raja Ram Sahu

1.Debasish Mishra

7. Nihar Ranjan          Sahu

13. Preetam Keshri        Nayak

2. Rajat Panda

2. Suyash Ratn Pandey

8. Sravya Sridhar

14. Aswin Kumar            Raju

3. Sibasis Sahu

3. N Vivek Kumar

9. Biranchi Das

15. Akhila         Nadikoppula

4. Adarsh Vasa

4. Akshat Jaiswal

10. Saurav Kumar        Saraf

16. Katakam Vikas


5.Pravash Kumar Sethi

11. Rohit Das



6.Barnali Priyadarsini

12. Sidharth Rout




The following design shows the distribution of the budget allocated for the fest.

Why have both the cultural fests in the same semester?

Unlike the previous year, this year cosmopolitan fest took place in the even semester due to date clashing with that of Vriddhi and other vacations. The two cultural fests of NIT Rourkela namely Nitrutsav and cosmopolitan are generally supposed to take place in different semesters, but cosmopolitan fest 2020 was shifted to January considering various factors such as dates availability, vacation, active participation of students, etc.


The registration for participating in Cosmopolitan started in early September and students were well aware of the fest and forms were circulated early enough. We have over 600 participants registered which club into 60 teams in total. Practice sessions are in full swing with people burning midnight oils to give their best. This year’s participants are being mentored by choreographers and the students that performed previously. Regular workshops were conducted from 2nd January for music and drama so this would compensate the less time given to participants to practice.


There will be 2 awards per day for the best performance of the day and the runner ups from all the performances including dance, music, and drama which add up to 6 awards on 3 days in total. Moreover, there are 6 awards for the anchor for best anchor per day both male and female.

· Best performance of the day and runners up ( 6 awards for 3 days)

· Best anchor (male and female) of the day (6 awards for 3 days)


The venue for various performances in cosmopolitan fest will be NCC ground and the performances will go on for 3 days i.e. 10th 11th and 12th of January 2020. Accommodating and making sure every performance takes place hassle-free the fest has been extended to 3 days. The timing for the event will be from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on 10th, 11th and 12th January. Earlier the performances took place even after 9:30 pm which posed a problem for the audience as they would miss the dinner. Takin this issue into consideration the performances are limited to 8:30 so that students willing to have dinner in mess don’t face any problem.


The cosmopolitan organizing team generally faces a problem with bringing in sponsors for the fest. The reason being that, since the Cosmo fest is for students of NIT Rourkela only, there won’t be much publicity of the sponsors to the students outside NIT Rourkela. This was the main reason for sponsors backing off but the organizing team is still trying and have collaborated with Discover Odisha to be the media partner for Cosmopolitan 2020 and are trying to get in few more sponsors.

Extending Cosmopolitan to Non-Nit Rourkela students

The reason to conduct Cosmo is to show the diversity and culture of India and include the Students to participate and compete in this cultural fest of Nit Rourkela by getting maximum participation from them. There are a lot of students who aren’t a part of any club and this fest gives them a chance to explore their interest and indulge in extracurricular activities such as dance, music, drama, etc.

What new can students expect from Cosmopolitan this year?

Music, Drama, and Dance are the old hats as Cosmo had always been about them but the authenticity of the flavours from the local cuisine of this cosmopolitan nation would work as a strong attraction to the Junta and hence, there was a plan to include ethnic food festivals to showcase diversity in the food culture of India where students interested to cook and serve their traditional food would be allowed to put up a stall as part of the fest. But due to lack of time and not much participation, there isn’t any confirming news from the organizing team about the food fest and they are working hard to include this section into the Cosmopolitan Fest.

Edit: The team has finalized to organize the ‘ethnic food festival’ where the students and staff can show their culinary skills and the rich heritage of India. Food stalls will be available to participants so that they can sell their prepared food to the audience during the Cosmopolitan show. Either they can prepare the food in advance or they can sell, in which case utensils will be provided to them. (Ingredients for your recipe will not be provided). 

In the search of enhancement

Nobody can reach perfection because there's always room for improvement. Yet getting along the way to perfection can help us find the glitches we have. In this pursuit of a perfect Cosmo, the organizing team has tried to put all their efforts and had this to say when questioned on their way out to the glitches that the previous edition faced.

To increase the footfall

The fest would run on for 3 hours each day where dance, music, and drama will be showcased but not everyone is interested in everything. One would want to see only the dance performances but others may have different interests. We cannot have a constant audience. Also, students head towards their hostels for dinner and do not stay back for the final performances and the prize distribution, so, we have decided to wrap all the performances up before dinner time to have the maximum possible students we can have.

There were a few cases of costumes and props being arranged at the last moment. How do you plan to arrange everything on time this year and conduct a hassle-free fest?

The participating team keeps on altering as some new participants join the team whereas some leave due to several issues that delay the time of ordering the costumes. Also, some dance forms demand costumes that are hard to find inside Orissa so the orders usually come from Kolkata.

These were some issues which led to the delays but this time we have already placed the orders and are expecting them to come early in the next week which will save us from any last moment hassles.

Backup for technical glitches

Last time we did not encounter any such glitches between the performances but there were delays between the performances as, if any music performance were scheduled after a dance performance then it takes some time to set up the instruments for the music performance but this time we are trying to keep the schedule in such a way that these problems can be avoided.


Upon asking the secretaries about their expectations from the fest, this is what they had to say,

We welcome all the students who are not performing to be there for some time between 5:30 - 8:30 to enjoy the cultural richness which we have tried to present to you all in the three days of this fest.

Rajat Panda, one of the convenors said, 

The main motive of having this fest is to encourage all those students who are not already a part of any cultural club to participate in cultural activities, so, I want more and more students to participate in the fest as this is the only way they could do these activities other than the clubs.

Sanatan panda- Dean’s Nominee

I will try to ensure the best possible coordination between each team as they are the organizing team is always the building block of any fest. We have also got full support from the SAC officials this time on almost everything and have made all the processes quite simple.

Sibasis Sahu- 2nd-year representative

I am relatively newer to all these things and got a lot to learn a lot from my seniors so for me this was quite an experience. As per me, the team is working selflessly this time and I would like to mention that the publicity team has worked quite efficiently and managed to publicize the fest as much as possible.



The organizers have put in commendable efforts to print the second episode of this intra-institute cultural extravaganza in the hearts and minds of the NIT Rourkela populace. Despite all these, an event organized within a short period might have some hitches. All said and done, the question remains, will this fest be able to match the grandeur of the Multi-Ethnic and previous cosmopolitan in terms of stage, light, sound, decoration, and popularity? The success and smooth conduction of this episode is also a factor that might decide on the episodes to come.

Team MM hopes the event to be a marvel and wishes the organizing committee best of luck for Cosmopolitan 2020.

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